Looking for a Telemarketing Company? Look for these Qualities

Looking for a Telemarketing Company- Look for these Qualities

There’s no question about outsourcing your B2B telemarketing. Because of the supposed benefits it brings, contracting the services of a marketing company is an attractive and convenient course for improving your bottom line.

But we want to emphasize the word ‘supposed’ here because we have a strong case to do so: Not all telemarketing companies are capable of bringing out the best of outsourcing.

There are probably thousands of service providers out there, all saying they have “the experience” and “the proficiency.” But finding the right people to handle your campaign means downplaying these buzzwords and paying close attention to these important qualities:  

Strong Customer Service Skills

The best B2B telemarketing companies treat your customers as if they were their own. Strong customer service skills means handling questions about the finer details of your business on the fly. It means knowing how and when to vary the scripts. Not every call is identical, and not every situation can be resolved in the same way.

Inbound Lead Generation

The people who take the time to call your business are often your most qualified leads. These phone calls need to be serviced promptly and professionally, and these customers need to be left satisfied. The best B2B telemarketing companies understand and value these phone calls as an opportunity to truly make a difference for the client.

Attention to Customers

 Customers have options, and competition can be high, especially with the Internet. Customers have grown accustomed to immediacy. Immediate attention and a quick resolution can make all the difference in lead generation and sales.

A Commitment to Multiple Roles

The right B2B telemarketing company can help your business with more than just sales and lead generation. That’s an important part of it, but they can also help with important communications services such as market research through outbound surveys, database maintenance, voice broadcasting announcements, and live web chat.

You see even at this era, telemarketing is proving itself against the rising digital strategies. Indeed telemarketing is unstoppable.

Quality Training

When handling another business’s phone calls and leads, it is important to be ready in any type of situation. Remember, the call handlers are an extension of your business, so training is a crucial element to a successful relationship. Call handlers should be well-versed with the company and understand client interaction. They should understand the FAQs, for quality product knowledge. They need to understand the qualifiers to be a solid lead, appointment or sale.

How do you know if a company has what it takes? Simple: RESEARCH. Visit the company’s site and rummage through content such as blog articles and case studies. Also, search for online reviews about its services and solicit opinions from its previous clients.  

Speaking of reviews, Callbox Earns #1 Spot In Two Lead Generation Services Rankings For 2015.


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4 Important Things To Consider Before You Launch A Mobile App

Should your business join the branded app bandwagon? That is the question bugging most businesses these days. Lately, it seems the trend for effective b2b lead generation is to not only have a website, but to have a branded mobile app as well. A lot of successful b2b businesses not only have a good telemarketing company doing cold calling for them and utilizing social media to find quality business leads, they are also offering mobile apps that make their products and services more portable. So, should you hire an app developer to create a mobile app for your lead generation campaigns or not? Consider the following pointers before you jump on the wagon

  • Usability – as with anything in business, before you implement anything, you have to take into consideration whether your business sales leads would indeed be able to use your app. Every business type can develop its own app based on its business model, but some businesses will find it more challenging than others. For example, while an IT business can easily develop an app that would be a certain hit with their business leads, an automotive business would find it a bit more difficult to create an app that their leads would appreciate (but it certainly is not impossible).
  • Platform – if you do decide to launch an app for your business, you have to decide which platform you will launch in. iOS and android phones are equally popular nowadays, so it is best if you launch on both platforms. However, if you’re just starting out, you might want to gauge the reception of your apps first. If you launch on both platforms immediately and your target b2b sales leads didn’t think it provided anything substantial, you’ll just end up wasting your finances.
  • Device – with plenty of mobile devices to choose from, you have to consider which devices your business leads are more accustomed to using. Obviously, launching on all devices allows you to attract a larger portion of your target market, but you must be prepared to market your device on each device equally.
  • Developer – choosing your developer is as important as choosing to launch an app. Developing mobile apps is an expensive project, and you wouldn’t want to waste your time and resources.

Once you’ve completed your app, don’t rush to launch immediately. Take time to test your app on a small group of your target market so that you can iron out any bugs in the system before you introduce it to all your business sales leads. This way, when your business leads eventually download your app, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about unexpected errors or your app suddenly crashing.