Callbox Lead Generation Circuits Medical Devices Firm with Loads of Web Meetings

The Client

The Client is a two-decade medical provider of safe and effective devices for anesthesia, ICU, Long Term Acute Care and Emergency areas of hospitals and Same Day Surgery Centers, and products for patients in home care.

The Challenge

The Client produces high performing medical devices that are mainly used in ICU and LTAC, revolutionizing the delivery of humidification to the ventilator dependent patient.

One of their core offerings is an anesthesia filter which allows for the multiple patient use of the anesthesia breathing circuit, which the Client wanted to offer to surgery centers across the US.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox designed an Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation & Appointment Setting campaign for the Client which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management via Voice, Email, Chat, Web and Social Media
  • Sales Enablement & Support with Training, Setup and Back Office Sales Support
  • Tools & Subscriptions to Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRMs
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting and Product Knowledge

The Goals

  • The Callbox team was to set meetings between potential prospects and the Client’s product specialists
  • Send product brochures to prospects via email marketing
  • Manage the Client’s contact list thru constant updating of information

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified target industries and relevant contacts.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox then compiled a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they want the outbound campaign to engage which consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. The campaign’s primary targets were Chief Administrator, Director or Manager, Anesthesiologist
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas.


Overall, the twelve-month ABM Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign produced a total of 196 Sales Qualified Leads and 801 Marketing Qualified Leads.

EU Medical Training Leader Spanned Operations in the US Market with Callbox ABM Program

The Client

The Client is a pioneer simulation-based medical education provider in Northern Europe and a major global supplier of virtual reality simulators for medical training centers for practice, validation and certification programs across learner types such as students, surgeons, and medical doctors.

The Challenge

The Client serves a broad range of customers in Europe and has kept a strong business relationship with everyone in their client base. Their LapSim and EndoSim programs have given surgeons a platform to acquire fundamental technical skills of keyhole surgery before performing any OR procedure.

However, as new and innovative programs for team or staffed training were launched, plans of expansion followed. The Client decided to bring their medical simulation expertise to the United States. As expected, the job was not easy and they had to start from scratch. Although they have collected much data about the US market and have initially reached out to some prospects, the Client thought they still needed some help as they lacked tools and strategies that would help them reach new targets in a new target location.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox customized a multi-touch, multi-channel account-based marketing campaign for the Client. It’s a marketing package of voice, email, and LinkedIn which helped realize the Client’s goals. They signed a two-term proposal for appointment setting and lead generation programs.

The Callbox team was to generate leads based on the Client’s target specifications and set face to face meetings with qualified decision makers who were interested to have their team or organization undergo training. The campaign involved three key steps:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified their target industries and decision makers.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox then came up with a list of potential contacts to target, which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they want the outbound campaign to engage in. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. Buyer personas were identified as the campaign’s primary targets: Chief Medical Officer, Chief Clinical Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Directors, Administrators, Managers, Purchasing Leads, Office Managers
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas, and was further grouped according to the type of institution.


Overall, the six-month Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign produced a total of 94 appointments set, 47 marketing qualified leads, 74 requested for more information, 68 for follow-ups, 54 for callbacks, and 547 LinkedIn connections.

The success of the US campaign caused the Client to start operations in other regions like Asia and the Middle East.

L.A. Physician Streamlines Back Office Ops in Ongoing 11-Year Partnership with Callbox

The Client

The Client is a Los Angeles, CA-based physician who specializes in rheumatology and internal medicine with more than 21 years of medical practice. The Client is affiliated with a group practice health center in the Los Angeles area.

The Challenge

The Client has been working with a virtual assistant (VA) from Callbox since 2007. The VA handles a number of back office and administrative responsibilities, including various data processing, bookkeeping, and other office support tasks.

A key hurdle that the Client faced early in the outsourced program was to ensure seamless integration of the remote workload into the practice’s internal processes. This was particularly crucial since the Client’s office had been using a diverse set of tools to carry out many of the admin activities in-house prior to partnering with Callbox.

