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In 2020, I joined Callbox Siargao – just as it was starting out! Aware of the risk of joining a very new company trying to plant its roots here on the island – no one is quite certain whether it would be sustainable given the nature of business of Callbox, being reliant on strong and stable internet on what’s considered a rather remote island – what drew me to become part of this bold, trail-blazing company was precisely that, its boldness in taking risks and thirst to break limits as to what a company can do especially during a time of crisis (Covid-19 pandemic). Not only that, I found that Callbox was doing amazing and inspiring work as a Filipino company, being recruited by organizations and businesses all over the world for its world-class experience and expertise in sales management and lead generation. Big named companies in first-world countries — rely on this Filipino company – to build their pipeline and help generate new business for them. Very bold, and I like bold, which is why and how I started my Callbox story – as a Production Manager for APAC! Fast forward to a year later and I became Senior PM. And in a few short months, I was assigned to the Client Success Manager role going from team-focused to revenue-focused. So far, though not without its challenges, it’s been a continuous learning and growing experience here at Callbox and I love how the company is not only good at what it does but is a platform for leadership and growth.

Outside of Callbox, I love to get lost in book-reading (with a preference for printed copies and psychological thrillers genre-wise) or going surfing, or mastering the art of doing nothing as a way to disconnect, rest, and recharge oneself preferably off-grid somewhere on the island. These days, however, most of my time gets devoted to a small restaurant I recently became an owner of and manage here in Siargao. And lastly, when time permits, I love going to see my family back home in Manila where I’m originally from and spend a few days in the city until I itch to go back to my island life here in Siargao. And that’s me!

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