Reasons Why Outsourced Telemarketing is a Clever Idea: Reason # 3: Communication and Control

Okay, so a company that outsources its telemarketing efforts saves a great deal of time, energy and money. Apparently, it also allows for a significant boost in terms of job flexibility and competence. Now here’s another advantage: communication and control.

First of all, business-to-business (B2B) lead generation and appointment setting are usually more inclined to quality; it isn’t so much about the number of contacts or meetings being established with the prospective market but rather on the potential that they would bring to the business. It’s an intricate objective, and if a company had dared to depend on an outsourced firm to carry out the task, naturally both parties would need to maintain an adequate and concrete coordination so that everyone is on the same page.

Luckily, paying an outside firm to do the job does not entirely mean that the employer-company would forego its roles and responsibilities. The relationship between the employer-company and the outsourced firm is somewhat analogous to that of a restaurant owner and a chef. Now the restaurant owner doesn’t necessarily dictate the chef on how to cook, but he can definitely decide on which food he wants to put on the menu, how he wants it served, what time to serve it, and of course, how much it will cost. He could make suggestions now and then, but beyond that, he just leaves it to the chef to do his expertise.

Communication is as imperative as the relationship itself. It’s the employer-company’s way to make sure its desires and goals are being addressed, and it’s also how the outsourced firm would determine how to attack the project. In a typical contract, it is, by and large, the employer-company that lays down the general idea of the campaign and the target market, which will be assessed by the outsourced firm based on realities, possibilities and resources.  And together they can create spiels, strategies and approaches, and they can also agree on what sales leads are noteworthy and which are to be less-prioritized. The most important value of communication is the opportunity to deal with, in real time, the flaws of the campaign. This allows necessary adjustments be made during the course of the project and it would also highlight the errors that are to be avoided in the future.

Meanwhile, control is more on the technical side. This is where the employer-company sets the actual figures that the outsourced firm must meet to satisfaction. This also includes the parameters of the telemarketing process, such as the time and day of calling the prospects, the method of follow-ups and recycling of leads, the exact duration of the campaign, quality assurance, and, in some cases, incentive agreements. These are the aspects of the contract that could either be beneficial or deal-breaking.

In the end, there’s a liberating sense of authority that binds the contract between the outsourced firm and the employer-company. The former is given enough space to craft its own expert approach to the job at hand, while the latter is endowed with the power to set the tone of the partnership and ultimately draw the line between success and failure.

Know some other reasons why outsourced telemarketing is a clever idea below:
Reason # 1: Major Cutback on Resources
Reason # 2: Flexibility and Competence

Reasons Why Outsourced Telemarketing is a Clever Idea: Reason # 2: Flexibility and Competence


When a company allocates part of its resources to fund an internal telemarketing campaign for its goods or services, the basic concerns are, of course, how much it will cost and how soon the deadlines would be. But there are more pressing questions involved, such as: Will there be enough people to carry out the task? Will these people be fit in representing the company? How will the leads and appointments be qualified?

In short, the question is: Can the team do the job?

These issues of flexibility and competence are two of the forces that push a company to outsource its telemarketing agenda.It was previously discussed how outsourcing can save energy, time and money and this time it will also prove to be a wise move towards input and output quality. This can help in weighing the factors that benefit the company in terms of deciding whether or not outsourcing is the best way to go.

In the lead generation and appointment setting industry, to be flexible means being able to adapt to the demands of the campaign, and being able to resolve setbacks during the actual run of the tasks. Outsourced firms have dedicated teams that would work on a particular project, and this includes team leaders, coaches and quality specialists. Usually, there are pre-established systems in monitoring the progress of the campaign, as well as contingency action plans for unforeseen circumstances, such as being understaffed – a regular issue that a company’s internal staff cannot easily address unless they contract out. Outsourced teams are more efficient because of their wide familiarity of the trade and also because they treat the campaign as if it was their own, for the results also tell how effective their run has become

Flexibility also means being acquainted with fresh ideas and approaches in telemarketing. While a company may already be comfortable in terms of their common practices and methods, an outsourced firm boasts the possibility of better techniques that can uplift the operation at par with the best in the business.