Another critical challenge that occasionally surfaced throughout the 11-year partnership was the need to quickly modify the outsourced workflow in response to the Client’s changing requirements. For example, when the Client’s affiliate health center began expanding its patient base, some key steps in the internal processes had to be significantly readapted.

Since the Client’s schedule changes from time to time, the Client also expects a high level of flexibility and availability from the remote assistant.

The Callbox Solution

From a pool of candidates who had extensive background in medical administrative and support roles, Callbox provided the Client a virtual assistant with a high level of proficiency in many of the back office tools that the Client was using. Some of the tools included:

  • QuickBooks
  • Yahoo Business Email/Yahoo Calendar
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • RingCentral (phone, messaging, and video conferencing)
  • eFax
  • Password Managers
  • Dropbox

Selecting the assistant based on relevant experience significantly shortened the learning curve and enabled smooth deployment. Callbox also provided ample opportunities and incentives for continuous improvement. This helped the designated virtual assistant continually increase efficiency and productivity across multiple tasks, such as:

  • Recording transactions on QuickBooks
  • Submission of credentialing applicationfor Medicare, Medi-Cal and other insurance provider
  • Managing the practice’s disbursements and payables
  • Processing the practice’s licenses, permits, and other requirements
  • Updating and processing CRM records
  • Carrying out specialized desk research
  • Handling email communications
  • Providing phone support
  • Creating and posting online ads

Callbox also arranged holiday and sick cover for the assigned virtual assistant to minimize disruptions and ensure availability.


The Client mentions that Callbox’s virtual assistant has helped streamline and improve the practice’s operations.

Not only has the outsourced assistant made the Client’s back office processes more efficient and helped the practice cut costs, but the outsourced arrangement also frees up time and resources which allows the Client to devote more attention to patient care. This is the main reason why the Client continues to choose Callbox as an outsourcing partner.

Healthcare SaaS Vendor’s Pipeline Growth Jumps 2-Fold in 3-Pronged Campaign

The Client

The Client provides NLP-based computer-assisted coding (CAC), clinical documentation improvement (CDI), compliance auditing, and analytics solutions to hospitals and healthcare facilities all over the United States. The company also offers medical coding, transcription, and revenue cycle management services.

The Challenge

The Client, a provider of NLP-enabled medical coding and health information management SaaS applications, routinely outsources initial prospecting activities to third-party agencies. With a sales cycle that can take more than six months to complete, the company believes its in-house sales team is best put to use nurturing and following up qualified opportunities instead of doing cold outreach.

The Client, however, has had mixed results with different outsourced marketing companies so far. The previous outsourced campaigns often ran into issues such as:

  • Prospect lists that need further profiling and updating
  • Not enough time given to product knowledge training
  • High percentage of no-show appointments
  • Appointments not properly vetted and qualified

This led the Client to briefly reassign much of the prospecting work to its in-house reps. But this move also produced underwhelming results. Scheduled appointments fell to 6-8 a month, and the Client saw a corresponding drop in the number of proposals sent.

It was clear that outsourced prospecting made more business sense for the Client, but the company needed to make sure that the agency it partnered with should focus on both volume and quality of sales opportunities being delivered.

The Callbox Solution

The Client chose Callbox after a thorough review process, pointing out Callbox’s multi-channel, multi-touch approach at prospecting as a crucial factor. Callbox’s own track record and a growing body of industry research show that this strategy tends to produce higher quality prospects at scale.

In addition, Callbox also had extensive technical background in complex-sale products such as healthcare SaaS solutions, which meant a more favorable learning curve for the agents and faster campaign deployment.

The Callbox team then collaborated with the Client to work out a campaign plan. The plan proposed a three-month appointment setting program that combined phone calls, emails, and social media, with the goal of setting up phone demos with qualified prospects who want to learn more about the Client’s SaaS offerings.

