Cleaning Company Telemarketing Tips

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Cleaning Company Telemarketing Tips

Most of us have tried cold calling to obtain new contract cleaning customers… and found out the hard way how unrewarding and ineffective it can be.

More often than not, the reception is somewhat unwelcoming if you call facility managers out of the blue. You’re liable to receive practically nothing BUT rejection, some of it extremely impolite too.

But does this really PROVE that telemarketing doesn’t work… or does it merely show that we’ve not had the experience and insider knowledge on WHAT to say when we reach the target person and which APPROACH to take in b2b telemarketing?

Well, to find let’s take a look at how people see telemarketing.

Cleaning services telemarketing has a bad name only because there are so many inept, unskilled and badly planned approaches in use.

The fact is that most telemarketing calls succeed only to UPSET (or bore to death) the facility manager within seconds… and once that has occurred, there’s NO WAY anything good could ever come out of that conversation.

Some telemarketing for commercial cleaning services activities are just idiotic, trying to FORCE things on the target persons. Here, we need not search farther for the cause of failure.

If telemarketing people had a little less aggression and a bit more cleverness in planning their approach, janitorial telemarketing would have a far better image than is the case currently.

But most of the better-planned telemarketing activities also manage to achieve very low results because of a more hidden cause: Unwittingly, they upset the target person by overstepping his willingness and/or ability to accept what is being said.

It’s very normal for telemarketing speeches to try to force the facility manager into accepting chosen facts. This is the “sales-oriented” cleaning services telemarketing strategy wherein one tries to SELL ideas (and, cleaning services) directly on the telephone to a stranger.

They want to FORCE the facility manager into saying that he is dissatisfied with his current cleaning service. They attempt to manipulate him into answering their questions “correctly.”

But logic doesn’t work in telemarketing for janitorial services… well, not logic forced on the target person anyhow. That’s because the success of telemarketing is solely based on the EMOTIONAL RESPONSES that the telemarketer creates in the person he is calling.

The fact of the matter is that people react to new things emotionally much more so than rationally.

That’s to say whenever something new springs upon us our initial reaction is based on EMOTION, not logic.

For some, logic takes over quite quickly. But the majority needs help in being able to start thinking rationally in a subject with which they’re NOT FAMILIAR.

And for most facility managers, the subject of evaluating and comparing contract cleaning services is factually a subject in which they’re not experts.

Therefore, LOGIC can only be used to plan an emotionally correct approach, NOT to plan a logical approach.

In other words, you cannot “talk sense” to facility managers at this stage if you want prospective clients. Instead, you must talk “emotion” so your approach meets with their approval on an emotional level.

Thus, the strategy of janitorial telemarketing must be built on…

  • how facility managers look at cleaning services, what’s their level of familiarity, awareness, and understanding on the subject of contract cleaning services…
  • how willing they are to view the quality of his current cleaning services exactly as it is and SEE if there is reason to be dissatisfied…
  • how much (and how fast) we can INTEREST him into a discussion on the subject of cleaning services (and avoid being rejected)…
  • how well your approach is built to meet his emotional response to the subject of cleaning services…
  • how well and fluently YOU can introduce new factors that help to explain the problems in a way he can ACCEPT (basically by finding causes other than HIM for the unfortunate state of things)…
  • how gradual your approach is so he can take the next step without having to face too much discomfort or responsibility (commitment)…

…and so on.

Now, it may all seem a bit confusing and theoretical, but essentially it simply means this: To be successful, your cleaning services telemarketing approach must ALIGN with how facility managers currently SEE cleaning services and how they FEEL about it and all the subjects it involves.

It must also include comfortable, interesting and small enough steps for him to take so he can “graduate” onto the next level of action following the initial prospecting call.

Now, if you attempt PLANNING that from scratch you’re up for a project lasting several years. I know for we’ve done it… and it did take years.

You need to survey the target audience several times, test various scripts, find the problems in the script AND in how the telemarketers use it (and differentiate between these so as not to change what works), adjust the speech and the way people use it… back and forth for ages because each phase needs to be done LONG ENOUGH so you can be CERTAIN of its mistakes and results… on and on.

It’s very complicated and time-consuming.

However, once there, once the work has been done, once you’ve fought through all the confusion it all becomes utterly SIMPLE.