Outbound Campaign Fast-tracks Inbound Results for Business Travel Platform

The Client 

The Client is the corporate travel management arm of a leading online travel agency. the company provides end-to-end business travel solutions tailored for every stage in the travel cycle. Its primary products and services include its flagship online booking platform, a full suite of travel management and reporting tools, and personalized account management and consulting.

The Challenge

Shortly before first contacting Callbox, the Client was in the middle of a key strategic refocus that aimed to expand the company’s footprint in the growing SME business travel segment. The Client had already developed specific packages and solutions tailored for small and medium-sized companies’ needs and was looking to acquire more SME accounts.

To help drive awareness and generate interest in its SME-focused offerings, the company launched a number of lead generation initiatives that included publishing a comprehensive whitepaper on creating and deploying a company travel policy.

The Client wanted to reach new prospects with this content asset but encountered mixed results with the distribution and promotion tactics they were using (which mostly consisted of inbound channels like SEO, social media, and online promotion).Downloads average 6 per week (although this went up as high as 11 in the first full week after publication) and marketing-qualified lead (MQL) conversion rates didn’t meet the Client’s targets.

After considering other options for distributing the whitepaper, the Client decided to include outbound channels in its content promotion mix. But, having no outbound expertise of its own, the Client began looking for a third-party lead generation vendor to handle the outbound portion of the campaign.

The Callbox Solution

The Client chose Callbox after a thorough evaluation process, pointing out that Callbox’s multi-channel approach at lead generation and prospecting best met their goals. The Callbox team then prepared a campaign plan for a 3-month lead generation program with the following objectives:

  • Increase the number of hand-raisers from its whitepaper
  • Qualify prospects based on their ability to influence business travel decisions
  • Collect key information to profile each prospect

The campaign carried out direct, targeted outreach through live conversations with the target prospects enhanced through email, social media, and online channels. The target contacts included HR directors, HR managers, CFOs, finance directors, administrative managers, CEOs, and other persons in charge of expense management/procurement from companies all over the U.S. with annual revenues not exceeding $10 million

Lead Generation

  1. Callbox prepared all materials used in the campaign. These were reviewed and approved by the Client. The materials included the campaign contact list, call scripts, email templates, and landing pages.
  2. Calling agents engaged the target prospects through one-on-one conversations which served to promote the whitepaper and to qualify the leads.
  3. The campaign used emails to add another layer of touch points for distributing the whitepaper, as well as leveraged the LinkedIn platform to increase reach and visibility.


The targeted lead generation campaign ran for a total of 66 days (22 days per month). As with most of Callbox’s multi-touch, multi-channel lead generation projects, leads only began trickling in after the first two weeks of the campaign. That’s because the campaign’s opening phase focused on initiating contact and nurturing prospects through email which maintained open rates of 32.2% and click-through rates of 9.7%.

Broken down by month, the lead generation activities produced the following results:

  • 1st Month: 21 Leads Completed
  • 2nd Month: 31 Leads Completed
  • 3rd Month: 57 Leads Completed

The company travel policy whitepaper was downloaded a total of 189 times during the three-month campaign period, which gave a weekly average of nearly 16 downloads (or twice the pre-campaign rate). The Client also mentioned that 80% of the 109 leads (or 88 leads) were already MQLs.

Telecom Firm’s Campaign Enters Next Phase, Grows Reach in New Segments

The Client

The Client is the satellite communications unit of one of Asia’s largest telecom groups. The company specializes in both fixed and mobile satellite services, providing customized satellite solutions to corporate customers in industries such as oil and gas, shipping, transportation and logistics, banking, and broadcast.

The Challenge

The Client was already running a campaign with Callbox for one of their lines of business when they decided to double down on maritime satellite opportunities in Asia, as well as tap into additional EMEA markets

This leg of the campaign was focused on the Client’s two Inmarsat Fleet One offerings. Inmarsat Fleet One Coastal covers data and voice services for smaller recreational and fishing boats sailing closer to shore, while Inmarsat Fleet One Global gives access to bundled data and voice anywhere in the world. Both solutions are ideal for commercial vessels and fleets with modest data requirements.

In the first campaign, the emphasis was on potential resellers and end users of the Client’s land satellite services. Both the Client and the Callbox team picked up a great deal of insights about the target prospects and the overall market, which proved useful in refining the team’s campaign approach and the Client’s marketing strategy.

This time, as the focus shifts to maritime satellite communications, the new campaign’s main objective is to identify and qualify potential subscribers for its bundled Inmarsat services from shipping and maritime companies.