Appointment Setting

  1. The Callbox team engaged the Client’s target contacts through live phone conversations in order to touch base and introduce the rebranded solutions.
  2. Callbox distributed the company’s Express catalogs to qualified contacts in Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The Client’s pneumatic catalogs were disseminated to qualified contacts in New Zealand.
  3. Agents then contacted each prospect to qualify them as leads or schedule them for a phone demo with the Client’s reps.

Email Marketing

  1. The campaign team created email templates for the different touches in the prospecting cadence, including initial outreach, targeted send-outs, and a series of follow-up emails.
  2. Intro emails warm up prospects and help the team identify which ones to prioritize, while targeted send-outs allow agents to distribute the Client’s marketing materials to interested prospects.
  3. The Client also helped set the touch points in the prospecting cadence through Lead Nurture, a built-in drag-and-drop marketing automation tool within Callbox Pipeline, Callbox’s proprietary lead management and CRM platform.

Social Media

  1. LinkedIn provided another set of touch points to nurture and engage prospects further.
  2. The campaign team’s social media specialists expanded the Client’s LinkedIn connections, joined relevant groups, and reached out to prospects via InMails.
  3. LinkedIn provided another set of touch points to nurture and engage prospects further.


The three-month pilot campaign ran for a total of 66 days. As with most pilot campaigns at Callbox, the first few weeks were spent laying down the groundwork for appointment setting by warming up prospects and initiating contact through emails and social media activities. Most of the appointments were generated after the first full month of the campaign.

The campaign’s email marketing activities produced open rates of 24.2%, click-through rates of 11.2%, and hard bounces of 0.04%, which remained roughly in line with the company’s benchmarks. The social media activities, meanwhile, generated 759 new connections and reached a 12.5% InMail response rate.

The Callbox team handed off a total of 47 qualified appointments to the Client’s reps during the three-month pilot campaign. This represented more than a two-fold increase over what its internal sales team could typically produce in a comparable period.

Out of the 47 new appointments, 16 and 20 were generated in the second and third months, respectively, showing a clear uptrend. This strongly indicates that the rapport-building and lead nurturing efforts during the campaign’s early stages are turning into measurable results.

To build on this momentum, the Client is renewing its contract with Callbox for another three months.

Callbox Keeps EMR Firm’s Sales Reps Busy with Qualified Appointments

The Client

The Client is a medical software company that specializes in emergency department (ED) information systems. The company’s primary product line is its flagship best-in-class ED medical record application widely used by healthcare facilities in the U.S. and Canada to improve patient care quality and operational efficiency.

The Challenge

The Client sells its trademark high-performance ED software system to hospitals all over the United States and Canada. The browser-based application helps improve ED performance with a full suite of operational and management tools. It also provides interoperability with the hospital’s EMR and other healthcare information systems involved in the patient’s care.

The company’s main product enjoys significant brand equity, but as competition continues to tighten in the medical software space, the Client has adopted a more aggressive growth strategy.

This recent shift is starting to overstretch the company’s marketing and sales resources. Their inside sales team has consistently been unable to meet the new prospecting targets, especially in terms of call volumes, number of prospects reached, and early-stage conversions. The new strategy also reveals gaps in the Client’s marketing data, with record counts often falling short of campaign requirements.

That’s why the company wants to outsource the bulk of its prospecting activities to a third-party agency. These activities include initial outreach, lead qualification, desk research, data validation, and appointment setting.

The Client, however, requires a marketing partner that can seamlessly become part of its sales process. In particular, the company wants to hire a provider with deep domain knowledge of healthcare information systems in order to engage prospects better.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox’s industry-specific, integrated appointment setting solutions placed it on top of the Client’s shortlist. But it was Callbox’s lengthy track record of launching successful campaigns for medical software companies that convinced the Client to choose Callbox as its marketing partner.

