Data Was Not Enough, Global Information Firm Employed Callbox To Score More Clients

The Client

The Client is a leading global information services firm, gathering, analysing and processing data through expert services like credit and information, decisioning and analytics and data quality.

The Challenge

The Client works on vast data sets from global resources which they transform into industry-leading business insights. To ensure that these insights are accurate and timely before submitting to clients, they keep an IT infrastructure with high reliability and efficiency.

Aside from harnessing the power of data, the Client wanted to personalize the approach to meet and stay ahead of customer need and expectation, so they decided to employ an equally reliable marketing strategy that would engage and nurture prospective clients through the buying process.

Robotics Firm Found New Set of Distributors with Callbox Multi-Channel Lead Generation Campaign

The Client

The Client is a Danish company, specializing in developing and manufacturing end-effectors or End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT) for collaborative and light industrial tools, and provides gripping and sensing technologies for companies that are into industrial automation.

The Challenge

The Client manufacture products that enable their customers’ workforce to work side-by-side with collaborative robots to achieve faster and better productivity. This principle applies in every product they manufacturer, and also the message they wanted to convey to their target audience.

They have worked with several outsourced marketing providers before, but did not generate good results. The lack of channel to use to reach potential prospects and convey their message, was seen to have caused the campaign’s poor performance.

Callbox ABM Lead Generation Campaign Covers Marketing Chink for Packaging Expert

The Client

The Client is an American packaging company serving more than 5,000 customers globally with flexible and sustainable solutions. Apart from expanding the life cycle of products, the solutions and technologies they use help reduce waste and resource wastage.

The Challenge

The workflow from the labs to the production centers is seamless, however, periodically humps on marketing and distribution channels. The packaging expert considered several approaches to address the issue, but finally settled on outsourcing marketing and distribution strategies from a third party provider.

Callbox Lead Generation Expedites Expansion for Engineering Expert

The Client

Backed by more than 30 years of experience, the Client offers holistic engineering services from conceptual design to operation which extends around the world and across a variety of disciplines.

The Challenge

There are two key areas that differentiate the Client from its competitors: one, being able to offer services through the project cycle which includes front to end engineering and design, construction and close out, and offering end-to-end vertical integration. These are factors that result in their efficient management and monitoring every phase of a project, accuracy in developing schedules, allocating resources, tracking costs and sending detailed reports for customers.

Waste Management Company Collects New Clients with Callbox Lead Generation

The Client

The Client is one of the top providers of solid waste collection, transfer, recycling, and disposal services across the US and Canada. Banking on their R360 environmental solutions, they efficiently provide non-hazardous exploration and production, waste treatment, recovery and disposal services in the country

The Challenge

Poorly trained managed employees, employee retention and language and cultural issues are among the common challenges that waste management companies frequently encounter. But, for a company that has been in the business for over three decades, these are paper files for shredding for the waste management leader.

Callbox Plants New Leads for One of North America’s Largest Greenhouse To Grow

The Client

The Client started as a family agricultural business which later grew to be the nation’s leading purveyor of plants, producing annual and perennial seedlings and liners for greenhouses across North America.

The Challenge

The Client is composed of an extraordinary team, committed to career growth, continuous learning and valuing each individual. This set of virtues has kept the business thriving for fifty years, and become one of the biggest greenhouses in North America. However, the quest for growth continued which brought the Client to decide to explore more customer acquisition opportunities, looking into new tactics in and outside their turf.

Callbox Turned In 1000+ RSVPS and 100s of Appointments for PR and Event Management Expert

The Client

The Client is an experiential marketing and lifestyle PR expert who has been providing thoughtful and custom communications for more than twenty years for its clients in various markets and remains as one of the most in-demand until today.

The Challenge

As a seasoned events and PR expert, the Client strives to always be at the forefront of innovative solutions, and open to adopting new ideas and investing in new tools and strategies in order to provide valuable service to their customers, but quite apprehensive in one thing – outsourcing leads. Their stand, however, swayed when things got lean and they were left with only one option – to outsource.

Callbox: Key to A-list Management Consulting Expert Business Disrupt Turnaround

The Client

The Client is an A-list management consulting leader who has been working with mid-market and distribution clients for over two decades, providing expert consulting solutions on profitable growth strategy, operational improvement, restructuring and turnaround, and mergers and acquisitions.

The Challenge

Two of the most impacting challenges are increased competition and rapid change in the buying landscape. Quite worried about the rising competition with new and larger firms and the way buyers go about buying services, the Client took practical steps to address the issues by outsourcing lead generation solutions with Callbox.

Automotive Manufacturers Sales Maven Drove 90+ New Leads with Callbox ABM Lead Generation & Appointment Setting Campaign

The Client

The Client is a seasoned automotive manufacturer sales agency that caters clients from the performance automotive aftermarket and OEMs in the United States. Their four decades of experience in the business honed their knowledge and understanding of the performance and accessory business from a product sales and marketing viewpoint of the automotive industry which made them one of the trusted providers in the region.

