Fortune Cookies to Guide You Shopping The Best B2B Lead Generation Program

Are you looking for some crispy“fortune cookies” to guide you in shopping for the best B2B lead generation provider for your business this year?

You don’t have to go anywhere else – I’ve got them for you.

Here are 3 crackly fortune cookies that will help you qualify a lead generation company.

fortune qualifiers - Fortune Cookies to Guide You Shopping The Best B2B Lead Generation Program

#1: Fortune Qualifiers

What qualities should have a good lead generation company?

There’s a bunch of lead generation providers in the web, but would you know which one will work best as a partner for your business? Look into the company profile and check on…

How long have they been doing b2b services?

A company that has 5 years or more experience in generating leads would be a good preference, as they have much ideas and strategies banked from the different campaigns they have handled.

How wide is their market reach?

The “global market access” phrase would mean flexibility in their programs, broad market coverage across regions,  and huge data warehouse.

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What are the services they provide?

Check out the services list and be keen on each item description, as well as the detailed process of how it’s done. Voice, email, social, web and mobile, are key functional channels for a lead generation campaign.

Who were the clients they served and what do they have to say?

Find out  who were the clients they worked with. It’s plain to see that only those they worked with  successful campaigns will be displayed in the website, but at least note of anyone with the same service as yours. This way, you’ll be able to get references and case studies about the campaigns which they ran for these clients and read on client feedback / testimonial.

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What are the tools they use?

  1. A CRM that integrates call power with lead management, campaign monitoring and lead nurturing. Check out Callbox CRM Integration!
  2. A lead nurture tool that automates email send out based on the nature of the call and which information they may need, to save time and effort to do reach out to more prospects.
  3. A fast dialer solution to achieve smarter phone productivity, which  could be integrated with other dialing platforms
  4. Social / Professional Sites like LinkedIn and facebook access
  5. Data warehouse

fortune elements - Fortune Cookies to Guide You Shopping The Best B2B Lead Generation Program

#2: Fortune Elements

What elements should be consider in outsourcing to a lead generation company?

Any outsourcing activity requires skillful study about your business partner to-be, to leverage on   time, money and trust.

Clear Goal

Does your lead generation provider state a clear objective of their service like committed to deliver quality results, taking into account the unique needs of your campaign, and full staff and tool utilization to achieve effectiveness? If any of these were not mentioned, take a look at other options.


They should be setting proper expectation and not over promising, to  enhance a good relationship between you and them.  


Is your lead generation partner open to engage you with all the things pertaining to your campaign like challenges, plan of actions and options? An open communication line is an essential element to align all best practices in the business.

fortune references and reviews - Fortune Cookies to Guide You Shopping The Best B2B Lead Generation Program

#3: Fortune References and Reviews

Are there other sources you can find that solidifies their integrity and works?

Do some fact finding before you take any further steps in engaging with a lead generation provider, ponder on reviews and references.


These are online award giving bodies that gauge, analyze and comment lead generation companies who excel in the field:

  • TopTenReviews
  • Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine
  • The Black Book of Outsourcing
  • Contact Center World


Read informational materials that will help you decide best like:

  • Web content
  • Case studies
  • Brochures
  • Slide presentations
  • Infographics
  • Best practices
  • White papers
  • Videos


Lead generation stance a need for businesses like yours who aim to up their clientele, widen their market reach and scale up sales numbers.

But it’s important  to note that your lead generation provider qualifies in your business standards. Read and research about  who they are, and what they can do for your business, before you sign up a campaign contract.

Like crunchy fortune cookies, crack, open and read the aphorism to gain wisdom, before you tastefully munch them.


Done with fortune cookies. Are you ready to know how we can get more qualified leads for you?

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The 5 Perks of an Outsourced Lead Generation Campaign

How much work are you able to do under five minutes? How much food are you going to buy with that five dollar bill? And how many high fives are you willing to take if you successfully do all these challenges?


In the context of B2B marketing: How many qualified sales leads are you going to produce in a span of five months?