The Client originally signed up for a monthly appointment setting contract, but after four months opted for a full-year campaign, as the project consistently exceeded requirements in terms of quantity and quality of appointments. The campaign covered prospecting activities the Client wanted to farm out, including:

Appointment Setting

1. Callbox compiled and profiled the campaign contact list using the parameters specified by the Client.
2. The Callbox team also prepared the call script which included probing questions to qualify the prospect and set a follow-up meeting.
3. Contacts who agreed to a scheduled phone meeting with a Client’s rep were labeled as qualified appointments.

Email Marketing

1. The Callbox team created and tested two email templates to be used in the campaign: the intro email and the targeted send-out.
2. The intro email primed prospects for upcoming campaign touch points.
3. The template for targeted send-outs was used to distribute other marketing collaterals from the Client.

Social Media

1. As part of Callbox’s multi-channel approach, the team engaged positive contacts by connecting with them on LinkedIn.
2. The campaign also relied on prospect information collected and verified using LinkedIn.
3. LinkedIn also served as a tool to increase the Client’s online visibility and brand.


The campaign has now completed a total of four months’ worth of appointment setting activities and is currently in its 5th month.

Callbox’s multi-touch, multi-channel appointment setting programs typically devote the first couple of weeks to warming up and nurturing prospects. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see the opening two or so weeks generate mainly email or social media results:

• Email reply rate: 3.77%
• Email conversions: 7
• Linkedin connections: 234
• Linkedin groups: 15

It’s only after the first couple of weeks that the campaign generated appointments in earnest, as shown below


The campaign has so far delivered a total of 91 qualified appointments. While the Client hasn’t disclosed how many of these meetings their reps can send proposals to or how many they expect to turn into customers, the Client is very impressed with both the quantity and quality of appointments generated. In fact, the Client has recently signed a full-year contract with Callbox

Callbox Ensured Success For Health Care Provider

The Client

The Client is a one-size fits all health insurance provider who is driven by 3 guiding principles: technology, data and design that continues to serve SMEs and the non-employed sector.

The Challenge

The Client is unique not because they are a major health insurance provider but because their target customers are those who can hardly afford to get a good health insurance package for themselves. The Client did not start the company just for business reasons but was inspired to revolutionize the health insurance platform based on their personal experience – the loss of loved ones due to high healthcare costs.

Competition was tough so the Client opted to employ a lead generation company that has the expertise and tools needed to reach their targets – Callbox.

The Callbox Solution

Customer Profiling

1. The Client, although a startup in the healthcare industry, did not hesitate to explore all marketing strategies that would help them achieve their goals. Callbox helped them build a robust database

2. With the use of the Pipeline Lead Nurture tool, the Callbox team sent initial copies of the Client’s unique healthcare products and services.

3. The copies contained an overview of the Client’s company information, downloadable PDFs of products and services, and a query box that redirects to the Client’s inbox, for them to be answered immediately.

4. The Callbox team on the other hand, tracked and saved active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links and queries for follow-up calls.

5. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were updated upon speaking with the prospect.

Appointment Setting

1. The Callbox team utilized its in-house SMART Calling system which helped the calling agents reach the right prospects at the time.

2. The Client’s probing questions helped draw the prospects’ need for affordable healthcare packages.

3. Prospects who were both looking for fair cost health insurance and those currently in contract with other providers but in search of better offers were qualified as candidates for appointments.

4. In order to ensure a solid appointment, Callbox agents sent a calendar invite along with a short but specific email containing information about the Client’s products and services that are probable answers to the prospect’s identified issues.


The first week of calling stored up much qualified contacts as the Customer Profiling campaign progressed which generated 5 office appointments. The following second and third weeks consecutively generated 6 and 8 appointments and 10 in the fourth week (3 of which were phone appointments), bringing a total of 29 appointments for the first month.

Weeks five to eight met a slight decline in the number of appointments with 25 office meetings and 2 phone meetings, 27 in total for the second month.

The final term however recouped more than what was lost in the second term, closing the campaign with a total of 37 appointments (32 office and 5 phone meetings).

