Pages of Success for IT Telemarketing Part 2: The Naked Face

Pages of Success for IT Telemarketing Part 2: The Naked Face

Part 2 “The Naked Face”

Communicate. Speak. Ask questions. Answer queries.

 When ideas are conveyed clearly, actions will be performed correctly.  Any assigned task, like running an IT campaign, requires team work and collaboration of ideas. One cannot perform and deliver the best results without the help of others, may it be a shared effort or just plain feedback. For an IT telemarketing campaign to run productively, we must closely work our ideas and efforts together to be able to put up a fair and smooth project run.

Take a look at the 3 most commonly discussed, and should be well-communicated issues in an IT campaign.

The Target Numbers

We very well understand that your business has specific targets to achieve and we are engaged with the same goal. This goal should be 100% attainable, for you and us. If the target you set would seem impossible for us to clock up, we will truthfully tell you so. We would not want to promise something that we are not certain to deliver. Fair enough?

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Beyond the Success Call Criteria

During the campaign run, there could be instance/s when we would uncover exceptional leads. These are leads that deviate the set criteria but have weight on quality of interest that is quite hard to defy. Although we see this scenario as an opportunity to nurture for future engagement, still, the decision whether to pursue the opportunity or not is on you – would you look at it the same way we do?

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Appointment Details

Appointments are set based on either your calendar or the prospect’s preferred timing.  Moreover, sending calendar invites is best-practiced and less likely to incur lapses. In case of schedule change, whether forecasted or sudden, notify us at the soonest time possible either thru the team’s contact numbers or email. All stakeholders should be copied in all email communications. Loop in all stakeholders in the project. Each must be able to answer any question, and whose advice could be deemed final on the team’s behalf.

Open all lines of communication at all times as this will ensure that everyone is on the same page on campaign status updates, reports and action plans. Keep an open mind and put on the naked face.

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