5 Marketing Technologies to Invest In 2018

The world of digital marketing has been continuously expanding, and there is no doubt that as society progresses so do the means of getting our messages out there.

With the number of tools available to help us grow our consumer base and drive CRM to new heights, it can get daunting pretty quickly.  However, knowing the latest trend can help you pick out your next investment or prepare your business for the next pivot.

In this article, we’ll round up the latest marketing technologies that we should keep our eyes on – and try to get ahold of if we can – this 2018. From AI to chatbots, it keeps on getting better!


#1 Chatbots

We get it, providing customer service is hard, but did you know that some power users have now been able to create their chatbots from scratch?

It might sound like something only a guru could pull off, but the availability of chatbots have made it easier for people to be able to create a customer service desk that does not have to be staffed at all.

Here’s the good news. In the past decade, it’s been noted that people have been more open to the idea of speaking with a bot, especially one that has been programmed. Yes, the initial setup can be tricky but imagine the cost-savings of not having to hire people to answer basic questions about your business.

Think about FAQs being accurately answered by a bot immediately. That does wonders for your customer service goals and helps promote you as a brand cares!

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#2 Voice-based technology

A lot of digital marketers and search engine operators have said this time and time again. We are moving to a voice-dominated digital world. We can’t say it started with Siri, but you’ve got to admit that Apple made it popular with their assistant; Alexa made commerce available in your homes; and of course, who can forget to say, “Hey, Google!”

Google Assistant

We are moving towards a world where we would rather speak to our gadgets than type on them, and it has been boosting commerce. Did you know that thanks to smart speakers, like the Echo and Google Home, it has been recorded that 57 percent of U.S. households that own these devices have made purchases using the power of their voice?

And, that’s not all; there have been calls to start making commerce more voice compliant with search.

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#3 Augmented, virtual, and mixed realities

There have been strides in providing an immersive experience for people who demand more. This also means there have been significant strides by marketers who are trying to figure out how they can use these different “realities.”

It’s no doubt that retail will be the most affected by these changes, but it does not mean it ends there. As the technology behind mixed realities becomes readily available to everyone, the playing fields will also start to change.

This means new opportunities for media, marketing, and most importantly, experiences. It’s experience that drives a lot of demand, and once people are hungry for more, it’s when marketers like us can step in. AR, VR, and MR are worth your time.


#4 Big data gets bigger

What do you do with all that consumer data? You use it to better understand your market. We have barely even seen the potential of big data to make a difference in the marketplace.

One of the first rules of production is building for the intended user; we’ve seen it in search engines and the rise of bespoke services.  If we were able to properly harness the power of big data, then we’ll be able to create products that people need.

If we play our cards right, we’ll end up with products that can make a difference in the world that we live. And, that is the ideal marketplace.

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#5 Artificial intelligence

That Go tournament really got people going about how AlphaGo was able to beat its human rival, but before we think Sarah Connor and Terminators, let’s think about the potential ramifications of AI.

Artificial intelligence can become the ultimate aid to processing vast amounts of information logically and quickly. Think about machine learning and predictive analytics, and how it can help solve not only your customer experience and interaction dilemmas, but also real problems.

Imagine combining big data and artificial intelligence, the ability to analyze and form rational conclusions out of patterns, and building seemingly perfect products. Or, even the combination of AI and an assistant like Alexa or Google, this might be the fuel that we are looking for to drive commerce to new heights.

Technology is changing, and people can hardly keep up. Marketers get ready. The future is coming, and it is coming in really fast.

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Six Digital Marketing Trends Worth Paying Attention to in 2018 [GUEST POST]

New Year means new technology and new trends. Thinking that you can pull off the same trend that was famous last year and increase your profits is a lost cause. Since the rise of digital marketing, every few months new trends are coming to surface and following them can lead you to a better profit chart. While some people were critical of the whole process, in the beginning, it has proven to be a must-have in the industry.

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Where do the targeted ads gain most profit? Which social media site can obtain the most views? Which site is better for targeted marketing? Are game ads a profitable means to invest in? If yes, then to what extent? These are some questions that are answered in this article. Here’s a list of the best digital marketing trends worth paying attention to, have a look at them.


#1 Influencer marketing

The trend of advertising through social media personalities has been increasing lately and is a very effective technique that you need to focus on in 2018. People tend to engage more with your products and services if their recommendations are coming from people they already trust. So, getting a well-known Instagram or YouTube blogger to use and advertise your products can give you a much-required boost in your marketing strategies.

Moreover, this technique will increase the customer’s trust in your products. A great example of this type of advertising is unboxing videos. This is a trend that you have already seen in 2017, and it is just going to reach new heights this year. Your favorite makeup blogger endorses makeup brands; workout instructors endorse certain sports goods and whatever they say we believe because they are experts and this trust increases the sales. These You Tubers are some of the most influential people in the social media and therefore have a wide range of people who listen to what they have to say.

Vloggers share a major part of their life with the online audience, and their words are set in stone.

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#2 Personalized advertising

You may have noticed that the ads that appear when you are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram are according to your overall searches this is due to personalized marketing. Marketing companies are using personalization algorithms to get you the ads that concern you.

This technique keeps the customers more comfortable and less annoyed by your advertisement as they only get ads that they are interested. This method will effectively increase the engagement rate if any company that uses it. Due to hashtags, these companies can target a specific audience for their product such as sports companies target people who are into working out and companies that sell protein shakes target people who are interested in increasing body mass.

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#3 In-Game advertisement

Another marketing strategy the use of which has been increasing recently is In-App advertising. You may have noticed that in many online games played on your smartphone you can receive small amounts specific paid items by watching ads instead.

This is an excellent strategy that is going to be used vastly in the near future, and any company who wishes to compete should consider using this method to improve their marketing outcome I can count the number of times I’ve watched all the ads in the games and downloaded free games even bought a few games and things online. I wait for ads to come on so I can get some perks in the game. This is not only effective but also very reasonable.

#4 Instagram advertisement

Instagram is one of the most commonly used social networks, and its users are only going to increase in 2018. Advertising through Instagram is a technique that you need to start focusing on this year. Instagram has the highest customer engagement rate which according to studies is 45 % more than Facebook and 40% percent more than twitter. So, Instagram is the best network to promote your products or services online.

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The amount of times I have taken a screenshot from an ad on Instagram and bought those things later is countless although they might not always be up to the mark that they are portrayed I just can’t seem to stop.

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#5 Mobile compatibility

Mobile devices have been taking over gradually for quite a while now and are expected to take over other desktop devices entirely shortly. A majority of people use mobile devices instead of desktop devices so, the mobile compatibility of your website and advertisement is completely necessary if you don’t want to be left behind. According to statistics, more than two-thirds of Google search requests are received through mobile.

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However, further studies prove that mobile-optimized sites are more convenient for marketing as they are initially made for mobile they tend to provide a more proper view and detailed account of the product without the need to zoom in and scroll left and right just to finish a sentence. Optimized mobile sites are easier to navigate and give links to booking while if a site is compatible it does not provide the customer with links and is merely a series of extended texts.

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#6 Native marketing

I know native marketing does not seem to have a place in this list as it is a very old method but the use of it will increase in 2018 mainly due to the extensive use of ad blockers and the fact that in a significant amount of advertisement on the internet is starting to get annoying. While the majority of your marketing budget should be dedicated to online marketing but you should also spare some of it for native marketing through television channels and other methods.

Here is a little trick that you can follow and get into the world of successful video marketing!

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