Callbox Proved Therapeutic For Chiropractic Leader

The Client

The Client is a 20-year old Chiropractic Care provider with 11 specialist clinics in Singapore and 9 more in other countries in Asia and United Kingdom.

The Challenge

The Client may already be a leader in chiropractic care in Singapore but as the business evolved from a one-man clinic to an integrated chiropractic institution, the business apparently demanded for use of more advanced clinical tools and processes, as well as a healthier and broader clientele list.

With the bolting new businesses in SIngapore in the last five years, the chiropractic leader opted to outsource their lead generation with Callbox, their top choice from among the list of five and which they saw as the most experienced provider to expedite goals achievement.

The Callbox Solution

Customer Profiling

1. In the period where the Client had become preoccupied with upgrading their clinical tools and processes, business development was somehow relegated to second priority which inevitably impacted the Client’s database profile.

2. Callbox provided the Client with a well-filtered list by validating the target’s information details like business names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and all other contact details.

3. Using Callbox’s Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, initial copies of the Client’s wellness program overview were sent in order to validate accuracy of contact
details especially email addresses.

4. Responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links, and queries were tracked via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and were tagged for follow-up by the agents for appointment setting.

5. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were updated upon speaking with the prospect.

Appointment Setting

1. Callbox’s SMART Calling system was then used to draw the most qualified contacts that were filtered from the Customer Profiling campaign.

2. The Callbox team was able to call the right prospects at the right time when they were most available.

3. Probing questions were contributing factors in the team’s effort to filter the targets’ need which helped them come up with a priority list for the Client.

4. The said priority list enabled the Client to profile targets and customize the wellness program for each client.

5. Prospects who agreed to discuss were set as appointments.


The chiropractic leader did not waste any time at all and wisely chose to roll out a three-month campaign. The first four weeks generated a total of 25 appointments.

In the succeeding weeks, as more active contacts were verified via the lead nurturing process, the Callbox team was able to touch base with prospects and eventually generated 28 appointments at the end of the eighth week.

Before the ninth week commenced, the team maximized the SMART calling process to reach more prospects, generating an additional 31 appointments in the last four weeks of the campaign. The three-month campaign delivered a total of 84 appointments.

Health And Wellness Guru Energized by Callbox Success

The Client

The Client is a corporate wellness provider giving quality educational trainings and programmes to boost organizational wellness.

The Challenge

Not more than a decade ago, corporate wellness was not exactly a popular program for businesses in Singapore. So when the Client started the business, it drew all the courage to pursue all possible marketing tactics that would deliver their message to target decision makers – corporate wellness will boost the business.

The Client’s search for the best marketing tools that would carry out their goals came as a challenge until one of their business partners referred a seasoned lead generation provider that carries all sales and marketing strategies and tools needed which resolved the issue – Callbox.

The Callbox Solution

Customer Profiling

1. In order to hit the right prospects, the Client’s database went through customer profiling campaign.

2. Company and business names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and all other contact details were validated to ensure list accuracy.

3. The Callbox team utilized the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool to send initial copies of the Client’s program overview mainly containing teasers (discussions and questions) about issues in the business that were precisely addressable thru wellness programs.

4. Active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links, and queries were tracked via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and saved for follow-up.

5. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were updated upon speaking with the decision maker.

Appointment Setting

1. Through Callbox’s SMART Calling process, active contacts that were filtered from the Customer Profiling campaign were called by the Callbox team to share the Client’s services especially about wellness in the workplace.

2. Callers asked probing questions about underlying issues or problems that were unrecognized but may have triggered organizational differences and caused a domino effect on the business.

3. Prospects who agreed to discuss were set as appointments.

Results and Return of Investment

The first four weeks brought a surprising result to the wellness guru with 13 appointments, opposing their hunch of getting only five or less. At the end of the eighth week, a slight decline on the number of leads with 12 appointments but took a big leap at the close of the twelfth week with 16 appointments. The sixteenth week topped at 18 appointments.