Meanwhile, competence is a bit more of an abstract objective, but it is one strong reason why outsourcing beats in-sourcing, because of the fact that outsourced firms nurture a pool of telemarketing specialists. They exist for the sole purpose of telemarketing and they know the art by heart. They constantly with updated with the current trends and tools used in their jobs, and they know a lot of things that regular marketing people may not.

Think of them as well-oiled machines – all they need is to have the raw material be put inside them so they can process it and turn it into quality products.

The good part in working with outsourced firms is for the employer-company to have the ability to control the flow of the show, which will be discussed in another article. Through effective communication and cooperation, the firm’s superb talents combined with the employer’s virtues and goals can be a fruitful partnership to last.

Reasons Why Outsourced Telemarketing is a Clever Idea: Reason # 1: Major Cutback on Resources

It used to be a world where one does everything necessary to survive and does not depend on someone else. But now, one notion is becoming more apparent: that almost every undertaking in our lives can be done for us instead of doing it ourselves. Most people pay other people to clean their homes, to cook their food, and to wash their clothes. Even with important things like taking care of their children or managing their finances, some still depend on other people.

Why? Because it saves them a lot of resources. And when we say resources, we mean energy, time, and money.

It’s the basic concept of outsourced telemarketing, and contrary to popular belief, this is NOT just a recent fashion. The outset of firms specializing in lead generation and appointment setting had started following the birth of telemarketing itself. More particularly, the dawn of Business-to-Business (B2B) telemarketing has paved the way to a more methodical way of drawing trade, pushing companies to farm out their sales campaigns to the experts.

Saving energy. Back during the premature ages of telemarketing, a company would simply delegate several internal people from their marketing department to “cold-call” potential clients. Eventually, however, demands would escalate and companies would need to hire additional people to do their bidding. This also means getting more people to train new hires, supervise their work and monitor their performance. Not to mention the hassle of legally complying with several requirements and policies of the telemarketing industry. Whereas, the company can just hand the job over to an external telemarketing firm and sit pretty while waiting for sales leads and appointments.

Saving time. Although the initial process of scouting for a good telemarketing firm can be time-consuming, the investment pays off in the form of being able to dictate the duration of a campaign and as to how soon the results are to be delivered. Professional telemarketers are usually given sufficient time to learn about the product/services they are campaigning for, but it is definitely not as lengthy as training a fresh batch of internal new hires. The agents in these outside firms already know the fundamentals of telemarketing by heart and can efficiently become skilled at a shorter duration.

Saving money. Less cost means more profit – it can’t get any simpler than that. A company that takes its telemarketing campaigns rather close to the chest cannot do away with spending money: equipment, office space, electricity, phone lines, communication costs, and more damagingly, additional people on the payroll. However, this is not to say that outsourced telemarketing is cheap – getting a good provider actually necessitates a large chunk of dough. But investing in quick and reliable service rather than high-maintenance assets (computers, phones, offices require preservation; hardware/software can become obsolete, etc) would prove to have more benefits and is less risky, financially.

It’s not a mystery as to why most of the world’s successful companies are into outsourcing their telemarketing efforts. No matter how you look at it, it’s a win-win situation, and the most important thing is that it serves its purpose. After all, it’s all about bringing potential clients closer and it does just that – only more efficiently.

Why Outsource Your Telemarketing Campaign?

Advertising about your company is one thing, but converting that interest into actual sales leads is something that you should consider as well. That is why you need to use some effective marketing tools to support your campaign. Now, lead generation is a task that should not be taken lightly when it comes to advertising and marketing. Successfully negotiating a deal with a business prospect requires a lot of telesales experience, not to mention communication skills. In case you are lacking in those two points, it might be a better idea to outsource to a professional appointment setting firm do the job for you, just to make your job more convenient.

While it is understandable that you want to personally handle the task of generating B2B leads, you have to admit that this is a task that may be beyond your skills. Besides, given the other things you have to attend to (market planning, product development, management of production floor, etc.) you just cannot afford waste your time and effort in finding business prospects, creating interest, nurturing that interest, and then converting them into actual sales leads. The overhead costs and the initial outlay to conduct your own telemarketing campaign might be beyond your capacity. You really need to get others to do the work for you.

