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High-Growth SaaS Startup Boosts Momentum with Callbox Campaign


High-Growth SaaS Startup Boosts Momentum with Callbox Campaign


The Client is a Singapore-based software-asa-service (SaaS) company that develops and offers a transportation operations management platform primarily for SMEs in Southeast Asia. Its subscription-based cloud service provides collaborative planning, route optimization, driver dispatch, and e-signing capabilities for fleet owners.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Transporters, Delivery Services, Courier Services, Movers/Moving Services, Field Services, Field Services


The Client helps SMEs better manage their fleet of land transport vehicles with its cloud-based logistics operations platform. The platform automates many of the challenges that businesses face in their logistics processes, such as handling job orders, tracking vehicles, allocating routes, planning schedules, and dispatching drivers.

Founded in 2012, the Client has experienced strong growth over the last three years, with annual revenues increasing 350% year-on-year. The company says around 100 organizations (including some Fortune 500 brands) across Southeast Asia now regularly use its system to process nearly 1 million delivery and pickup tasks.

After raising its seed round, the Client rapidly expanded its user base in Singapore and also gained additional subscribers in different locations across Southeast Asia. As part of its medium-term growth outlook, the company planned to increase its market share in Singapore and Malaysia, before focusing on Indonesia and other markets in the region.

With less than 50 employees (most of whom doing engineering roles), it was clear the company needed outside help in several business areas to let the company reach and sustain its revenue growth objectives. In particular, the Client wanted to outsource the time-consuming activities of researching potential customers and contacting them one by one for a sales appointment, which typically took up almost two-thirds of their reps’ time.

  • Launched an integrated appointment setting campaign for a logistics SaaS startup that targeted SG and MY SMEs
  • Helped the Client sustain its years-long high-growth performance
  • Provided the Client with enough pipeline boost to meet a key business milestone



The Client chose Callbox as its outsourced marketing partner, citing that Callbox’s extensive experience running successful campaigns for both cloud companies and logistics service providers in the APAC region gave Callbox the needed domain knowledge to operate in the Client’s target market.

Callbox and the Client then drew up a campaign plan for a three-month appointment setting program with the following goals:

  • Pinpoint SMEs in Singapore and Malaysia that potentially need transport management systems (TMSs)
  • Connect with decision makers in these companies through targeted sales calls and emails
  • Introduce the Client’s subscription-based TMS and book meetings with interested prospects
  • Collect additional information to help the Client gauge product-market fit

Some key activities from the campaign include:


1. Callbox prepared the list of Singapore and Malaysia contacts based on the Client’s specifications (job titles, industries, annual revenue, and employee count).

2. The Client had already drafted its own call script and asked Callbox to review and contribute to the final version.

3. The Client wanted the Callbox team to prioritize setting office meetings for Singapore prospects and phone appointments for Malaysia contacts.

Email Marketing

1. The Callbox team prepared all email templates used in the campaign, including the initial outreach email and targeted email send-outs.

2. The campaign’s email specialists handled, tracked, and tested key email components, such as subject lines, copy, design, calls-to-action, and landing pages.

3. Email touches allowed the Callbox team to warm up and nurture prospects, as well as to follow up and respond to information requests.


The Client received a total of 55 qualified appointments from the three-month campaign.

The bulk of the three-month campaign’s activities were carried out during the closing quarter of 2017 and early January the following year. Since Callbox campaigns typically start with email outreach to gauge prospects’ readiness for a one-on-one sales call, the first 2 to 3 weeks saw mostly email marketing results:

  • Delivery rates between 96% to 98%
  • Open rates of up to 17%
  • Reply rates of 3.8% on average

The Callbox team started handing off appointments to the Client toward the end of the first month, and continued to deliver a steady supply of meetings throughout the remaining two months.

The Client received a total of 55 qualified appointments from the three-month campaign. While the Client did not indicate how much of these prospects are expected to convert into opportunities or customers, the company mentioned that the 55 qualified appointments provided significant boost to its pipeline to help it meet a crucial business milestone in time for its pre-series A funding round application.

Micro Market Provider Forecasts Pipeline Value Growth After Campaign


Micro Market Provider Forecasts Pipeline Value Growth After Campaign


The Client provides a comprehensive suite of food and beverage vending solutions for small- to- mid-sized businesses, including its proprietary line of self-service workplace micro markets. The company also offers a broad range of corporate dining and refreshment services, such as office coffee services as well as catering and pantry services.

Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Wholesale and Retail, Finance, Professional Services


Workplace micro markets are fast becoming a more popular alternative to traditional office vending machines. Micro markets offer a healthier and more diverse selection of food, drinks, and snacks at companies where having a full-service cafeteria or kitchen isn’t an option. They provide businesses and employees better convenience, increased efficiency, and greater wellness benefits.