With the satisfactory results from the first campaign in 2014, the Client decided to run another round in 2015 and was equally impressed with the results.

The Callbox team had become very familiar with the campaign which led to better results with 21 appointments in the first four weeks. Calling activities were swerved to the Malaysia market at the start of the fifth week which brought in 25 appointments at the end of the eighth week. The course got a bit bumpy as the the twelfth week closed on 22 appointments and 13 on the sixteenth week.

Calls were back in focus on the Singapore market at the start of the seventeenth week and got on the fast track again with 28 appointments at the close of the twentieth week.

Healthcare Consulting Firm Poised to Expand in High-Growth Market with Callbox

The Client

The Client is a healthcare consulting company that specializes in revenue cycle and financial management solutions for hospitals and healthcare clinics all over the United States. In addition to its consulting packages, the Client also provides managed services including interim management, health information management, executive search, medical coding, and project staffing support.

The Challenge

By some estimates, the outsourced revenue cycle management (RCM) market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 26.5% in the next two years, making it an ideal time for mid-tier RCM consulting firms to capture opportunities for growth.

Increased requirements for convenience and transparency have created bigger challenges for hospital departments and staff involved in RCM. This, in turn, has fueled the demand for RCM-aligned solutions including consulting and advisory services.

With its nationwide footprint and a portfolio of differentiated services, the Client is well-positioned to take a significant slice of this high-growth market.

To achieve its short- and medium-term business goals, the Client has put together a robust marketing plan that included a combination of branding and sales-oriented initiatives. A key program in its marketing strategy is to leverage live conversations with hospital executives for driving awareness and interest in its end-to-end RCM solutions.

Having little internal expertise and resources for a direct marketing campaign that spans the entire United States, the Client decided to work with an outsourced lead generation agency with extensive experience in the healthcare consulting space.

Callbox’s deep domain knowledge of the Client’s target vertical and its capabilities for executing a campaign of this scope were the main reasons why the Client chose to work with Callbox.

Results and Investments

During the first 6 to 8 weeks of the three-month campaign, a significant portion of the activities were devoted to email marketing and social media in order to complement the initial touch points made with the target hospital executives. This leg of the campaign yielded the following results:

  • LinkedIn connections totaling 44 and 108 for the first and second months, respectively
  • Email open rates of up to 8.2% during the second month
  • Email reply rates that hovered near 3.0% during the second month

As a result, the majority of phone appointments set throughout the entire campaign were made during the second month. A monthly breakdown of the appointment setting results is as follows:

  • 1st month: 19 phone appointments and 2 leads completed
  • 2nd month: 80 phone appointments and 40 leads completed
  • 3rd month: 17 phone appointments and 4 leads completed

With a lead-to-opportunity conversion rate of 30% and a win rate of 40%, the 162 total leads handed over by the Callbox team can potentially translate into 19 new consulting customers for the Client.

The Callbox Solution

Appointment Setting

1. Although the Client provided the list of hospitals to be contacted, the list was first thoroughly validated and cross-checked before being used in the campaign.

2. The Client also prepared the call script which was then reviewed by the campaign team in order to refine the qualification parameters.

3. In addition to setting phone appointments with qualified prospects identified through probing questions, the Callbox team also generated actionable leads the Client can nurture further.

Email Marketing

1.The campaign made use of emails to reinforce the touch points established from live phone conversations with target prospects.

2.Callbox’s Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool improved the timeliness of emails sent containing further information after every call with a potential appointment.

3.Replies and follow-up emails were managed and tracked by the campaign team.

Social Media

1. The campaign also adopted LinkedIn as a channel to complement lead generation as well as enhance the Client’s branding efforts.

2. The team added positive contacts from calls and emails as connections.

3. All LinkedIn queries were handled by social media specialists.

All-Time High For Physiotherapy Systems Leader with Callbox

The Client

The Client is a 30-year old leading manufacturer of physiotherapy systems in Europe. Some key components of their product offering are innovative cardiology products, software and diagnostics products.

