B2B Telemarketing Rules and How to Break Them (For the Best)

B2B Telemarketing Rules and How to Break Them (For the Best)

Within the B2B telemarketing world, there are rules to follow. And often, we are made to believe that such rules constitute the straight path towards attaining short-term and long-term business goals. They should be regarded as Gospel truth; otherwise, expansion and increased revenue generation are rendered impossible.

Especially in B2B lead generation, rules are needed to steer a business towards the right path. But it has become evident that, with drastic changes in the marketing landscape, newer techniques have begun to supersede or revise these rules.

B2B telemarketing has changed a lot since the digital revolution. And although email and social media have become widely used marketing platforms, B2B telemarketing is still a relevant B2B lead generation channel. But can we say the same about the rules that govern it?

Today’s decision makers are tricky to begin with, considering that most of them have already adapted to new marketing innovations. And it wouldn’t do you any good to stick to conventional systems of B2B telemarketing conduct to satisfy their need for business solutions.

So, if you’re still dedicated to the following rules in your B2B telemarketing, consider breaking out of your comfort zone.

Apologize for the call

Apologizing for calling your prospect on such an inconvenient time is passé. In this day and age, you either call someone because you have something important to say or not call at all. There’s really no need for apologizing. But for your prospect’s sake, ask whether he or she has the convenience to talk with you.

Give complete details

This is another unnecessary move. Every B2B  telemarketing cold call should have a sense of urgency. And you just cannot attain it when you are bombarding the prospect with too much information he or she can consume. Often, less is better. As an added tip, only relay the most industry-relevant information in your arsenal.

Overemphasize your business

The problem with many businesses is that they see cold calls as opportunities to brag about themselves. This is taboo today, considering that people can get easily fed up with messages repeated over and over again. So, instead of focusing on your business’ capabilities, ask your prospect about the issues they themselves are facing.

Cling dearly to the call script. Okay, so call scripts had their heyday in the past. But today, they don’t work. B2B decision makers want real and intimate human encounters, which they cannot experience so long as you keep reading on an inorganic guide. Personalization is the key at present.


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