The Callbox Solution

Based on the Client’s targets and focused product and services, the Callbox team designed another Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management which included Voice, Email, Web, Chat, Webinar, and Social Media
  • Sales Enablement & Support through Team Training, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM
  • Account Management via Strategy Building, Reporting and Product Knowledge


  • The Callbox team was to run a database profiling and phone-based conversations with prospects integrated with email touches
  • Manage the Client’s social media, web, and chat to enhance branding and engagement accuracy 

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified their target industries, location, and relevant contacts 
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts
  3. Callbox came up with a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they wanted the outbound campaign to target. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations
  2. Identified as the campaign’s primary targets were Persons in charge of Satellite services and communications
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas, and was further grouped according to industry type.


Overall, the two campaigns ran for 20 months, and generated 245 Sales Qualified Leads in total. 

The results showed that the Callbox team was able to consistently deliver an average of 12 appointments each month, which exceeded the Client’s target of 10 monthly appointments.

LED Lighting Firm Renews Callbox Campaign, Wins Sales Deal in 2 Months

The Client

The Client is the LED Lighting division of a Kentucky-based vendor-sourcing company. As one of the largest fully-integrated LED companies in the U.S., the Client develops and executes end-to-end LED lighting solutions for businesses, deploying complete teams of lighting architects, engineers, project managers, and electricians.

The Challenge

As a previous Callbox customer, the Client already understands the value that Callbox’s multi-touch, multi-channel appointment setting solution delivers. In choosing Callbox for the second time, the Client expects the same level of commitment and service that brought success to the past campaign.

The Client signed up for a 6-month appointment setting campaign that also covered database profiling, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Database Profiling

  1. The Client provided a list of contacts for Callbox to profile.
  2. The Callbox team relied on both primary and desk research to profile the contact list.
  3. The Callbox team leveraged online and phone-based techniques to validate and update each record.

Appointment Setting

  1. Callbox prepared the call scripts based on the materials the Client sent over. The Client then reviewed and approved the versions specific to each target industry.
  2. Prospects with current or upcoming LED lighting projects who agreed to meet with the Client for an initial assessment were tagged as qualified appointments.
  3. Prospects interested in LED lighting but hadn’t yet agreed to meet with the Client were handed off as completed leads.

Email Marketing

  1. The campaign used two types of email outreach: email blasts (for warming up prospects) and targeted send-outs (for distributing additional materials).
  2. The call campaign prioritized contacts who opened or replied to emails.
  3. The Callbox team created and tested the landing pages, banner ads, and email templates used in the campaign.

Social Media

  1. The campaign also used social media to build relationships and gather additional information.
  2. Positive call and email contacts were added as connections.
  3. The team assigned responsibilities to the social media specialists.


At time of preparing this case study, the 6-month campaign was wrapping up its final week. The campaign initially started with only one seat. But, by the end of the third week, the Client wanted to ramp up calling activities to 2 seats due to the inflow of promising leads.

The campaign delivered 86 sales qualified appointments, and 58 completed leads.

During the campaign’s second month, the Client was able to close one of the appointments handed off earlier in the project.

The Client expects to convert around half of the remaining 85 appointments (or 42 appointments) to customers within the first half of the year. The Client is very pleased with the results that it already paid for another 6-month campaign scheduled for the next quarter.

Callbox Gives HR Consulting Client Base a Boost

The Client

The Client is a Singapore-based consulting company that provides intercultural management courses to organizations worldwide. The Client helps customers develop cross-cultural skills through customized training, coaching, workshops, and conferences.

The Challenge

Started in 2014 as a joint venture between a pioneering European cross-cultural training company and a top Southeast Asian HR solutions provider, the Client has built and grown a customer portfolio of over 150 multinational companies in various industries across Asia. The customer enjoys a clear lead in the region’s market for intercultural management training services.

But with a spate of new entrants seen to come into the growing market, the Client has recently followed a more active strategic direction to protect and enlarge its market share. An important component of the new growth strategy emphasizes direct and targeted outreach to prospects in industries with high potential.

Having little outbound experience of their own, the Client needed some outside expertise to achieve many aspects of its goals. In particular, the company faced three key marketing challenges that made working with a third-party provider a more viable option:

  • Identifying the right prospects to contact in the Client’s target industries and companies
  • Qualifying and booking sales meetings with prospects that fit the target buyer profile
  • Gathering additional marketing intelligence to be used further along the sales cycle

The Callbox Solution

The Client partnered with Callbox after a stringent RFP process, pointing to the latter’s substantial roster of satisfied customers in Singapore as a key differentiator. The Callbox team then worked alongside representatives from the Client to plan out the objectives, activities, and timelines for an integrated appointment setting campaign.