The Challenge

As an experienced driver in the automotive manufacture sales sector, the Client took action on the issues but prioritized the one that directly presses them – acquiring qualified leads. The problem called to employ marketing tactics that generate sales-qualified leads, leveraging on content and other helpful resources to draw more interested customers. It also sparked a need to enlist the help of a marketing expert who understands their pain points and equipped to address the challenge.

Callbox Makes Lead Generation Easy Conversion to 40K Deal for Language Translator Leader

The Client

The Client is an industry leading and translation provider, localizing content in several industries in its 11 offices across the globe. It has been serving customers with Translation, Localization, Desktop Publishing, Multimedia, Testing & Engineering and Interpretation of over 120 languages for over 20 years.

The Challenge

The translator leader dons several badges of language qualifications and certifications, but continues to employ industry partners who can support them with innovative solutions to help address their needs.

Their database was wearing out where contact information had become inactive which caused email bounces and failed send outs, and made it hard for them to connect with decision makers.

They wanted to acquire a fresh and accurate database, and employ lead generation strategies that can help them reach out more prospects through different media.

Callbox ABM Lead Generation Campaign Pooled New Clients For HR Leader

Callbox ABM Lead Generation Campaign Pooled New Clients For HR Leader

  • 72 Appointments Set

  • 36 MQLs

  • 342 Requested for Info

  • 97 For Follow-ups

  • 59 Callbacks

  • Industry


  • Location


  • Headquarters


  • Campaign Type

    Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

  • Target Location


  • Target Industries

    Education and Health, Financial, IT, Public Administration…

  • Target Decision Makers

    HR Director, Manager and relevant HR contacts

The Client

The Client is a premier human capital management solutions provider, and has been servicing Sydney with comprehensive recruitment, education, migration and human resource consulting for over fifteen years. Its wide range of in-demand services and customized advice have helped businesses hire the best-fit candidates.

The Challenge

Competition makes the business matter, but getting ahead in the row and staying relevant in the market can be quite tough when you have a load of challenges to cope. The influx of talent that made it overwhelming for recruiters to choose, lack of speed in the hiring process due to insufficient qualified applicants and out of date strategies were among the major problems that the Client faced.

The need for new tools was incontestable, but the Client forewent the idea as the length of the implementation process might prolong the agony. Nonetheless, they found the best alternative action which is to outsource their lead generation efforts from an expert.


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Cost Reduction Consulting Firm Grows Potential Sales with 270+ New Business Leads


Cost Reduction Consulting Firm Grows Potential Sales with 270+ New Business Leads


Client Information


The Client is an independent cost reduction consulting firm with offices all over the US and Canada. They help businesses reduce essential service expenses on telecom, merchant services, and shipping by twenty-seven to twenty-eight percent, and have delivered more than three hundred million dollars in documented savings to their clients.


USA and Canada


Accounting & Financial, Administration, Construction, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Services, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Printing & Publishing, Professional Services, Real Estate, Retail, Transportation


Business Owners, Managers, Directors


The dawn of automation in computers and mobile devices brought a drastic change in the Client’s performance and ROI metrics. As people start to learn to maximize the internet’s capabilities like remote management and tracking usage, the consulting expert found themselves dragging, having not enough data resources and tools to use to help them implement innovative ideas to attract new customers and keep the old ones.

To keep up, the Client looked for options, tools, and services that could help them cut the rope. With a colleague’s advice, they considered outsourcing their marketing efforts to Callbox.

The Client’s thrust was to increase their customer base in order to achieve its goal of opening more operation sites in target states in the US and provinces in Canada.


  • Successfully completed an 18-month US and Canada-wide Appointment Setting campaign for a management consulting company.
  • Worked out outbound campaign activities that opened opportunities for the Client to engage new sets of customers in two countries.
  • Achieved key objectives in terms of best-fit accounts and highly-qualified prospects delivered.


Campaign Results


Callbox designed an Appointment Setting campaign which the Client approved and initially signed up for 12 months, and eventually progressed to five more contracts thereafter.

The goal was for the Callbox team to set appointments between the Client’s specialists based in their US and Canada offices and prospects who have a need for their consulting services.

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified their target industries and decision makers.
  2. Callbox filtered the Client’s target decision makers which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox then compiled a list of potential contacts to target, which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they want the outbound campaign to engage.
  2. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  3. Callbox qualified prospects that had a current need of any of the Client’s services.


Overall, the eighteen-month Appointment Setting campaign delivered 270 appointments (sales-qualified leads) in total, 135 leads completed (highly convertible leads that require further nurturing), and 90 requested for more information (qualified prospects who need more time to review).