The Challenge

The physiotherapy leader is intensively involved in every aspect of the business, moreso the production, and provides personal attention each step of the way. Their latest product is Single Use Adhesive Electrodes, an electrotherapy treatment that would benefit users by saving time, no storing and cleaning between treatments and avoiding cross contamination.

This family-run award-winning and customer-oriented physiotherapy systems manufacturer has been reaping success for years now but their new product which projects a higher standard compared with the existing ones required a more advanced, fast and comprehensive marketing program that would help them cope with the competition – enter the Callbox Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Lead Generation Program.

The Callbox Solution

The Client requested Callbox to maximize the capacity of the Multi Channel Marketing Program by utilizing the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool in communicating with prospects at the time when they are most available.

Appointment Setting

Callbox called the target prospects to introduce the new product, Single Use Adhesive Electrodes. Prospects who agreed to receive a follow-up call from the Client’s sales representatives were further handled by the Client’s sales representatives themselves to further explain the product’s features and benefits which is instrumental in drafting the best project design for the prospect company.

Email Marketing

Using the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, the Callbox team sent out introductory emails to prospects only to verify the validity of the contact details. Replies, website clicked and queries were tracked in real time for the agent to call.

After the call, prospects who requested for information were then reported to the Client to be sent brochures and forms as reference for the sales representatives in tailor-fitting a project design for them.


The initial result of the campaign was a pleasant surprise for the Client as Callbox produced 96 Appointments just halfway through the campaign period (middle of the second month of a 3-month campaign). Towards the end of the campaign, that number doubled to 192 Appointments, 72 of which were warm follow-ups.

The physiotherapy manufacturer leader thought they’ve had enough successes in the past and that they’ve ran the best marketing strategies in the business, but was in awe when the Callbox team pulled through with lofty results for the campaign. Their decision to partner up with the best in lead generation led them to an all-time high. Just goes to show how much proven expertise can make a difference.

Callbox Multi-Channel Marketing Program Aced Success for Neuro Testing Company

The Client

The Client is a group of academic clinicians and other professionals like engineers and researchers who develop advanced neurological disorders assessment tools, specifically for dementia, and have been in service for more than a decade now. Their product is a memory assessment software used by clinicians to test and analyze a dementia patient’s memory, which also provides recommendations and further medical steps to take based on results.

The Challenge

The Client launched its first neuro-assessment tool and subsequently released an improved version of the tool. The team mainly focused on widely researching and meticulously developing neurological assessment tools, and later on took the project to a higher level by making Android versions of it on different gadgets like smartphones and tablets.

The course was a success – the neuro-assessment software for dementia is accessible to clinicians anytime and anywhere, which enables them to work with accuracy through its real-time data tracking and updating features.

However, the team went amiss on one thing – the marketing aspect of the project which bore the following challenges:

  • The long periods of research studies and software tool development took most of their attention which somehow, unconsciously snatched ample time to plan on how the tool should be strategically introduced to their target market.
  • The Client had an existing marketing staff but with skills limited to traditional marketing of going from clinic to clinic to present the product.
  • Competitors emerged fast in the market and the Client was running against them and against time – there weren’t appropriate resources or tools to use to expedite product sales and marketing.

The Client had little confidence in their ability to garner enough marketing attention for the project. And there being very little time left to roll out a well-thought marketing strategy, the Client decided, for the first time, to outsource their marketing initiatives.

The Callbox Solution

A decade of perfected marketing strategies – is the pride and inspiration that drives Callbox to serve its countless global clients with tailored, world-class sales and marketing solutions based on their business needs and goals.

In this campaign, the Client straightforwardly stated their need for targeted qualified leads as the pressure on keeping up or getting ahead of the race was urgent: Hot Transfers as priority leads and Face to Face or Phone Appointments as secondary options. Callbox was more than ready for the challenge.

A Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Marketing program was employed which included the following activities:

  • Data Validity Check via Email Copies – with the use of the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, target prospects’ contact information like email addresses were validated by sending out initial email copies that contained short product information and CTAs that would compel recipients to answer by replying, clicking links to Q&As or visit the Client’s website.
  • Lead Generation/Appointment Setting – validated contacts were called for two reasons: to be profiled and hot-transferred to the Client’s lead specialists for possible product demonstration. Those who did not agree to be transferred were offered an office appointment, with a phone appointment as a final option.
  • Activate Web, Social and Mobile Network Access – the email copies sent to target prospects contained links that led to: the Client’s website and a landing page that contained “ask us” box where prospects may ask questions and “contact me” box where prospects may share their contact information if they agree to be contacted by the Client.


Out of the 4,500 contacts, 3,375 (75%) were validated to have opened, clicked links or visited the Client’s website, and completely profiled: prospects’ names, clinic addresses, active phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and SIC codes.

The 3,375 were called which produced a total of 45 Hot Transfers and 21 phone appointments – a huge leap of 75% increase in leads from the Client’s previous average of 16 leads.

The impressive number of leads and appointments was just a part of the Client’s acknowledged success on the campaign ran by Calbox, the other fraction being that the long periods spent on research and development of the neuro assessment tool did not go to waste with the quality of leads generated by the Callbox team. Furthermore, the seamless Callbox workflow of completely profiling all validated contacts for the Client’s in-house marketing team produced leads they are currently nurturing for future conversion.

But for the Client, the cake-topper was the exuberance of seeing results that clearly put them ahead of the competition.

Callbox Passes Diagnostic Test with Flying Colors

The Client

Incorporated in 2002, The Client is a National O.E.M. and distributor of in-vitro diagnostic products, selling 2 million drug tests annually and growing into one of the largest distributors of rapid on-site drug tests in the United States. The Client’s goal is to help its target market maintain drug-free environments for its constituencies (employees, staff, clients, members, contractors, or students.) They carry a large inventory of products including the following drug testing kits: all-In-one kit/cups, quick-dip kits, pipette tests, and oral kits. The Client also carries test kits measuring breath alcohol levels, saliva alcohol levels, nicotine levels, and adulterants.

The Challenge

In line with its primary goal to provide high quality drug testing products with outstanding service at affordable prices, the company sought the assistance of a business solutions partner to be able to reach and capture a chunk of the market shared with competitors.

The Client’s main competitor is an established company known for its very affordable prices. In fact, it is widely known as the cheapest among the Client’s several competitors. The Client needed to market its products with emphasis on quality and bulk discounts, as this is its identified pricing strength.

The Client recognized some inadequacy in its sales and marketing strategies, and saw the need for a contact solution to support its growth and sales objectives.

The Callbox Solution

The Client partnered with Callbox to obtain a solution that helped them gain advantage against competitors, with the end goal of increasing their sales volume.

Callbox launched a lead generation campaign in order to gather qualified business prospects for the client. To be considered qualified, these prospects had to conduct 50 or more on-site drug tests per day. Calls made to these prospects involved inquiries as to the need for drug testing kits, drugs covered, type of kits used, number of kits required and an offer of free kit samples.

Keeping in mind the Client’s objective which was call quality rather than call volume, a Callbox agent made 80-100 calls per day with a quota of 4 successful calls per day, totaling 20 leads per week and 80 leads per month.


  • Successful calls made by Callbox – The Client management has been vocal in their appreciation of having 90% of the leads generated convert to closed deals. Clearly, the introduction of the broad scope of products that the Client offers and increased customer acquisition was achieved as a result of Callbox’s lead generation program.
  • The need for the Client’s in-house sales reps went down from 4 to 2 during the campaign as the sales reps only needed to follow-up the fresh leads provided by Callbox instead of actually initiating the sales calls.
  • Company owner was so pleased with the results of the campaign that he invited the Callbox agent handling the account to visit their California office for an intensive week-long training to further improve the effectivity of the campaign. Callbox takes pride in the ability of its people to deliver.