The overall strategy centered on engaging prospects through targeted calls complemented by timely email touch points. The Client wanted the campaign to focus only on companies operating in Singapore and excluded firms providing consulting and training services. Some campaign activities that contributed to its success were:

  1. Callbox performed a thorough data profiling program prior to starting the campaign. The team compiled a database of the key contacts from companies in the included industries. The Client then reviewed and approved the profiled list.
  2. Agents contacted every prospect on the approved list. Probing questions identified fit and interest with the Client’s intercultural management training courses. Prospects who agreed to a meeting with a consultant from the Client were tagged as qualified appointments.
  3. The team used emails extensively for introduction, follow-up, and targeted send-outs throughout the campaign.

The 6-month campaign produced a total of 102 qualified appointments, and 51 MQLs.

Based on past performance, the Client expects to send proposals to around 80% of qualified sales meetings and close anywhere between 15% to 30% of opportunities. That means the campaign can potentially add as much as 30 more deals into their customer portfolio within the next sales cycle, an increase of 8% in its current customer base.

Callbox Confirmed 600 Attendees for Events Leader

The Client

The Client is an events specialist and one of the many fast-expanding companies in its industry that could provide resources both in and out of the APAC region.

The Challenge

The Client is a decade old events services leader in Singapore that caters to varied corporate industries by providing the target attendees for trade fairs, forums and brand launches. The successes they earned for being a strong leader in the industry were drawn out of their stringent task implementation, tip-top customer service and dedication. So when the time came that they needed manpower for an event and decided to look for a partner to finish the job, they chose no one else but the equally competitive global lead generation company, Callbox.

The Callbox Solution

Customer Profiling

1. The database records needed to be validated so a customer profiling campaign was implemented.

2. Company and business names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and all other contact details were updated to ensure list accuracy.

3. To further validate the contact information, the Callbox team sent initial copies of the Client’s reminder featuring the upcoming and past events with links to their website and query boxes.

4. Active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links, and queries were tracked via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and saved for follow-up.

5. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were updated upon speaking with the decision maker.

Appointment Setting

1. Through Callbox’s SMART Calling process, active contacts that were filtered from the Customer Profiling campaign were called to remind prospects of the event and to confirm their attendance.

2. For prospects who were still on the fence with their decisions, drip email reminders were sent to them via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool.

3. Prospects who confirmed attendance were sent calendar invites.

4. A day before the event, a final confirmation call to all each one who confirmed was made to keep an accurate number of expected attendees for the event.

Top ISO Certification Firm Boosts Sales Pipeline with Callbox

The Client

The Client provides a full suite of independent assessment services that cover certification, validation, verification and training. It helps its customers align management systems and business processes for compliance with international and industry-specific standards and schemes. The Client presently offers its assessment services in over 120 countries, with recognition from more than 50 accreditation bodies.

The Challenge

The Client is looking to capture a huge portion of the growing demand for ISO certification among companies operating in Southeast Asia. In particular, the Client identifies a strong potential for its certification and training programs geared toward small to medium-sized enterprises across various industries in the Indonesian and Malaysian markets.

With a broad ISO certification portfolio and a worldwide roster of customers under its fold, the Client has significant strategic advantage over its competitors in the region. The Client has extensive experience assessing quality management systems that include a wide range of compliance coverage, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and other related standards for commercial and industrial organizations.

To help reach its revenue expansion goals, the Client developed a marketing strategy that involved direct outreach to relevant prospects from companies in its target verticals. The client also determined that it needed the help of a third-party marketing agency to carry out this segment of the plan. Accordingly, the Client decided to partner with Callbox mainly because of the latter’s track record at managing B2B marketing campaigns that target organizations based in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox’s multi-channel appointment setting package was deemed to be the best approach for helping the Client achieve its current marketing goals.

The campaign was made up of two integrated components: (1) phone-based appointment setting and (2) email marketing, and was put together with the following objectives in mind:

• To prequalify and generate face-to-face/phone appointments for the Client
• To drive awareness for the Client’s core standards including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OhSaS 18001: 2007

The campaign’s target prospects consist of persons involved in handling or overseeing QA processes at organizations with 50 to 2,000 employees that belong to a given set of industries and locations specified by the Client.

