Pages of Success for IT Telemarketing Part 1: The Best Laid Plans

 The Pages of Success for IT Telemarketing Part 1: The Best Laid Plans

Running an IT campaign requires thorough management. How each campaign requirement is handled could impact target results, and would be points of analysis for further actions. Challenges may come along, but those can be countered, and preventive steps can even be taken before these challenges range up to the worst.

Take a look at this two-part in-focus discussion on how to run an IT campaign.

Part 1 “The Best Laid Plans”

First, let’s talk about the Kick-Off meeting.

 Among any other verticals, Kick-off meetings for IT campaigns require more time and points to discuss. So make sure that everything is well laid out, understood and agreed by both parties.

The Campaign objective

Specify your appointment preference whether a phone or office, the number of appointments that you can take in for a day, the time interval between appointments, and the specific timing for each meeting.

Since IT projects require detailed and thorough discussions, for office meetings, it is best to consider proximity – the distance of travel from your office to the prospect’s place should be allotted ample time to avoid missed appointments or rushed proposal presentation which may result to a lost lead. You can’t afford to lose one customer for just being tardy, would you?

The Database Criteria

Know your exact target location. Identify ZIP codes, city, or state, as well as industry type, size, employee size or annual income. Note that the just filtered and approved database is still to be updated by the time the agent starts to use it for calling, where all contact information are profiled/verified during the actual call. This is exercised throughout the campaign period to keep the database clean and accurate for your further usage.

Put more emphasis on data quality. Have a regular data cleanup!

The Target decision maker

Commonly targeted decision makers for IT campaigns are IT Managers/Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Finance Managers or anyone who is in charge and makes decisions for their IT system set up in the company. These are individuals who are knowledgeable on the specifics of the company’s IT system like set up, status, challenges and planning on adding or replacement, as well as the budget allocation for such project.

Reach more potential IT and Tech Buyers!

Identify your Success Call criteria

Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe or the “BANT” criteria, completes a success call qualification for IT campaigns in most cases. At some points, we may have to consider classifying leads into Hot, Warm or Cold, or A, B, C, or D, where 1 or 2 out of the 4 BANT criteria maybe absent, due to some factors like market trends and financial status of the business.

The Call Script

IT scripts should be comprehensive and convey a complete idea to the prospect of how your product or service could be beneficial to the prospect’s business need. Make it short and easy spiel for the agent to get hold of the prospect’s interest in just 1 sentence. Be certain of the jargons used in the script – terminologies which the prospect should be familiar with. People understand each other better when they speak the same language.

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The Resources

At Callbox, we provide you access on all available resources for you to be able to track statistical reports. The Pipeline CRM is your central resource for tracking data, aside from the email notifications and the automated tools that act as virtual workforces for your campaign.

We will get all these requirements prepared within a week or two before your target campaign start date. Once everything is ticked on your checklist, then we’re off to get the agent on board to start the calling.

Now what’s next? Pages of Success for IT Telemarketing Part 2: The Naked Face will be released next week. Stay tuned!

How Does Callbox Run a Successful Marketing Campaign?

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