Yes, you will hear a lot of critics saying that outsourcing is not a good idea, that it will drain your company’s resources, that the business leads produced are not good, that you might get conned by fraudulent firms, among other things. But these happen if you are not careful enough. If you are, then your telemarketing campaign would be in a better spot.

Should You Outsource Your Lead Generation Campaign?

Face it, you just cannot do everything on your own. There is a limit to what the human body can take. Besides, no one has ever succeeded (physically) in being at two places at the same time. It is the same thing with lead generation. And in terms of skills, you just cannot be knowledgeable it all aspects of your business. You might be good at customer service, but a little stumped when generating sales leads. A little help might be in order, like outsourcing to a professional marketing agency. Inside sales can be a bit complicated, so some expert assistance will be needed. But how will that help your business?


  1. You can focus your efforts better in other tasks – as the old saying goes, ‘leave it to the experts’. Sure, you may have this winning idea that will get you the most customers in the market, but if you lack the skills or the knowledge to pull this off, then you are not going anywhere. And if you do have people knowledgeable in inside sales, they may not be sufficient to handle the amount of work that needs to be done. in this case, outside help from an agency that has the people and the resources for the job might be needed after all.
  2. You can reduce your general overhead cost – in the financial portion of your campaign, you need to reduce the overall cost in reaching appointment setting goals. Think about it, getting an in-house team to do the job for you can become an additional burden in your budget. Consider this: if you stick to your own team, would they have the capacity to get the required work done? Will they still be able to function well with their current equipment? If they need more help, would buying extra tools or hiring assistants be less expensive than seeking help from professionals? These are just some questions that you have to answer.
  3. You now have a one-stop shop of sorts in lead generation – the problem with an in-house team of marketers is that you are stuck with finding the right people, equipment, and software tools to aid in your campaign. It can be frustrating, or probably costly, to do this, since there is not one place where you can get them all. Unless you outsource to a professional marketing agency. More likely than not, they have everything you will need for your inside sales campaign. All you need to do is to choose the right agency to work with.
  4. You get an outsider’s perspective of your needs – while bringing in strangers in your company (people who are unfamiliar with your culture and environment) can be an unnerving experience, it can also be a god-send for those who want to see things in a different light.


Of course, you do not have to take a consultant’s advice at face-value, but the ideas and details that you will learn can be used to improve your lead generation campaign.


Four Things That Demotivate Your Inside Sales Team

As mentioned in my previous post, the most important assets that you need in your inside sales campaign would be the people tasked to do it. I mean, it would not be possible to generate B2B leads if there is no one manning the front liners, getting in touch with business prospects and trying to set an appointment between them and you. It is very important to know what you can do to motivate your lead generation team. But also equally important to know would be the factors that can kill morale. Avoid these, at all cost, and you will save yourself from the headaches that can pop up down the road.

  1. Using salary as the main motivator – okay, people want to earn something in their work, that is fact. But using salary as the sole motivator to keep your lead generation team working will not really work in the long run. Sure, money might be the reason someone leaves you, but that is not the reason why they will stay. If you want true motivators, then you should invest in other factors, like ownership, responsibility, and the environment.
  2. Multitasking when talking to your people – sure, you may be a busy person, but that should not be an excuse for you to answer the phone , sign papers, write reports, stare at your laptop, among other things, when you have a meeting with your appointment setting team. That is a sure fire way to reduce the importance of your team in their eyes. Failure to give your full attention will make the team feel second-rate and less motivated to work for you.
  3. Delivering mixed messages – it is one thing to adjust your delivery style depending on the audience, but tweaking the very content of your messages will only create confusion in your team. And confusions tend to build doubt and distrust in the hearts of men. That is the last thing you would want your people to think, lest it affect your ability to generate sales leads. A mark of a good manager is being able to craft a consistent message to all the intended recipients.
  4. Shooting down ideas immediately – creativity is an important part of business, and you need to nurture that in every person you have. And that consists of not shooting down the ideas of your team all the time. True, some of them may have lame plans or something, but that is no reason to criticize them or anything. Try to look at the details, you might be surprised at what you might learn. Some of the craziest ideas may actually be the very answers you need.

There are plenty of other things that you should avoid doing, but you can be assured that these four are the main culprits. If you want to succeed in your lead generation campaign, you need to find out how to best motivate your team. It can make all the difference between successfully generating B2B leads or not.