Appointment Setting

1. The Callbox team prepared the campaign prospect list, call script, and email templates based on the Client’s specifications. These were submitted for the Client’s review and approval prior to the start of the campaign.

2. Agents contacted and qualified the target prospects using the list of probing questions outlined by the Client. Prospects who demonstrated a clear need for or interest in ISO certification and agreed to meet with one of the Client’s reps were tagged as qualified appointments.

3. The Callbox team forwarded all leads to the Client via email notifications and Pipeline update.

Email Marketing

1. Emails were used in the campaign as an added layer of touch points for engaging prospects.

2. Emails were primarily sent to warm up cold prospects as well as to follow up on phone calls and prospect requests.

3. The Callbox team monitored and handled email replies and follow-ups, making use of the Pipeline Lead Nurture tool for timely email send-outs and response.


The entire campaign ran for a total of three months (66 days). The campaign’s first couple of weeks was mostly spent gaining initial traction through emails. As such, the results during this stage of the project prominently focused on email marketing. Here are some key highlights of the campaign’s email marketing activities:

• Delivery rates of up to 98.6%
• Open rates of up to 8.54%
• reply rates of up to 3.81%

Once the results from the initial email outreach started trickling in at the close of the first month, there was a noticeable pick-up in the number of qualified appointments generated. In fact, the majority of appointments produced during the campaign were recorded after the first four weeks. Here is a monthly breakdown of the number of appointments set throughout the campaign:

• 1st month: 17 qualified appointments
• 2nd month: 31 qualified appointments
• 3rd month: 23 qualified appointments

Using a benchmark lead-to-opportunity rate of 30% and a close rate of 40%, the 71 appointments delivered during the 3-month campaign can potentially turn into 9 new customers for the Client within the next 6 to 12months.

Callbox Delivered Results For Global Logistics Leader

The Client

The Client is one of the world’s leading logistics companies, spawned in 220 countries and territories, providing parcel and document shipping, freight forwarding, and logistics services to all business types and sizes.

The Challenge

As part of their marketing strategy, the Client regularly holds live events such as product or service launches, awards, and symposiums for the industries they serve. But, the last two years have been quite challenging as the pandemic brought drastic change to the way people do business, withholding all planned in-person events for the next two years. 

So, they decided to take their marketing efforts online, and reached out to a number of lead generation providers to find an alternative platform to use in order to pursue all scheduled events for the next two years.

The Callbox Solution

Based on the Client’s needs, Callbox designed a Webinar and Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management which included Voice, Email, Web, Chat, Social Media, and Webinar
  • Sales Enablement & Support that provided Team Training, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support
  • Tools & Subscriptions to Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting, and Product Knowledge


  • The Callbox team was to invite prospects to the Clients series of webinars
  • To generate leads or MQLs
  • Book appointments for the Client’s sales team or SQLs
  • Manage the database by profiling all contacts
  • Promote the products, services, and events via web and social media

The campaign involved two key steps:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified target industries, location, and relevant contacts for the campaign
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts
  3. Callbox then compiled a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided target decision makers for the Callbox team to reach out which consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations
  2. The buyer personas designated as the campaign’s primary targets were Procurement Manager, COO, Chief Supply Chain Officer, VP for Operations/Manufacturing/Logistics, IT Director, Director of Planning, Inventory Director, VP of Business Intelligence, C-level, President
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas, and was further grouped according to industry type


Overall, the Webinars gathered a total of 250 Confirmed Attendees, and the 6-month ABM Lead Generation & Appointment Setting Campaign delivered 92 Sales Qualified Leads, and 42 Marketing Qualified Leads.

Callbox Electrified Success For Energy Retail Lead In 21 Days

The Client

The Client is an electricity retailer who aims to empower consumer choice by providing options to better manage energy costs. Their extensive energy retail experience dates back to 1964.

The Challenge

With over 4 decades of electricity retail leadership both in their headquarters in Amsterdam and Singapore branch, the Client has built a strong business partnership with their clients – a relationship backed by trust and reliability inspiring them to create more electricity management options at the least cost.

Market competition is inevitable and the Client embraces this reality. So despite the strong business-client foundation they lean on, they decided to take advanced marketing steps that would keep them ahead in the game which included outsourcing to a seasoned and result-oriented multi-channel lead generation provider.

Results and Return on Investments

The first week was focused on updating contact details but with Callbox’s innovative tools and calling processes, the team was able to reach a good number of prospects and have set 6 appointments. At the end of the first month, a period of 21 days, a total of 22 appointments were set and 6 leads completed but expectations were exceeded when out of the 22 appointments, 2 were converted into sales.

