B2B Telemarketing Tip: How to leave Effective Voicemail Messages

B2B Telemarketing Tip: How to leave Effective Voicemail Messages

It is said that close to 20% of a marketer’s day is spent leaving voicemail messages. This might be because not all business executives are ready to talk directly to someone without first knowing the intentions. It’s undeniably a great technique for filtering unwanted communications.

Hence, despite this, there is a need to leave effective voicemail messages that interests a prospect so much that he or she may have no problem calling you back for an actual engagement.

Consider these important tips:

Create a reason for the recipient to give you a call back.

Don’t divulge too much information that may lead them to making an uneducated decision on your products or services. Orchestrate your message as a call-to-action. Provide key information without giving too much away.

Some do not have the time to listen to your message twice, so supply your number in the message at least twice so they can write it down.

Give them the option of returning your call at their convenience.

Do not state a specific time for them to return your call. If they are busy, then you have given them a viable excuse not to attempt to communicate with you.

Do not indicate to the recipient that you will call them back.

It makes you look desperate, may cause them to get annoyed, and will disengage them from the rest of the message’s information.

Do not leave messages at odd hours.

People will suspect that you are not confident and did not want to talk to them if you call at an hour when they most likely will not answer.

Before 8 am and after 5 pm are good hours to leave messages.

People who are aggressive workers are working before and after normal hours. If you call them at these times, they most likely will perceive you as one too.

Let the recipient know that you will be making several points in your message ahead of time.

This will eliminate the chance of them fast forwarding and missing pertinent information.

Voicemail is meant to be powerful and succinct. If you cannot relay information in a brief period, then it is not meant to be a message.

Do not leave your website address on a voicemail.

This goes back to the first point in not divulging too much information. The person can then make an uneducated decision about your products and services.

Try to avoid using the person’s last name. Using a person’s first name makes the message more personable.

Refer to a mutual acquaintance if possible. Be sure that the recipient respects the person and that the person will have positive things to say about you.


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