9 Simple Ways To Make Telemarketing Work For Your B2B Company


When doing research to prepare yourself for your first telemarketing campaign, you’ll most likely encounter hundreds of naysayers that claim telemarketing is as prehistoric as the dinosaurs. Of course, that isn’t true. With so many transactions going on in the business to business sector, telemarketing is getting more attention. If you want to improve your lead generation and b2b appointment setting campaigns through business to business telemarketing, then you must do remember the following do’s and don’ts:

Don’t –

– Open up with a sales pitch. B2b sales leads are seldom converted on the first attempt at cold calling.

– Mistake the word “no” for the words “I think I didn’t hear you clearly”. Repeating what you’ve said or explaining further after the potential business lead has already declined your offer will only irk them. If you keep pushing your products and services, you’ll end up losing more business opportunities.

– Talk over your business leads. It is one of the most disrespectful things you can do when telemarketing and will absolutely reflect negatively on your company.

– Immediately call back b2b sales leads who declined your offer. If they said no the first time, chances are they won’t likely change their minds in the next few hours.

– Ever call someone asking them for an appointment in the hopes of turning them into a client, when they already are! It simply shows how disorganized your customer management system is.

Do –

– Research your potential clients before you call them. The more research you do, the more likely you will get qualified b2b sales leads from your telemarketing list.

– End your calls immediately and politely when a potential b2b sales lead says no to your offer of product, service, or b2b appointment. This way, you’ll have a better chance of getting their business at some other time.

– Allow adequate intervals between your calls. Particularly when prospective business leads decline on your first call, let a few days—even a few weeks—to pass before you contact them again. Letting a certain amount of time to pass before calling again will allow events to occur that can influence the decision maker’s opinion about your initial offer.

Use additional marketing methods to augment your telemarketing campaigns. Most qualified b2b sales leads like to hear about the benefits of your services over the phone, but prefer to read the details on their emails.