The Client is looking to capture a bigger slice of the growing demand for micro market solutions, particularly among mid-sized companies in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Its current (mostly inbound) marketing program generates an average of 10 appointments per month, of which 30% become salesqualified. The company’s sales team can close around 40% of these opportunities as new customers.

To achieve its expansion goals, the Client realizes it has to increase the flow of leads and appointments into its pipeline. That’s why the Client wants to complement its inbound marketing initiatives with targeted, outbound prospecting tactics.

But with its in-house marketing team and sales reps already facing hectic workloads, the Client understands it needs to outsource a good deal of top-of-funnel outbound marketing activities, such as prospect research and prequalification.


• Launched a highly successful integrated appointment setting campaign that leveraged both live phone conversations and email marketing
• Delivered appointments, leads, and sales intelligence to boost Client’s marketing efforts
• Increased Client’s pipeline in terms of number of opportunities and potential value


The Client partnered with Callbox after short-listing a number of third-party marketing agencies. The company says Callbox’s consultative approach at helping the Client narrow down its marketing needs, plus Callbox’s multichannel marketing philosophy, set it apart from the other candidates it was evaluating.

The Callbox team then closely worked with the Client to develop a campaign plan for a three-month pilot program. They agreed on a targeted appointment setting strategy that combined live phone conversations with email touch points in order to:

• Gauge the product fit and buying intent of potential customers for its micro market packages
• Book qualified prospects for a face-to-face meeting with the Client’s reps
• Collect additional prospect information to help the Client nurture leads and opportunities

The effort started out with a thorough analysis of the Client’s ideal customer profile. This consisted of companies operating in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area belonging to any of 8 two-digit SIC groups, with between 250 to 500 employees.

The Client also wanted to prioritize companies with at least 100 employees working at a single location in order for its self-service micro market kiosks to tap into sufficient foot traffic.


1. Callbox prepared the campaign call list based on the Client’s requirements. The Client also handed Callbox a list of Minneapolis-St. Paul companies that were already in the Client’s pipeline or its current customers.

2. Callbox also drafted the campaign call scripts which included probing questions tailored to achieve the three objectives outlined earlier.

3. Agents contacted key decision makers in the target companies and classified these prospects as qualified appointments (those who agreed to meet with a Client rep) or completed leads (those that indicate interest in micro market offerings).

1. The campaign leveraged targeted emails in order to warm prospects up, send out marketing materials, and follow up on previous touch points.

2. The campaign team’s email specialists crafted personalized email templates and tested each email component (subject lines, email copy, sending schedules, landing page, etc.) to achieve optimal response rates.

3. The Client received real-time campaign updates and helped plan email marketing cadence using Callbox’s Pipeline CRM tool.


The pilot campaign ran for a total of 66 days (22 days per month) and met all its objectives. As with most Callbox multi-touch, multi-channel appointment setting projects, the campaign’s initial phase was spent warming up contacts and refining campaign targets through email outreach, which produced engagement results in line or better than industry benchmarks: delivery rates of up to 98%, open rates of up to 32.8%, and Click-through Rates of up to 13%.

These early touch points paved the way for conversions (booked appointments and completed leads) to start trickling in after the campaign’s third week. Broken down by month, the results of the appointment setting activities are:

• 1st Month: 11 qualified appointments, 17 completed leads
• 2nd Month: 29 qualified appointments, 47 completed leads
• 3rd Month: 41 qualified appointments, 39 completed leads

Using the Client’s current funnel metrics, the 81 qualified appointments potentially translate into an additional 24 new sales-qualified leads, which in turn can be converted into 10 new customers. With an average deal size of $5,000 per month, the Client is looking at an increase of $600,000 in annual sales from the pilot campaign.

Outbound Campaign Fast-tracks Inbound Results for Business Travel Platform


Outbound Campaign Fast-tracks Inbound Results for Business Travel Platform


The Client is the corporate travel management arm of a leading online travel agency. the company provides end-to-end business travel solutions tailored for every stage in the travel cycle. Its primary products and services include its flagship online booking platform, a full suite of travel management and reporting tools, and personalized account management and consulting.


Shortly before first contacting Callbox, the Client was in the middle of a key strategic refocus that aimed to expand the company’s footprint in the growing SME business travel segment. The Client had already developed specific packages and solutions tailored for small and medium-sized companies’ needs and was looking to acquire more SME accounts.

To help drive awareness and generate interest in its SME-focused offerings, the company launched a number of lead generation initiatives that included publishing a comprehensive whitepaper on creating and deploying a company travel policy.

