How To Do Your Own Lead Generation


When looking for qualified b2b sales leads for your business, you might have considered buying a pre-generated business list from a third party or a service provider. This is just one of the many common mistakes that business owners make when looking for more chances of a sale. The truth is, if you don’t want to hire a professional lead generation company for your business (which is the best way to get a steady flow of qualified business leads), then you’re better off generating your own business list from scratch. Try these simple tips to start generating your own leads now:

Put a sign-up form in your website or blog.

If you haven’t already done so, placing a simple fill-up form on your website or blog is the most basic (and easiest) way to get qualified b2b sales leads into your business list. Place the form in an unobstructive yet conspicuous space within your blog or website. Also, to motivate people to sign-up, have contests, promotions, or free giveaways that would require your readers or visitors to sign up. Just make sure your website or blog has certification. Your b2b leads and sales leads are more likely to give you their contact information if they can see an assurance that you don’t participate in spam, or that you won’t sell their contact information to a third party. There are various certifications available on the internet that you can place on your site to offer this assurance to your qualified b2b sales leads; web hosting service providers even offer this as a cheap add-on to their services. When your sales leads see that your online business is authentic, you can look forward to more visits and sign-ups to your business list.

Scour the internet for completely free business information.

It’s a common practice for online (and even offline) businesses to share their basic contact information on their websites to the general public. It helps their customers reach them easily, and you should take advantage of this. A simple Google search will yield hundreds of thousands of business b2b sales lead information. Though this may seem like a daunting task, you can be completely sure that the contact info on your business lists are made up of potential business sales leads from the right niche market.

Utilize the information on social media.

Even if you don’t have a lot of followers on Facebook and LinkedIn, you can check the profiles of these followers and collect their business information, just like doing a Google search. The benefit of getting the information from social media is that they will be more likely to recognize your products and your brand, which means they will be more accepting of your newsletters. You might even be able to ask for referrals from your followers to further increase your business list.

Why Outsourcing To A Lead Generation Company Is Good For Your Business

Companies looking to generate b2b leads for their business need not bear all the weight themselves. There are lead generation companies who are well-equipped to handle the tasks of finding business sales leads, qualifying these for appointment setting, and forwarding this business list to your sales people. It may seem like an easy substitute for doing all of the lead generating processes yourself, and it is.

That is the benefit of outsourcing. It allows you to delegate the task of a whole department to a capable and professional team so that you don’t have to go through all the details yourself. When outsourcing b2b lead generation, you will initially be required to give your criteria for your target market. Or, if you are just starting out, the lead generation firm will help you in identifying the qualifications of your target market.

When you outsource the generation of your business sales leads to a lead generation company, you can rest assured that your b2b leads are properly being cared of. Unlike other businesses selling retail products to customers or other businesses, lead generation firms are not distracted by the need to develop their merchandise. Because it’s service is to provide business and sales leads, all research and development is aimed at finding even more leads which directly benefits you, the client.

Also, market research, A/B testing, and analysis are time-consuming tasks which will definitely require your undivided attention. The reason why a lot of companies forego A/B testing of lead generation marketing strategies is that they do not have the time to perform the arduous testing and analyze the results. They simply pick a popular or seemingly easy marketing strategy and implement it right away. Consequently, they only generate a limited number of qualified business leads for their products (if any) when they could have achieved a much larger market share.

Let’s say you’re in the software business and you develop apps to improve the project management of other businesses. As the owner, you would need to oversee the R&D department so that you can create a product that has a buying market. Before you begin production, you would have to do another research, this time for your target market, which will take more time to complete. Of course you have to make sure that you will present your product in the right way. But what if you can go directly from R&D to selling, and leave the market research, testing, and analysis to a lead generation firm? You wouldn’t even need to worry about hiring a b2b telemarketer to do telephone surveys. A telemarketing lead generation firm already has experienced b2b telemarketers to perform market research, quality analysts to qualify prospective business leads, and professional appointment setters to perform b2b appointment setting.

A lot of critics view outsourcing lead generation processes as simply a shortcutting method, but it actually has a lot more benefits for the companies that decide to outsource their operations.