As more contact details were updated in the second month, more active responses were received which resulted to 23 appointments and 8 leads.

In the third campaign month, 30 prospects showed high interest on the new price plan and have agreed to appointments while 8 considered to upgrade later.

The fourth month saw an all-time high with 34 appointments set and 12 leads completed.

The Callbox Solution

Customer Profiling

Alongside the Appointment Setting Program, Callbox ran Customer Profiling to update the Client’s database and at the same time build a new set of qualified contacts.

1. Two sets of initial email copies were sent separately: one for current customers that were due for record updating and another for new customers who might consider switching providers.

2. Active emails from prospects who responded, clicked links and visited the Client’s company website were saved for follow-up calls.

3. Bounces were also filtered and saved for follow-up calls for the agents to update as they speak with the prospect.

Appointment Setting

The Client ran an Appointment Setting Program not only to gain new customers but also to keep the current ones. The main goal was to offer new Value Plans and to share knowledge on easy steps to switch service.

1. With the help of the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, the team was able to profile and categorize prospects into two:
• Those interested to change or upgrade their service plans; and
• Those who preferred to keep their current service until contracts were due up but wanted to know more about the new packages

2. Appointments were set for both prospect types.

3. With Callbox’s SMART Calling system, the team was able to reach a good number of prospects to speak with the Client’s specialists with no appointments missed.

Callbox ABM Campaign Renovated Success For Interior Design Expert

The Client

The Client is a 20-year old interior design and renovation expert that provides a holistic architectural service from conceptual design, implementation, and support for corporate and retail clients through the latest trends in interior design solutions and high quality workmanship.

The Challenge

Since inception, the Client has been making its mark in the architectural design industry which made it a three-time awardee of Superbrands. However, years after, technology innovation and tough market competition brought the need to strategize, and to do some process improvement which required focusing on customer acquisition and profiling. After looking into a list of possible providers, the Client decided to outsource its lead generation campaign from Callbox.

The Callbox Solution

Based on the Client’s objectives and requirements, Callbox designed an Account-based Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign which consisted of: 

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management via Voice, Email, Chat, Web, Webinar, and Social Media.
  • Sales Enablement & Support which included Team Training, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support.
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM.
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting, and Product Knowledge.

The Goals

  • The Callbox team was to profile the approved database. 
  • Call the Client’s ideal customers and uncover needs for creative interior design or possible renovation.
  • Delivered best-fit accounts and highly-qualified leads.


Overall, the twelve-month ABM Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign delivered 120 Sales Qualified Leads, 97 Marketing Qualified Leads, and 416 Social Media Connections, which exceeded the Client’s expectations.

Callbox Brings Back Sunny Days for Solar Leader

The Client

In 2016, a study showed that 39% of all new electricity generation capacity in the US came from solar while a year earlier showed that solar employment has overtaken oil and gas as well as coil employment. The Client is a proud contributor to these statistics – a leader in construction and home improvement who empowers the community it serves to lead a better life with clean, sustainable and economically advantageous solar energy solutions.

The Challenge

The solar energy provider has been enjoying the warm welcome of NJ and NY households for more than 50 years now – allowing their homes and businesses to be improved by the Client through service packages that include custom designs, professional solar installation and best purchase options, until several issues arose in 2012 warning consumers of solar energy as a threat to electric grid operators – a battle among energy providers which loomed collapse in the solar business.

The campaigns waged by electric monopolies against solar energy use caused a great decline in the Client’s revenues, thus generating other issues which compelled the need for a much competitive marketing strategy that can battle the then on-going, intense energy wars.

In 2015, the Client set to complete 400 installations. However, 160 or 40% did not sign a contract and took other options instead. The Client’s revenue fell short of $1,600,000 (at an average of $10,000 per package).

“The threatening scenario has to end” the Client thought. They needed to gain the lost targets (customers and revenue) back so they implemented an in-house telemarketing campaign with the hopes of recalling those who retracted from the deal, but ended up with dismal results. With this, the Client decided to outsource.

The Callbox Solution

Since the problem sprung from reports about utilities that waged a campaign against the solar industry, Callbox proposed an “eye for an eye” solution to the solar leader – an information drive via Email Marketing and Appointment Setting program which the solar leader approved.

Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing

Utilizing the winning capabilities of Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool to send the right message to the right prospect at the right time, PDF brochures containing links to comprehensive information and answers to customers’ possible queries about the true benefits of using solar panels were delivered to target customers.

