How to Win in Outbound Telemarketing Just Like Miami Heat Wins the NBA

Miami Heat is currently winning the NBA, 23 times in a row. The 2013 NBA Champions are on a roll and if you can win in telemarketing the same way as they dominate against other strong teams, you are definitely going to be a champion. Telemarketing is a lot like a basketball game, you should keep the ball on your side and keep scoring while battling  the pressure of time and the defense of the other team. In telemarketing you have to take control of the call, score number of sales while taking  the time constraints in consideration.

Listen to  the Decision Maker
Miami Heat has a smart coach that the players consult when they need to carry out a play. In telemarketing there is a final decision maker, and it is best that he/she must be contacted regarding the sales effort. Hence he/she is the one you need to impress with the advantages that they will surely be getting.  If you are not contacting the final decision maker your effort will probably go to waste.

Just Go Ahead and Score
In basketball there is a 23 second shot clock so as much as possible just don’t go around dribbling the ball.  Aside from it’s going to be a waste of time, it’s going to give you space to make errors.

Telemarketing calls should be concise.  Although the nature of the prospects business may be mentioned do not lengthen the call by engaging the decision maker into a conversation about their company. Time is important in business. Make the offer or the reason for calling detailed and set the decision maker’s expectation. Just go ahead and aim for the goal, which is to score a sale or appointment.

After you have convinced the prospect, try to get a sale or set an appointment. Watch out for the phrases that indicates positive response to your offer and take advantage of it.  Once you get that affirmation, try not to ask more questions that might affect your prospects decision.

Focus on the Game Plan
Every call must have a plan and as much as  possible stick to the plan.  Do not let irrelevant topics distract you. Just ask only questions with context to the product or the services that you are offering.  Miami Heat’s strength is their ability to pull off their game plan and close quarters. Stick to the call flow and once you have gained the prospects trust just go ahead and wrap up the call and move on the next. If you are setting an appointment let the prospect choose the time and date of their convenience, if possible give them options.  If the prospect show signs that they are not interested just thank them and end the call and move on the next prospect.

Basketball may be a bit harder than telemarketing marketing actually. Just as long as you have a game plan and skilled sales people that delivers, you have the chance to score big.