How to Increase your B2B Telemarketing ROI and Profitability

How to Increase your B2B Telemarketing ROI and Profitability

Companies within the B2B industry know very well that business growth wouldn’t be possible without an effective lead management platform. This is more true especially now that competition has become tighter and fiercer. Productive means of customer engagement are a necessity in achieving a good flow of revenue.

Outbound marketing methods are still widely practiced, with B2B telemarketing on top. On several occasions, marketers have found new leads via cold calling. Indeed, a majority of B2B companies that optimize their lead generation and B2B telemarketing platforms have found it either effective or very effective. But let’s consider the fact that this represents a majority and not the whole B2B landscape.

Now, while there are business executives happy with their marketing and sales infrastructure, there are also say 10 percent that are struggling with their telemarketing processes, or having none at all!

This can be due to the wrong impression that outbound channels do not present higher ROI outputs than digital channels.

In many cases, however, B2B telemarketing is not necessarily at fault here. Companies have their own CRM methods, and it is possible that these methods may have been rendered counterproductive. In other words, lead management channels are not properly handled to give their desired effects.

With increased profitability in mind, it is hence imperative to explore more effective ways to achieve efficient B2B telemarketing:

Research your niche

Not gaining enough revenue? This could be attributed to targeting the wrong personalities to enter your pipeline. Call yourself lucky to have generated a good amount of fresh B2B leads, but how sure are you that at least one of them is willing to buy your offers? You will need to identify certain demographic groups that express a demand for your brand of solutions.

Reinforce your marketing arm

A poor influx of interested prospects is a consequence of poor demand generation. For this reason, you will need to improve your branding platforms by providing up-to-date and industry-relevant content. Doing so will prompt the right decision makers to expect a call session from your telemarketing team.

Personalize your telemarketing messages

During a cold call, your staff will need to stay focused, not on selling but on building a nascent business relationship. Studies have pointed out that discussions centering on a prospect’s needs help build interest. So, as a tip, try to ask about issues and the types of solutions needed and build your sales pitch from there.

For an even better and more profitable experience in B2B telemarketing, it is always best to outsource to a lead generation company that offers the needed infrastructure and competency for lesser cost.

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