Sales Lead Telemarketing in a Tough Economy


Nowadays, almost every business employs sales lead telemarketing personnel in order to boost their sales. In fact, there are numerous companies around the world today that specialize in business to business telemarketing services. With the economic crunch, the number of sales men and women on the road has drastically decreased – this means communication through the telephone is becoming the cheaper, more practical alternative, which makes sales lead telemarketing more important.

Email is a good idea for communication, but it lacks the element of personal contact. This is yet another reason behind why calling is the better choice. More time on the phone means more telemarketing leads.

If your business can invest in a sales lead telemarketing company, well and good. If not, read on to know more about how you can make the most of telephone marketing without the benefit of business to business telemarketing services:

The most important aspect of the entire call that your sales lead telemarketing executives make is the opening. Generally, the individuals who receive the call run on a busy schedule, thus the person who is called might not be in a receptive mood. The opening, therefore, that makes or breaks the call. Follow the suggestion below to ensure that the opening moment of your call strikes the right chord:

A good telesales caller will begin by politely introducing himself or herself and then the company on behalf of which they are making the call. This is one of the fundamentals of telesales techniques.

Try to say something that will immediately grab the attention of the person and engross him in a conversation. In fact, if the person can be convinced that he will benefit from the conversation, the telephone call is likely to become a success. Try to imagine yourself in the position of the customer. What would you like to hear? Once you can get this clear in your head, you will immediately know what your prospect wants and tailor the call to turn him or her into one of your telemarketing leads.

Remember to make some impact with the opening line because that will determine whether the call will become a success or a failure. You need to construct the initial line such in such a way that it is polite, professional and brief because the person on the other end will not always give you his time. If you master this, you can definitely save on business to business telemarketing services.