Aside from validating the email address and other important information of the contacts, the lead nurturing process helped the Callbox team to be able to grab the prospect’s’ attention, educate them on how they can save money from using solar energy at home and and got them engaged to hear the Client’s better offer. This has eased the process of setting appointments between the prospect’ and the Client’s solar consultants.

Appointment Setting

After the initial copies were sent out, all actions taken by the prospects like replies, clicked links and downloads were tracked and configured based on lead scores to determine their reachability – who and when to call.

The call process was quite rigid as the callers were required to completely gather the important information from the prospects and have at least three, if not all five, probing questions answered, for the Client to provide the prospects with the best solar solution package.


Powered by Callbox Pipeline’s SMART Calling system, the Callbox team reached a significant number of prospects, exceeding the Client’s expectations.

  • 240 Total Appointments were produced from the campaign (128 or 80% out of the 160 target customers regained, and additional 112 new target customers were acquired by the Callbox team)
  • 204 (85%) of the 240 were converted to proposals and eventually closed
  • The Client previously targeted a total of $4,000,000 net revenue for 2015. However, the campaign production of 204 plus the current 240 customers combined, brought a total $4,440,000.00 net revenue or 11% higher than the earlier target.

Callbox Made Swift Success for US Top Car Insurer

The Client

The Client is one of America’s largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurers, serving more than 16,000 households for more than 85 years now.

The Challenge

Protect people and their belongings is the Client’s commitment that drives them to continually innovate by providing top-notch auto insurance and coverage on and off the road: new auto insurance packages comprising personalized policy, rewards, roadside services and tools and resources that offer information, deals, apps etc. were recently launched which the auto insurer urgently wanted to offer to customers, however it also required a more tactical marketing program which their marketing department lacked. So they made the intelligent decision to expedite achievement of project goals – outsource a lead generation program from an equally customer satisfaction-committed
provider, Callbox.

Topnotch Callbox Leads for Top to Toe Staffing Solution

The Client

The Client is a strategic staffing company for more than 17 years now, providing innovative human resource solutions to employers and job seekers, and serves as a trusted advisor to employers and professionals. They specialize in staffing for human resources, finance and administrative support, helping companies achieve objectives through simplified search for talent while making it easy for job seekers find the right job for them.

The Challenge

The Client has helped many professionals build rewarding careers and employers hire the best talents through their “end to end” staffing services and solutions designed to simplify talent search, deliver results and grow their business, while marking key strategic functions required to achieve core goals.

However, in recent years, work has become quite arduous in acquiring new and qualified clients. Competitors have become more aggressive, offering almost the same staffing service packages which gave target prospects a feast of options laid before them, which on the other hand took them a longer time to decide for the best provider. This urged the Client to decide on trying new marketing tactics that can help expedite their prospecting processes so a lead generation program was plotted to carry out the Client’s goal to acquire new and much qualified clients within a targeted period of six (6) months.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox’s Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Lead Generation Program was strategically designed to help clients get in front of their customers at the best time when they are most ready to listen and are most interested. This was made possible by Callbox for the Client through the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool.

In the campaign, the Client aimed to promote its core services: Staffing, HR Services and Consulting. These services were common in the staffing industry in the region but the Client wanted to inform target clients that they have an edge over other provides in addressing their HR requirements by doing a top to toe solution.

Email Marketing

Using the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, the Callbox team sent out initial email copies bearing the Client’s summary of services and solutions, website and query boxes. Email replies and actions taken by prospects such as clicking the website and queries were tracked real time for the agent to follow-up, either to call or send brochures.

Appointment Setting

alls were made by the Callbox agent and probing questions were asked to discover the prospects’ staffing needs and so that the Client may be able to tailor fit the best services and solutions for them to ensure quality on the organization’s human capital initiatives. The prospects’ answers were carefully and properly noted and all contact details were verified before the calls were disposed.

After setting appointment with the prospects, the Callbox agent sent calendar invites to them as a reminder of the upcoming meeting, thereby avoiding any missed appointments.


The campaign delivered a total of 36 Sales Appointments, 189 MQLs, and 684 Social Media Connections. The 36 appointments set by the Callbox team were companies that had varied staffing needs specifically on candidate screening, benefits and staff requests.

With the Callbox Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Marketing Program and the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, the Client was able achieve its goal of acquiring new and qualified clients. Moreso, they are looking forward to acquiring more leads from the list of warm follow-ups they currently nurture which is more than enough to reach their targets before the six months are up.