Apparently, not much can be achieved within that microscopic time frame. Lead management processes are practically complicated to begin with, and you will need expert hands to manage your lead nurturing activities as efficiently as possible. To realize your goals would be far-fetched unless you employ a B2B lead generation and appointment setting service provider.

With the need for better marketing solutions increasing each year, businesses should understand why outsourcing is a big thing – at least in five ways.

Access to a better marketing infrastructure

In B2B marketing, having the right (not only the best) infrastructure distinguishes success from failure. Updated software is needed in order to sift through a flood of B2B leads, hence it is important to know what your service provider has in terms of CRM and marketing analytics technology.

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Access to well-trained manpower

Aside from machines, lead generation effectiveness also depends on the people that handle said machines. A competent service provider supplies you with the right people to research, track, qualify and close B2B leads. Properly trained and fitted with marketing proficiencies, they are able to undertake these processes as though they were born for the job.

Planning to Outsource Lead Generation? Consider these

Guide in Outsourcing Lead Generation

Minimized stress

Imagine going through gut-wrenching paperwork at midnight, realizing you only processed half of the workload because your initial focus was on equally important things. Even if stress is fine in almost every department in life, too much of it negatively impacts your capacity to do quality work. This is why many B2B managers turn to outsourcing to lessen their workload to focus more on administrative concerns.

Minimized costs

Contrary to what they say, there are lead generation and appointment setting companies offering reasonable prices for their services. You are able to save more than when you hire, train and nurture your own team of B2B experts.

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Enhanced ROI

Finally, with minimized costs comes a better return on invested capital. Selling Simplified has also noted least 181% of ROI through outsourced lead generation services, a fine number mind you. Revenue is above all an objective, which can be easily achieved through employing an independent and highly-respected service provider.

Make your Revenue Grow (Among Other Things) with an Outsourced Lead Generation Program

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What does it take to be a good Inside Sales Rep?

What does it take to be a good Inside Sales Rep

It takes a relatively special talent for someone to close sales and preserve the flow of income for a company. Doing it on a consistent basis is a rare gem. Inside sales services providers know it best – it entails the right skill set, the right support system and the right attitude.

Some of these qualities are inherent to the people who possess them, but some are also learned through years of experience.

Before taking a leap of faith and resting the future of a sales campaign in the hands of lead generation services providers. it’s important to know whether their people possess the important characteristics that make inside sales successful.

Understanding the numbers

Good inside sales reps are able to gauge their consistency and production by meticulously monitoring their own numbers. They are aware of what they are capable of achieving and compare that to what they are tasked to achieve. They honor quotas and targets and seek to better themselves each time.

Multitasking and flexibility

It’s not just the ability to converse with people over the phone while doing research on the computer or writing notes on a pad. It’s also about one’s capacity to deal with different types of people, different areas of concern and different anchor points in each and every conversation. Inside sales reps need to possess a keen sense of adaptability to be able to handle the diversity on top of the difficult task at hand.

Motivation and continuous training

Even inside sales experts need constant polishing, especially in today’s fast-evolving business industry. Trainings on communication trends, telemarketing, data management and sales strategies must be available for their consumption. Also, they need to be exposed to the right kind of motivation – personal, social or monetary – so they can keep the drive to excel.

“Team player” attitude

Marketing and sales operate on their own, but they both point towards the same end. A more cohesive relationship between the two can bring about more consistency and can improve the efficiency of the sales funnel. When marketing knows exactly what sales reps need in terms of quality of B2B leads, positive results are more achievable. Inside sales reps need to align their objectives and their strategies with marketing – and any department involved, for that matter – so that the boat can thrust forcefully towards a single direction.

Planning to Outsource Lead Generation? Consider these

The importance in evaluating your business moves can tell the difference between making a disastrous decision and sparking an ingenious, fate-altering maneuver. As you linger on the fence between outsourcing or not, let this be a guide to let off some steam from your bulging brain.

Planning to Outsource Lead Generation? Consider these

 Whether you like it or not, every move is a risk so it’s your choice to play safe and resist growth or to take every opportunity for progress. Outsourcing lead generation can be tough, now that you have read its pros and cons it’s time to weigh things out.


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