How to assemble a functional B2B Telemarketing machine

Preparing for a B2B telemarketing campaign is like building a contraption; you need to gather the right parts, identify their functions, carefully put them together, make sure they blend together properly and test whether or not the entire machine is working.

When certain parts are missing or not operational, the entire campaign would be compromised. As a marketer, you need to take time and see whether the necessary elements are up and running, so you don’t have to be swallowed by panic when things get out of hand.

Here are the important components of a B2B telemarketing campaign you need to check before you pick up those phones.

Objectives and targets – The thing about lead generation is that it doesn’t exist by itself – meaning, there is no actual definition for lead generation unless specific goals are set. Is it to generate as many leads as possible? Is it to choose only the high-percentage leads? Is it to nurture current prospects? Without an objective in mind, there’s no guide on how to attack your telemarketing campaign.

Budget and resources – Whether you telemarketing campaign in in-house or outsourced, you need to propose a well-defined budget. As you go along the campaign you will see that having a designated limit for resources can help you make critical decisions, and it will also provide a meter stick as to whether your efforts were worth the expense.

Communication tools – A dynamic and reliable CRM is important in maintaining a good flow of information between you and your clients. Not only that it saves time, it also facilitates in necessary tune-ups and adjustments that may arise during the campaign period. Most importantly, it lets everybody get a feel of the campaign’s current status and momentum.

Target inventory – To maximize the calling efforts of your telemarketing team, your sales pipeline should be filled with high-quality target information. “High-quality” means they should be updated, reliable, specific and complete. You can have the luxury of settling with a substandard list when you’re calling regular consumers, but in B2B lead generation, you can’t afford to screw up with business people.

Summoning competent telemarketers – While there may be no perfect telemarketers out there, you can always choose your people based on the right skills and attitude. They don’t have to be flawless; what’s important is that they know how to respond to coaching and how to learn from mistakes. And of course, they also have to know what they’re talking about – all the time.