Make your Revenue Grow (among other things) with an Outsourced Lead Generation Program

Across the B2B spectrum, companies that say they are “progressive” or “forward thinking” are a confused lot. They go to extreme lengths for their lead generation and appointment setting programs. But no matter what they do or what tools they implement, they still won’t get close to attaining any of their long-term goals, particularly increased revenue.

Now, truly progressive and forward-thinking businesses hire lead generation and appointment setting contractors.

This is not because outsourcing is a fad, but because of the whole range of benefits it brings, the same reason which led close to 70% of top performing B2B companies to hire independent providers of multi-channel B2B marketing services.

With survival and revenue being the most important priorities every business shouldn’t neglect, outsourcing your marketing and sales functions can serve as an excellent catalyst for better revenue influx in the future. And it does that by realizing these conveniences.

Lesser concerns

It is a general fact that marketing and sales involve a lot of hard work. You will need to expend tremendous energy in order to get the results you wanted, but in the process, you will most likely to ignore other equally important aspects of the business. At least with an outsourced B2B lead generation campaign, you can spare some time for equally important administrative concerns.

Lesser costs

Companies fear that outsourcing costs too much. But compare it with developing an in-house lead generation system, the price makes it all worthwhile. There are service providers out there that offer packages depending on the size of the company as well as its needs.

Access to competencies

The good thing about outsourcing is that your business won’t need to hire additional personnel, which also adds to extra HR work. You won’t even need to train new recruits as you are already supplied with competent and experienced people.

Access to better tools

When you make profitability the center of your business, having the right tools instantly becomes a priority. You will need to get your hands on the latest in lead generation and prospecting tools. This, as we have already mentioned, takes a long time and indeed a large amount of money to setup. Having someone to handle these functions also entails accessing the tools employed by the company to which you outsource your activities.

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3 Common Business Obstacles and How Outsourced Marketing can solve them

Business marketers and owners have a lot on their plate. Aside from the actual business operations, they also have to think about how to keep opportunities rolling in. One does not solely rely on current clients to survive; there has to be a constant flow of lead generation.

Hence, they turn to telemarketing and appointment setting campaigns to keep tabs on potential business clients. But that’s another item – an enormous one, at that – on their to-do list. This results to a bundle of other dilemmas.

Luckily, businesses don’t have to carry the weight on their own: they can outsource part of their marketing activities to a B2B lead generation services company. Here are 3 of those obstacles that outsourcing can help alleviate for good:

Obstacle #1: Shortage of time

In the language of business, time is money. With so many tasks to do and look after, time is a valuable resource that keeps businesses from maximizing their potential. Getting into traditional marketing channels such as telemarketing requires not only additional personnel. but also additional time to procure equipment, set up communication lines, acquire necessary software and put up physical locations. And when everything is ready, you still need to set aside time for the actual telemarketing operations.

Outsourcing that task eliminates all the hassle. Lead generation companies are like RTWs; just pick one and put it on.

Obstacle #2: Shortage of competence

Just because you know everything there is to know about your business and your industry doesn’t mean you’re also an expert in selling. If you’re a business that have long relied on blogs or social media to sell your product or service, then engaging in telemarketing and appointment setting may be too much of a novelty.

So why spend your precious time learning about and being proficient at telemarketing when you can acquire experts who are ready to take on the job off the bat? They’re the best at what they do, and they can take your campaigns to heights you may never reach even after years of trying.

Obstacle #3: Shortage of a neutral perspective

It’s hard to make improvements when you’ve become self-absorbed into your own view of your business. Bringing in outside input may bring about fresh takes on traditional processes that no longer work, and it can also leverage what’s currently being used in the industry.

Making decisions for your business may sometimes become an emotional process, and that’s when an objective eye – say, an outsourced marketing firm – can help restore balance and help you do what’s best for the business.