To Gain Financial Leads without the Added Costs, Plan and Expand

Difficulties in marketing financial services and products often include not being able to make proper use of one’s marketing budget.

Generating financial leads takes a lot of preparation, prompting marketers to make risky expenditures in a bid to widen their message’s reach and attract buyers to certain services such as tax consulting and debt collection.

As costs of acquiring financial leads continue to experience considerable increases, social media can provide enterprises and solutions-providers with alternative and cost-efficient avenues to gain potential clients.

An infographic by revealed 45% of companies indicate a dramatic reduction in marketing costs using a good mix of social media lead generation channels. Of course, this goes along with applying the best strategies emphasizing:


Identify your short-term and long-term goals. Are you aiming to increase social traffic or gain an excellent volume of ROI? Being able to determine your goals allows for an easier construction of effective marketing plans.

Identify ideal clients

Take your audience into account. How many are more likely to buy a particular solution, say, for corporate cost reduction? Corporate cost reduction is a broad field that focuses on areas such as insurance and waste management. Enterprises need to determine which areas pose high demands and create the kind of message organizations wanting such a service would want to hear.

Conduct online and phone surveys

Test the waters first before taking the plunge. Using a market research platform, determine the prevailing behaviors of financial services buyers. In addition, you can undertake online survey to understand the best channels promising the best engagements.

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Creating highly effective campaigns should be complemented with the right content forms. Financial services providers can expand their messaging using an effective mix of visual and text-based vehicles such as:


These are at the top of every B2B enterprise’s list of highly effective content. You can enhance them by creating dynamic designs and infusing them with fun themes that do not conflict with the overall message.


Real-time engagements are important when you want to educate your audience and address urgent questions. Though this will cost you some time and money, they are worth getting close to your public.

Blog articles.

Never mind how many you are posting per day. The thing is, people want to gain a little piece of your wisdom on things that are being discussed about effective financial services.

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To get more pointers, check out our case studies on Financial Services:



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Fun with Financial Leads: Making your B2B Marketing Plan Effective

Lead generation for the financial services is basically complex. Since you are mainly dealing with decision-makers who want to generate high quality financial leads, you need to get your money’s worth on the most effective tools to secure them.

But before that, you are faced with two problems. The first is choosing which channel to use in order get your services the publicity it deserves, on top of acquiring a steady flow of traffic towards your sites.

If you think that’s complicated, it’s actually peanuts compared to the second problem: Lead prospecting.

In particular, you need to ask yourself, “How can I come up with effective messaging that addresses the issues outlined by my audience?” In this case, you can strategize on how to craft content that has your clients listening to you on the long run.

While there are many ways that financial services companies can go to increase the influx of leads into the sales pipeline, the issue of which strategy is best suited for them prevails. More importantly, they need to realize the importance of maintaining an effective B2B marketing plan.

To start you off, we present some of the best methods for generating high quality financial leads. Take time to review and apply them in your next marketing campaigns.

#1. Influencer linkages

Influencer marketing is arguably an effective method for getting people to listen to you. Partnering up with industry experts and having them contribute articles to your site will give your brand a needed boost.

Here’s one example of our influencer interview where we included eight influencers on our Mother’s Day special article. We asked each of them to point out (1) something that their mom has said that turned out to be right and (2) the best piece of motherly advice they’ve ever received.

Influencer Interview Series: Mom Was Right!


Just by being associated with these experts, you can tell your audience that you mean business and that you have the word “legitimate” written all over you. On that note, link up with the most important names in the financial services industry and widen your network. The more people you hook up with, the better.

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#2. Give industry insights

While you can always partner up with an industry guru, nothing can still beat being your own influencer. Decision-makers are drawn towards companies that know how to strut their stuff. Companies that know the ins and outs of their industries usually get the upper hand in attracting potential customers.

In this case, you should contribute your own voice in discourses concerning your industry. You can start with the production of  content, white papers and initiating and participating in conversations in industry forums.

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#3. Make better content with knowledgeable writers

When it comes to creating content for the financial services sector, you don’t simply hire anyone to talk about a product. The logical thing to do is hire an actual expert to produce content that will resonate with your audience. With quality content, you can rest assured that the only people who visit your site are those who are serious about making a purchase.

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#4. Piggyback on industry issues

Newsjacking is a nifty way towards creating highly engaging articles. Enterprises that use newsjacking in their content curation are more likely to generate quality traffic. This is because of the relevancy that newsjacking entails. Still,it functions as a two-edged sword. Marketers should be careful when it comes to picking stories to ride on or risk getting a bad rap for an uncalled for reference.

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Generating leads for financial services isn’t that hard after all. Yet, you need to understand how to do it properly to truly capture prospects who will not hesitate to buy a product – that is, if they like what you’re talking about.



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Lead Generation for Financial Services

Lead Generation for Financial Services

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Engage advisors, agents, and financial decision makers

By building relationships through our account-based marketing approach, we set the stage for your brand to reach your target decision makers across your target industries.

We provide you a list of target companies from a range of industries:

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We connect you with relevant decision makers and influencers:

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  • VPs
  • Finance Managers
  • Accounting
  • Other relevant contacts

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Our lead generation and appointment setting services are designed to support and enhance operations for modern financial services institutions.

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