The Client wanted to reach new prospects with this content asset but encountered mixed results with the distribution and promotion tactics they were using (which mostly consisted of inbound channels like SEO, social media, and online promotion).

Downloads average 6 per week (although this went up as high as 11 in the first full week after publication) and marketing-qualified lead (MQL) conversion rates didn’t meet the Client’s targets.

After considering other options for distributing the whitepaper, the Client decided to include outbound channels in its content promotion mix. But, having no outbound expertise of its own, the Client began looking for a third-party lead generation vendor to handle the outbound portion of the campaign.


• Launched a targeted, integrated lead generation campaign to promote a key content asset and qualify prospects
• Doubled the number of whitepaper downloads and increased the content’s conversion rate
• Increased the volume and quality of MQLs in the Client’s pipeline


The Client chose Callbox after a thorough evaluation process, pointing out that Callbox’s multi-channel approach at lead generation and prospecting best met their goals. The Callbox team then prepared a campaign plan for a 3-month lead generation program with the following objectives:

• Increase the number of hand-raisers from its whitepaper
• Qualify prospects based on their ability to influence business travel decisions
• Collect key information to profile each prospect

The campaign carried out direct, targeted outreach through live conversations with the target prospects enhanced through email, social media, and online channels. The decision makers included HR directors, HR managers, CFOs, finance directors, administrative managers, CEOs, and other persons in charge of expense management/ procurement from companies all over the U.S. with annual revenues not exceeding $10 million.

1. Callbox prepared all materials used in the campaign. These were reviewed and approved by the Client. The materials included the campaign contact list, call scripts, email templates, and landing pages.
2. Calling agents engaged the target prospects through one-on-one conversations which served to promote the whitepaper and to qualify the leads.
3. The campaign used emails to add another layer of touch points for distributing the whitepaper, as well as leveraged the LinkedIn platform to increase reach and visibility.


The targeted lead generation campaign ran for a total of 66 days (22 days per month). As with most of Callbox’s multi-touch, multi-channel lead generation projects, leads only began trickling in after the first two weeks of the campaign. That’s because the campaign’s opening phase focused on initiating contact and nurturing prospects through email which maintained open rates of 32.2% and click-through rates of 9.7%.

Broken down by month, the lead
generation activities produced the
following results:

The company travel policy whitepaper was downloaded a total of 189 times during the three-month campaign period, which gave a weekly average of nearly 16 downloads (or twice the pre-campaign rate). The Client also mentioned that 80% of the 109 leads (or 88 leads) were already MQLs.

Callbox Taps Ontario Auto Dealership Market for IT Sales Opportunities


Callbox Taps Ontario Auto Dealership Market for IT Sales Opportunities


The Client provides CRM, website, and digital solutions for automobile dealerships. The company works with dealers of all sizes that are looking to optimize their customer-facing, back office, and IT workflows. The Client operates out of Ontario and primarily sells to dealerships representing major automotive brands all over the province.


The Client specializes in IT solutions for automotive dealerships designed to streamline sales, marketing, and customer support processes. These solutions include end-to-end ecommerce portal, reputation management services, lead generation services, website conversion optimization tools, and fully integrated CRM platform. The Client targets both franchised and independent dealerships throughout the province of Ontario.

In order to sell to this market, the Client employs a small sales team that performs both marketing and sales responsibilities. The team assigns prospecting activities to an inside sales rep who carries out much of the research and initial contact.

Meanwhile, in-person and phone follow-ups are delegated to the rest of the team. The company’s average sales cycle ranges between 3 to 6 months.

The Client already does business with a sizeable number of dealerships primarily in the Greater Toronto Area and other regions in the province. The company wants to expand its reach into other Ontario locations.

To achieve its growth objectives, the Client thinks it needs to outsource part of its marketing efforts, particularly lead generation and appointment setting, so that their sales team can focus on nurturing and follow-up.


• Successfully set high quality leads within the Ontario automotive dealership market
• Helped the Client streamline its own marketing and sales workflow by taking over prospecting activities
• Laid the groundwork for further nurturing and future opportunities through enriched prospect information and enhanced LinkedIn presence


The Client partnered with Callbox after a thorough vendor selection process, citing Callbox’s long-term experience in complex-sale IT solutions as the main deciding factor. Callbox then developed a 3-month multi-touch, multichannel appointment setting program that would perform much of the prospecting work currently done by the Client’’s sales team.

The campaign plan consists of targeted one-on-one outreach with CIOs, IT managers, and IT directors from auto dealerships in Ontario (except those located in Ottawa), via live conversations enhanced with email and social media touch points.


