What To Look For In A Telemarketing Team

What To Look For In A Telemarketing Team


Recruiting a good telemarketing team is crucial for a successful lead generation campaign. For one, they are the people who will stand on the frontlines, getting in touch with business prospects and turning them into qualified B2B leads. The problem here, so far, is the actual recruitment of your telemarketers. While it might sound easy, putting things in motion can be quite complicated. You can interview them on the phone, or maybe do a demonstration, but these pale in comparison to more intangible qualities that truly differentiate excellent telemarketers.


  1. A positive attitude – generating sales leads is no joke, with stress and rejections rates on the phone pretty high. If you can find a telemarketer with a natural sense of humor, or lives with a positive attitude, you should give them a second look.
  2. Enthusiasm – the work can be draining, especially if this is a long-term campaign. Excellent telemarketing representatives are buoyed with an enthusiastic outlook, keeping them going despite the drudgery.
  3. They worked hard, and they have something to show for – this is where past job experiences come in. No matter how promising a potential hire is, if they have shown a lackluster performance, this might make you think twice. It is your call to hire them or not.
  4. Self-motivated – you cannot give your team pep talk every day. You have a lot of things on your plate. It would be a great help for you if you simply hire someone that can motivate themselves, and get things done.
  5. They have a clear and friendly voice on the phone – in telemarketing, voice quality is important. You need someone who has this quality if you want to be effective in appointment setting tasks.
  6. Willing to go on an incentives scheme – a commission-based payment system can be a win-win arrangement. If your agent does not perform well, you minimize your losses. If they exceed expectations, they earn a larger paycheck. It is a risk, but the rewards are worth it.
  7. Can work with a team – lone wolves may be good, depending on the account, but you will need team players in a campaign that can might go through several stages before getting qualified as business leads.
  8. Confident – these people are sure of themselves and their capacity to excel in their work. Such people are rarely the type to sulk or get depressed after a bad day. Hire them astelemarketers and you will save yourself from performance headaches later.
  9. Empathetic – someone who can put himself on another man’s shoes is someone will be able to build rapport with prospects. And in lead generation terms, rapport is a big deal.
  10. Persistent – not taking ‘no’ for an answer is a quality that defines an effective marketer. They will keep on going until they finally get what they want.


See? If you can find someone who embodies most of these qualities, then your telemarketing campaign will be successful. What more if you can find one who has them all, right?


Why Patient Telemarketers Win Out in Telemarketing-And How to be Like Them

Patience is important in B2B telemarketing since results won’t just happen as soon as we would like them to.  Imagine you are a professional telemarketer very eager to make a sale yet your prospect says “NO” or “NOT NOW.”  You become disappointed.  What you must realize is that your success or failure is a choice.  There is nothing you can do to push these people to buy from you at that very moment.  Sit back and wait it out.  Give your prospects a week or two to decide.  You can make a follow up call or send them an email.  The point here is, you can learn the art of patience and you can be successful if you choose to.

One of the most admirable characteristics of the most successful telemarketers today is patience. This simply means, these marketers learn to work hard and do things over and over again until they get the results they want.  In this blog, I will share just a few ways to help you be like them.  Understand them and see if you qualify.

  • Patient telemarketers stick with all their goals yet they don’t expect them to happen overnight. They know that time is their best asset and that all their goals can be achieved as long as they give themselves a realistic time frame.
  • Patient telemarketers are not easily discouraged by momentary delays. They make use of this idle time to reevaluate themselves and to work on other important tasks.  For example, they try to nurture the relationships they have with their prospects through social media or email.  They do more in research and improve their calling scripts to be more effective.
  • Patient telemarketers are not “pushy”. They don’t urge prospects to decide right away.
  • Patient telemarketers plan their calls. They think well before they act, listen well before they speak and research well before they cold call.  Consequently, they make wise and sound decisions.

Practicing patience is important not only in telemarketing, but also in B2B lead generation and B2B appointment setting.  Remember business is a process and it takes time (sometimes longer time).  Hang back and wait patiently. And when the perfect day comes your way, just grab it.


Why Hiring A Lead Generation Company Is Beneficial

The sales process of your business is of tantamount importance. Despite the vast changes in marketing channels and the improvement of tools, traditional marketing strategies still play an important part that can never be replaced. While social media, email marketing, and content marketing are great new ways to source business sales leads, they are only highly significant in that first step of the sales process. Once the critical stage of building a relationship with the b2b lead is reached, no software or social media app can replace the expert communication skills of the sales person. Your sales people will be the ones closing the deals.

If your sales people are concerned with other tasks, they would not be able to build an adequate relationship with your b2b leads. Instead of spending the afternoon having coffee and talking business with a warm b2b lead, they would be in their office, scouring the internet for contact information about businesses or they could still be on the phone, waiting for the decision maker to agree on an appointment date.

This is the reason why you must allow your sales people to concentrate and allocate as much time as possible on building a business relationship with your leads and closing the sale. This can easily be done by removing the responsibility of finding the leads from your sales people. You can hire an extra employee to do the lead generation tasks, another to qualify these leads, and then forward these to the sales agents once they have been correctly qualified.

Outsourcing to a call center who specializes in finding b2b leads will be of great help to your company. This call center or lead generation company utilizes a business list gleaned from various sources. To ensure that the resulting b2b leads are highly qualified and will convert easily, the business list is filtered by professional telemarketers through cold calling. Using the business list as a telemarketing list, telemarketers call each business prospect and ask qualifying questions to identify the problems and issues faced by the company. After filtering, the qualified business sales leads are called once again for appointment setting. The lead generation company will not only help you with finding business sales leads. They also help with database management, ensuring that all information regarding your leads are up to date so that you never call a disconnected line.

If you provide your sales people with the adequate help to fulfill their responsibilities, they can concentrate more on the stages of the sales process where they make the most significant contributions, which is building a relationship with your b2b leads and closing the sale.