Sales Talk 101: Inserting the Value in B2B Telemarketing


According to, telemarketing is still one of the most-sought after lead generation channels. In spite of this, getting prospects to engage you further down the funnel entails lacing your telemarketing calls with value.

Here are some tips that will help you out in that aspect:

1. Cite the challenges. Understand that a prospect – regardless of industry, size and budget – faces a myriad of challenges. Knowing what these challenges are is crucial in determining the value your product has to the prospect.

If the prospect is pursuing other priorities, then it’s best to move on to other opportunities.


2. Set goals. What does your prospect want to achieve other than to remedy these certain challenges? Clearly, organizations have long-term goals: expansion, better content creation, consistent marketing gains, the list goes on.

You can ask the prospect want he wants to accomplish in two to three years. Having him contemplate these possibilities can impact your product’s potential value to his business strategy.


3. Make SMART objectives. While the prospect of winning a sale makes you giddy, it shouldn’t cloud your view of what the prospects wants. Lay down how you are going to implement your process. As much as possible, don’t keep beating around the bush. Discuss in detail the process

Building a strong relationship between you and prospect goes beyond a sale. It’s a commitment that influences how potential clients view your product.