What To Write In Your Company Blog To Help Your Leads Find You

What To Write In Your Company Blog To Help Your Leads Find You

Content marketing is the vehicle upon which online companies rely to generate quality sales leads, attract business opportunities and ultimately make a profit. But content marketing is not simply about writing on a topic you are passionate about. If you want your online business to be truly profitable, you have to tailor your posts for search engines and most especially your readers. Here are the important things to consider when deciding what to write on your company blog.


Content marketing is all about keywords. Before you write something, you have to check how much competition you have for those keywords. The more competition you have, the less likely your target sales leads will be able to find your blog. You can use Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool to help you choose relatively easy keywords related to your niche that you can use on your posts.


What you write about in your blog basically represents your website, so if you want people coming to your website and purchasing your products, you have to make convincing and interesting content to make this happen. Your blog posts should contain your chosen keywords (but not too much or you could end up penalized by the largest search engine right now: Google) and these should be seamlessly integrated into the topic of your post. To better get the attention of your target sales leads, write about something that they can identify with, or write about a problem that their demographic is constantly experiencing. If you provide solutions on your blog before they even happen with your sales leads, then they will see your blog and your website as a very valuable resource. Write about things that are not only “good to know” but also things that they “have to know”. This will help establish you as a thought leader within your niche and help make your products become more reliable.


A schedule is imperative if you want to keep readers coming back to your blog, aside from great content. A posting schedule will help you regularly update your blog, and sticking to it religiously is the only way to make a lead generation tool out of a series of blog posts. In the words of blogger Chris Guillebeau: “I know if I missed a day and nothing happened, then it would be much easier to miss another day. Pretty soon I wouldn’t have much of a sched­ule, and then I’d have less motivation. It’s a downward spiral that I want to avoid, so I keep the schedule sacred. ” To help you keep up with your posts even if life becomes too busy, a great idea from Chris is to write 10 posts in advance. This way, if you become pressed for time, you can still post according to your schedule and keep your readers happy.

If you don’t have time to write for your blog, then consider hiring a lead generation company who is experienced with online marketing. A good company will help you create great content for your blog while you concentrate on your business website.

Why Hiring A Lead Generation Company Is Beneficial

The sales process of your business is of tantamount importance. Despite the vast changes in marketing channels and the improvement of tools, traditional marketing strategies still play an important part that can never be replaced. While social media, email marketing, and content marketing are great new ways to source business sales leads, they are only highly significant in that first step of the sales process. Once the critical stage of building a relationship with the b2b lead is reached, no software or social media app can replace the expert communication skills of the sales person. Your sales people will be the ones closing the deals.

If your sales people are concerned with other tasks, they would not be able to build an adequate relationship with your b2b leads. Instead of spending the afternoon having coffee and talking business with a warm b2b lead, they would be in their office, scouring the internet for contact information about businesses or they could still be on the phone, waiting for the decision maker to agree on an appointment date.

This is the reason why you must allow your sales people to concentrate and allocate as much time as possible on building a business relationship with your leads and closing the sale. This can easily be done by removing the responsibility of finding the leads from your sales people. You can hire an extra employee to do the lead generation tasks, another to qualify these leads, and then forward these to the sales agents once they have been correctly qualified.

Outsourcing to a call center who specializes in finding b2b leads will be of great help to your company. This call center or lead generation company utilizes a business list gleaned from various sources. To ensure that the resulting b2b leads are highly qualified and will convert easily, the business list is filtered by professional telemarketers through cold calling. Using the business list as a telemarketing list, telemarketers call each business prospect and ask qualifying questions to identify the problems and issues faced by the company. After filtering, the qualified business sales leads are called once again for appointment setting. The lead generation company will not only help you with finding business sales leads. They also help with database management, ensuring that all information regarding your leads are up to date so that you never call a disconnected line.

If you provide your sales people with the adequate help to fulfill their responsibilities, they can concentrate more on the stages of the sales process where they make the most significant contributions, which is building a relationship with your b2b leads and closing the sale.