Why Outsourcing To A Lead Generation Company Is Good For Your Business

Companies looking to generate b2b leads for their business need not bear all the weight themselves. There are lead generation companies who are well-equipped to handle the tasks of finding business sales leads, qualifying these for appointment setting, and forwarding this business list to your sales people. It may seem like an easy substitute for doing all of the lead generating processes yourself, and it is.

That is the benefit of outsourcing. It allows you to delegate the task of a whole department to a capable and professional team so that you don’t have to go through all the details yourself. When outsourcing b2b lead generation, you will initially be required to give your criteria for your target market. Or, if you are just starting out, the lead generation firm will help you in identifying the qualifications of your target market.

When you outsource the generation of your business sales leads to a lead generation company, you can rest assured that your b2b leads are properly being cared of. Unlike other businesses selling retail products to customers or other businesses, lead generation firms are not distracted by the need to develop their merchandise. Because it’s service is to provide business and sales leads, all research and development is aimed at finding even more leads which directly benefits you, the client.

Also, market research, A/B testing, and analysis are time-consuming tasks which will definitely require your undivided attention. The reason why a lot of companies forego A/B testing of lead generation marketing strategies is that they do not have the time to perform the arduous testing and analyze the results. They simply pick a popular or seemingly easy marketing strategy and implement it right away. Consequently, they only generate a limited number of qualified business leads for their products (if any) when they could have achieved a much larger market share.

Let’s say you’re in the software business and you develop apps to improve the project management of other businesses. As the owner, you would need to oversee the R&D department so that you can create a product that has a buying market. Before you begin production, you would have to do another research, this time for your target market, which will take more time to complete. Of course you have to make sure that you will present your product in the right way. But what if you can go directly from R&D to selling, and leave the market research, testing, and analysis to a lead generation firm? You wouldn’t even need to worry about hiring a b2b telemarketer to do telephone surveys. A telemarketing lead generation firm already has experienced b2b telemarketers to perform market research, quality analysts to qualify prospective business leads, and professional appointment setters to perform b2b appointment setting.

A lot of critics view outsourcing lead generation processes as simply a shortcutting method, but it actually has a lot more benefits for the companies that decide to outsource their operations.

How To Train Telemarketers To Sell Your Products And Services

Selling to business to business (b2b) companies requires a distinct type of telemarketing. To differentiate your telemarketing from other telesales efforts and to better market your offerings to your business leads, you need to help your telemarketer gain more than just simple knowledge of your products and services.

Helping your telemarketer own the script

  • Help your telemarketer feel important – most companies who use telemarketing to sell their products and services fail to welcome a new telemarketer into the company organizational structure. They simply hand over a script and calling list to their employee and expect him to immediately start selling. Even veteran telemarketers need to know their place in a new company and need to feel a sense of ownership of the product or service to be able to sell it convincingly.
  • Review scripts with your telemarketer – after handing the script to your telemarketer, you need to spend time discussing this with him. He may have certain questions or doubts about the script or product that you can help clear up. When these uncertainties are not resolved, he could unintentionally impart this doubt to your business leads whenever he delivers his spiel.
  • Include your telemarketer when improving scripts – Eventually, your telemarketing scripts will need improving. No other person in your company can provide better insights on how to improve your script than the person delivering it everyday. He can suggest which parts of the script to emphasize or revise based on the reactions he gets from business leads. After the revision, your telemarketer will be more confident selling using the script because of the personal involvement in its creation.
  • Prepare your telemarketer for reality – reassure your telemarketer that you do not expect him to close the sale or set an appointment on every call and that rejection is inevitable, but remind him that the company highlights successful sales or appointments. This will condition your telemarketer to focus on selling rather than being rejected. It will also keep him from fearing cold calling or becoming rude to business leads.

An easier, cheaper way

Of course, to save yourself from the hassle of having to spend precious time training your telemarketers, you can always consider outsourcing your telemarketing to a business process outsourcing (BPO) company. There are plenty of BPO companies that you can outsource to, but to ensure your company’s integrity, you must hire a reliable telemarketing firm with vast experience in b2b cold calling. Doing so would ensure you that professional telemarketers who are experts in b2b telemarketing are communicating your products and services to your targeted calling list.