Should Marketers Pin Their Hopes On Pinterest?

Pinterest has been stirring up excitement for users, marketers and investors this 2012. Marketers familiar with  the site have been touting it as the next biggest lead generation tool.

Operating on open beta since 2010, the site has been awarded the best new startup of 2011 by Techcrunch on its annual Crunchies Awards. The recent addition to the social media family is securing its niche in the art of hogging: DIY crafts, recipes, fashion, beauty products, tourist destinations, home decors, gardening ideas, etc. Practically anything on the internet that you find interesting. It’s “pin” button will allow you to take any content from anywhere on the web and pin it on your theme board.

For now, the site is invite-only. This is probably because, as a startup, the developers are still doing ongoing modifications to the site, and the invite-only policy is to prevent overwhelming their servers while they roll out site updates. That, or it’s just a marketing tactic to instill a sense of security or exclusivity to the users.

The site’s users are mostly female (a whopping 82% of the users are female, making it the most gender-biased social media site) who pin anything from manicured fingers to interior decoration. All pins are represented by an image, to which a link is attached that would take the viewer back to the original site should they want to view the original post. Pinterest is an image-heavy site, which makes it highly attractive, and the clean background is pleasing to the eyes.

So what makes this online scrapbook so effective? Should marketers join Pinterest?
To get a better perspective, here are a few of Pinterest’s statistics:

It’s true that this new social media will do wonders for businesses catering to women, babies, and children in particular. But UK’s pinterest user statistics reveal that there are actually more male (56%) users compared to females (44%), and more than 20% of these users have income ranging from $100,000-$150,000. Now that’s something for marketing people to think about.

Pinterest’s backlinking capabilities also offer great SEO opportunities for your company’s websites, providing excellent lead generation potential. Also, the user’s pins usually reflect what they need and want; which provides a great standard for enhancing your sales and marketing strategies to better appeal to your target market.

Since it’s an extremely visually stimulating site, marketers who have businesses that deal with anything but creative are having doubts on whether it will help with lead generation from their target market. However, companies offering like, say, automobile services, can still use this site to attract customers and inevitably generate sales leads by utilizing colorful and informative infographics, or create upcycled crafts from old automobile parts that customers can try themselves.

Perhaps the most important thing for marketers is that they have to be present where their target market is. It’s the same thing as Facebook and Twitter; being where your market is increases your chances of being noticed. And the markets are currently congregating in Pinterest.


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