Four Important Characteristics Of A Good Niche Market

Niche marketing is most effective in finding qualified business leads when the chosen market is properly researched. To find a niche market that will lead to better profitability, the chosen niche must have the following characteristics:

– A lot of keyword variations.

If the chosen niche allows you to use a lot of different keywords, creating quality content to attract your target business leads won’t become such a chore. For better success, hiring an expert lead generation firm that is knowledgeable in content marketing that would surely improve the results of your sales leads generation campaign. Furthermore, a diverse set of keywords to choose from will significantly improve your inbound marketing campaign because it helps your company website show up in long tail search queries and become more visible on search engines.

– Keywords that have high monthly search volume (at least on Google, but ideally on other search engines as well).

Unless a set of keywords has a high monthly search volume, it wouldn’t be a very profitable niche to explore. Keywords that have high search volume—especially for keywords of intent—mean that there is a real need in the market that you can provide a solution to. This also leads to more successful b2b appointment setting campaigns due to the large number of queries.

– Low competition.

A low competition rate for a set of keywords mean that you will have a better chance of getting business appointments with your target b2b sales leads because there are few other service providers offering similar services to yours. Utilizing a well-targeted b2b telemarketing campaign will also result in high quality business sales leads for your business that would be much easier to convert.

– Ignites your passion

Last but absolutely not the least, you have to make sure that the niche you choose is one that you are truly passionate about, or at least, one that you can easily maintain creating content for until the next decade or so.

There are free applications available to help you choose the best niche market to do business in, but for the best and most comprehensive report regarding your chosen niche, it is best to hire an experienced b2b lead generation company. These firms employ SEO specialists who will help you gauge the suitability of your market. Furthermore, you will have easy access to a complete team of lead generation specialists skilled in using various marketing methods.

The Importance Of Niche Telemarketing

B2B telemarketing lead generation can be one of the most effective methods to find quality business sales leads for companies who have open minds when it comes to lead generation.

But of course, not just any telemarketing company will do. Not even a highly respected telemarketing firm with years of experience will do the job. The important thing about telemarketing to make it highly effective for your particular business is that it should have years of experience in your specific niche, without which your lead generation campaigns will be treated just like everyone else’s. This is called niche telemarketing.

What is the difference of Niche Telemarketing?

Imagine if you run an enterprise software company and you decided to bring in professional telemarketers for a more direct approach at getting b2b sales leads. However, you simply hired the cheapest one you found “because you’re just testing it out”. Or perhaps you chose a call center that has been in the business for years just to make sure. But the problem is: your telemarketers have years of experience—in selling personal insurance. Not only do they not have the skills to sell your products to your highly-technical and inquisitive telemarketing list, but they don’t have the experience of selling to companies and organizations. Because of this, they wouldn’t be able to answer standard yet important questions right away. They might also use hard selling to get your business leads to buy, thinking that enterprise software can be sold right away just like insurance. This, of course, will definitely put off those in your business list. For the sake of argument let’s say the call center you hired promised to do their best while learning the ropes. But are you willing to turn your business into a lab rat so that the call center can practice sourcing b2b sales leads?

The best telemarketing call center to hire to make your b2b sales lead generation extremely productive is to look for a firm that not only has experience, but has experience in your specific niche. That’s right. Don’t just hire a telemarketing company, hire a b2b telemarketing firm with skills in getting qualified IT sales leads for your business—or whatever kind of leads your business specifically needs. Make the most out of your telemarketing campaigns by hiring niche telemarketers. Doing so not only increases the chances of finding highly qualified b2b sales leads, but because these professional b2b telemarketers already know what your leads usually ask, starting your lead generation campaign won’t take as long as it would compared to a “generic” telemarketing company who still has to learn the ropes.

It’s all about choosing the right service provider for your lead generation campaign. So hire the one that will be most beneficial for your company.

5 Points To Consider Before Using Location-Based Marketing For Lead Generation

Location-based marketing is definitely an effective sales lead generation tool and a fast-rising star among b2c and b2b marketers. It’s no surprise why location-based marketing has become so popular, and why location-based apps are clamoring to gain the top spot for app of choice. As more and more transactions are completed through mobile devices on the go, these applications need to be able to provide fast and secure data processing for the businesses and consumers that depend on them. However, compared to established traditional lead generation marketing strategies such as cold calling, email marketing, paid advertising and direct mail whose pros and cons have already been clearly defined, a relatively new lead generation strategy using location-based marketing is still waiting to be thoroughly explored.

Here are a few important points that b2c and b2b marketers should consider before using location-based marketing and location-based services to find their business leads:
1. Data security.

As with any business tool that handles sensitive data such as sales lead contact information, ensuring security is of prime concern. If businesses are to use this marketing strategy for their lead generation, they should be able to provide reliable assurance that will put to rest…

2. Client privacy issues.

As with the first concern above, your business leads will also be concerned with their personal data security. Location-based services are often cited for secretly sharing user information without informing a user. For b2b marketers to truly understand the benefits and disadvantages of this new way to generate b2b leads, they must get past the…

3. Learning Curve.

To be able to use location-based services properly, as with any new marketing strategy, b2c and b2b marketers must take time to learn more than the basics of the marketing strategy to be able to implement it properly. However, marketer knowledge is not the only concern, they must also measure…

4. User knowledge/adoption.

Unlike strategies such as telemarketing, email marketing, advertisements and other traditional marketing, location-based marketing requires a specific action from prospective business and sales leads that not all may be familiar with. Aside from the requirement that business leads “check in”, this marketing strategy also requires a lead to have an android or iOS mobile phone to do so. While not everyone is equipped with these devices, the popularity of this technology can still lead a business to viral status, which brings us to the issue of…

5. Getting past the initial hype.

A truly effective sales and b2b lead generation strategy does not require hype to be able to attract enough leads. It must be easily sustainable and able to deliver long-term results for the businesses using it.

21 Location-Based Marketing Strategies To Improve Lead Generation

As the competition for b2b leads and sales leads becomes more fierce, you will need more capable weapons to help your business remain competitive. As discussed in the previous posts, location-based marketing is one of the rising stars among these marketing strategies.

There are so many things you can do to make location-based marketing an effective lead generation tool. So if you want to test the waters and get a feel of whether this marketing strategy is the best for you, here are 21 methods on how you can do better local marketing to get those much needed leads.

1. Encourage check-ins whenever you sponsor conventions, seminars, trade shows, and other events.

2. Use various analytics apps to measure your engagement with visitors to your establishment.

3. Offer incentives for people who check in at your place.

4. Use location-specific tags for your blog posts such as the name of your state, city, or town.

5. Spread awareness by creating real badges that your sales and business leads can wear or carry as a sign that they’ve checked in at your place.

6. Offer discount coupons for those who achieve a certain number of check-ins.

7. Submit your complete contact info on online directories for all search engines so that you are more visible.

8. Remember the 7 F’s (fun, fame, friends, flirt, fancying, following & freebies) when trying to improve engagement with your business location.

9. Use mobile marketing in conjunction with location-based offers.

10. Partner with relevant third-party establishments that your business leads frequent and promote your products there.

11. Make your company or business website mobile-friendly.

12. When telemarketing, check to see if location-specific products, services or promotions help increase interest and sales rate.

13. Utilize location-specific keywords on pay-per-click campaigns for businesses in the repair, consultation, food service, and similar industries.

14. Monitor tweets and reviews or tips sent from or about your business location.

15.Use SEO to optimize your website and blogs by adding specific locations to meta tags and meta titles.

16. Don’t just wait for your clients to drop tips at your place, encourage your employees to give tips for your business prospects and sales leads.

17. Host location-based games at your place such as sharing the best photo taken at your office or who can hold the mayor title for the longest duration.

18. To further increase your visibility, connect to popular spots and venues in the city by mentioning these in your blog posts and in the directions on how to get to your office.

19. Get yourself and your team to master at least one location-based app such as Foursquare, Yelp, Gowalla, etc.

20. Reward the client who achieves the “Mayor” badge for your business location with a special discount or even a special feature blog post.

21. Acknowledge your Twitter, Facebook and other social media evangelists who share their check-ins to their friends on other social networks.

How NOT To Manage Your Telemarketers


There are plenty of avoidable mistakes that business managers make when managing their telemarketing teams. The allure of gaining new clients or customers and achieving high revenues can lead business owners to disregard proper management practices that eventually add to the negative image of professional telemarketing. To get better results from this direct marketing channel, here are six suggestions on how NOT to manage your telemarketers:

  1. Hiring telemarketers en masse – hiring a large number of telemarketing people within a short period of time means you spend less time evaluating the skills of each person. This will only jeopardize your business and require you to pay people for work that they are not qualified to perform effectively.
  2. Giving them a calling list that includes…just about everyone – your telemarketers receive the full force of rejection and anger from irate sales leads everyday, strive to reach quotas and yet still manage to assume a happy disposition for every call. The least you can do to help your professional telemarketers do their job properly is to arm them with a well-targeted list to give your telemarketers a better chance of reaching their quotas and limit the number of unrelated, irate calls, effectively reducing stressors.
  3. Setting unrealistic goals – setting impossibly high quotas that your telemarketers could never reach will cause a huge blow on their morale. Eventually, they’ll just stop trying to get even one successful sales lead because they feel all efforts towards reaching your absurdly high quotas are useless . On the other hand, giving them realistic goals will encourage them to strive harder and even surpass the limits you’ve set, which means more sales leads and higher revenue for your company.
  4. Undermining a telemarketer’s free will – give your telemarketers some space to actually use their own God-given skills to solve problems. Hawking over them to monitor every little detail of their work will only increase their stress levels, which means they are not in optimal shape to qualify leads, handle technical support issues or even sell products and services.
  5. Eagerly promoting top performers to management – do you really expect your sales leads to soar by removing your best telemarketers from the production floor? Unless you are confident that your top performers have the skills to become great managers, you might want to keep them burning the phone lines a little longer.
  6. Scrimping on additional training – experience beats training, you might argue. But keeping your frontliners regularly updated with current trends in telemarketing best practices will help improve their overall work performance in the long run.

How To Train Telemarketers To Sell Your Products And Services

Selling to business to business (b2b) companies requires a distinct type of telemarketing. To differentiate your telemarketing from other telesales efforts and to better market your offerings to your business leads, you need to help your telemarketer gain more than just simple knowledge of your products and services.

Helping your telemarketer own the script

  • Help your telemarketer feel important – most companies who use telemarketing to sell their products and services fail to welcome a new telemarketer into the company organizational structure. They simply hand over a script and calling list to their employee and expect him to immediately start selling. Even veteran telemarketers need to know their place in a new company and need to feel a sense of ownership of the product or service to be able to sell it convincingly.
  • Review scripts with your telemarketer – after handing the script to your telemarketer, you need to spend time discussing this with him. He may have certain questions or doubts about the script or product that you can help clear up. When these uncertainties are not resolved, he could unintentionally impart this doubt to your business leads whenever he delivers his spiel.
  • Include your telemarketer when improving scripts – Eventually, your telemarketing scripts will need improving. No other person in your company can provide better insights on how to improve your script than the person delivering it everyday. He can suggest which parts of the script to emphasize or revise based on the reactions he gets from business leads. After the revision, your telemarketer will be more confident selling using the script because of the personal involvement in its creation.
  • Prepare your telemarketer for reality – reassure your telemarketer that you do not expect him to close the sale or set an appointment on every call and that rejection is inevitable, but remind him that the company highlights successful sales or appointments. This will condition your telemarketer to focus on selling rather than being rejected. It will also keep him from fearing cold calling or becoming rude to business leads.

An easier, cheaper way

Of course, to save yourself from the hassle of having to spend precious time training your telemarketers, you can always consider outsourcing your telemarketing to a business process outsourcing (BPO) company. There are plenty of BPO companies that you can outsource to, but to ensure your company’s integrity, you must hire a reliable telemarketing firm with vast experience in b2b cold calling. Doing so would ensure you that professional telemarketers who are experts in b2b telemarketing are communicating your products and services to your targeted calling list.

The Seven Deadly Phrases In Telemarketing

by: Marlon Julius Mata


Telemarketing is one business that has been able to keep its pace over the years. If you think about it, the mere fact that it has stayed around this long is a testament in bringing more business opportunities for the company that decides to use this. It works, and many companies believe that telemarketers are the key to success.


Sure, if the telemarketing team you hired is one that knows what it is supposed to say. There are a surprisingly large number of telemarketers who commit a lot of telemarketing faux pass. Words are a powerful medium of communication. Choose the wrong term or phrase and everything falls down. But that should not be a serious problem, since it is fairly easy to avoid them – provided that you know these.


“How are you today?”– this is a question that is often used by telemarketers. And this is the one question that can create a lot of complications. For example, what if the prospect says that they are not fine since you called? A better tactic is this: Don’t say it. Just go straight to the point and tell the person at the other line who you are and why exactly you are calling them. Reserve that question once you have built a relationship with the prospect and that you are calling them back.


“Is this a good time to talk?”– more likely than not, you are going to get the answer as no. In addition, this question tells nothing at all to the person answering the phone. It is like you are giving them a shady deal or something that they can be better off without. Again, here is the better advice: go straight to the point. The earlier you say your reasons for calling, the more grateful the man at the other end of the line will be.


“I can’t”– say that word, and you are heading straight into trouble. Never, ever tell a customer that you cannot do it. You are advertising to them your capacity to serve them. The statement will certainly run counter to what you want to say. Instead, give them a set of choices and tell them what you can do.


“But . . .”– never say that if you want to keep your prospect. Words like this will sure to turn away prospects from you. Smoothen it with the word ‘and’ instead.


“I do not know” – then why are you in business? You would be better off if you just say that ‘you can find it out’.


“The only thing we can do . . .”– this instantly limits your prospects, and if there is anything they hate about, it is the limited choices. It is just better to list down the various options available and let them choose the one they prefer.


Keep a close eye on these little verbal missteps. Avoid all these and you are sure going to save yourself from a lot of misery.


Sales Lead Telemarketing in a Tough Economy

Nowadays, almost every business employs sales lead telemarketing personnel in order to boost their sales. In fact, there are numerous companies around the world today that specialize in business to business telemarketing services. With the economic crunch, the number of sales men and women on the road has drastically decreased – this means communication through the telephone is becoming the cheaper, more practical alternative, which makes sales lead telemarketing more important.

Email is a good idea for communication, but it lacks the element of personal contact. This is yet another reason behind why calling is the better choice. More time on the phone means more telemarketing leads.

If your business can invest in a sales lead telemarketing company, well and good. If not, read on to know more about how you can make the most of telephone marketing without the benefit of business to business telemarketing services:

The most important aspect of the entire call that your sales lead telemarketing executives make is the opening. Generally, the individuals who receive the call run on a busy schedule, thus the person who is called might not be in a receptive mood. The opening, therefore, that makes or breaks the call. Follow the suggestion below to ensure that the opening moment of your call strikes the right chord:

A good telesales caller will begin by politely introducing himself or herself and then the company on behalf of which they are making the call. This is one of the fundamentals of telesales techniques.

Try to say something that will immediately grab the attention of the person and engross him in a conversation. In fact, if the person can be convinced that he will benefit from the conversation, the telephone call is likely to become a success. Try to imagine yourself in the position of the customer. What would you like to hear? Once you can get this clear in your head, you will immediately know what your prospect wants and tailor the call to turn him or her into one of your telemarketing leads.

Remember to make some impact with the opening line because that will determine whether the call will become a success or a failure. You need to construct the initial line such in such a way that it is polite, professional and brief because the person on the other end will not always give you his time. If you master this, you can definitely save on business to business telemarketing services.

The Secret to Successful Telemarketing

The secret to successful business to business telemarketing – be yourself!

At first blush, cold calling a perfect stranger might seem very anonymous and quite unfriendly. But, you can easily “warm-up” your cold calling sessions by putting more of your personality, and your natural, everyday self into the exchange. Injecting more of your own, unique energy and style into a cold call can make your sales lead telemarketing efforts much more profitable.

If you are willing to disclose a little of your true self in these communications to get telemarketing leads, you can make these calls fun and even interesting. As a result, you’ll tend to end calls less quickly and have a better chance to meet your cold calling objectives.

As is so often the case in other forms of communication, the reluctance (such as fear of public speaking, writer’s bloc or introducing yourself to strangers), to disclose more of your inner-self in cold calls is almost always based on a lack of confidence in your own value. Only feedback from the real world that corrects this mistaken belief will give you the self-acceptance that will encourage more such self-expression. So why not try it?

You can and should freshen up sales lead telemarketing with your own spontaneous observations and comments. I find that telemarketers can significantly increase their productivity if they would simply add more of their own thoughts, feelings, inner-promptings, and even one-liner comments in to their calls. Of course, these add-ons need to be germane to the topic and move the conversation forward– so that you don’t undercut the purpose of the call.

The big payback for you is that your business to business telemarketing services can become more fun and less boring. But perhaps even more important is what it does for your interest and commitment level. If a call is more of a personal expression for you and less of a rote enactment of an impersonal script, you are likely to get more telemarketing leads. More cold calls allow you to identify more contacts, develop more qualified leads, and ultimately make more sales!