1. The Callbox team compiled the list of prospects to be targeted in the campaign based on the Client’s specifications as well as analysis of its ideal customer profile.

2. The Callbox team also prepared the call script which included probing questions to qualify the prospect and set a follow-up meeting. The team closely consulted with the Client for review and approval of the script.

3. Contacts who agreed to a scheduled face-to-face or phone meeting with a Client’s rep were labeled as qualified appointments.

1. The Callbox team crafted and tested two email templates used in the campaign: the introduction email (which warmed up prospects for upcoming campaign touchpoints) and targeted send-out emails (which were sent in response to requests for information).

2. The campaign team followed email marketing best practices, such as segmentation and personalization using various attributes for each target auto dealer and prospect.

3. The campaign’s email specialists handled prompt response and other actions based on prospects’ activity.

1. The team used LinkedIn to engage positive contacts from the call and email channels.

2. The Callbox team also enhanced prospect information by appending data gathered from contacts’ LinkedIn profiles and activity.

3. The team’s social media specialist performed tasks such as joining groups, handling InMails, building new connections, and other activities to boost the Client’s visibility and branding on the platform.


The three-month (66-day) appointment setting campaign helped the Client increased the number of sales appointments in its pipeline. As is typical for Callbox’s multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns, most of these appointments were recorded only after the first two weeks. During the campaign’s opening phase, the Callbox team focused on the email outreach and LinkedIn activities. For the entire campaign, the team was able to generate the following social media results:

• Connections made: 173
• Groups joined: 173
• InMails received: 32

A monthly breakdown of results from the appointment setting activities is as follows:

• 1st month: 24 qualified appointments
• 2nd month: 16 qualified appointments
• 3rd month: 17 qualified appointments

By the end of the campaign, the Callbox team handed off a total of 57 qualified appointments to the Client’s reps. The Client estimates that 80% of these will become sales qualified leads (SQLs) and, based on past sales performance, the reps can close about half to around two-thirds of SQLs. That means the Client can potentially close 23 to 30 new auto dealerships from this campaign in the next six months.

HK-Based Industrial Supplier Widens Market Lead with Callbox’s Help


HK-Based Industrial Supplier Widens Market Lead with Callbox’s Help



The Client manufactures and distributes industrial supplies such as decorative stainless steel sheets and other ornamental products used in interior fit-out projects. The company’s headquarters is located in Hong Kong, and it carries out the bulk of its manufacturing operations in Guangzhou, China.

Roofing, Siding, and Sheet Metal Work; Fabricated Structural Metal Products; Miscellaneous Structural Metal Work; Elevators and Moving Stairways; Architectural Services; Building Construction, General Contractors, Operative Builders


Since 1988, the Client has been providing custom decorative building materials throughout Southeast Asia and Australia. Its products include colored stainless steel, decorative glass films, elevator decoration modules, and stainless steel fabrication. The company primarily sells to architects, designers, contractors, property developers, construction suppliers, and other industrial vendors in the region.

The Client says it relies on two key advantages to attract customers and set its products apart from competitors:

1. First is its broad sales and service network across the region, which enables prompt supply and delivery.

2. Second, the Client focuses on design customizability, so that products are tailor-made according to each customer’s specifications.

Before the campaign, the Client’s sales development model placed much of the prospecting and lead qualification burden on sales reps.

Sales was responsible for finding potential customers and booking introductory appointments with prospects, without much in the way of prior screening. Under this setup, the Client estimated that reps were spending less than a third of their time actually talking to prospects, which dragged down both sales productivity and the quality of the customer’s buying experience.

Accordingly, the company has been planning to reassign lead generation and appointment setting responsibilities to its marketing team, but this department is mostly staffed by creatives who are already on tight schedules churning out product materials and sales collaterals.

It was clear that the Client needed to outsource prospecting and lead qualification. But since the company was selling highly-customized products across different geographic markets, the Client wanted to partner with an agency that had both industry knowledge and regional experience.


• Completed successful appointment setting campaign that targeted prospects from key industries in six different APAC countries
• Helped the Client increase sales productivity by taking over most of its reps’ prospecting responsibilities time window
• Provided the Client with sales intelligence to make conversations with potential customers more relevant and personalized


After a thorough selection process, the Client chose Callbox as its outsourcing partner. Callbox had an extensive project portfolio of APAC campaigns carried out on behalf of manufacturers and industrial suppliers, including campaigns that covered the Client’s target countries.

Callbox and the Client worked out a three-month appointment setting campaign with the main goal of handing off qualified leads and appointments to the Client’s sales teams based in Australia, the Philippines, and Singapore.


1. Callbox compiled the campaign contact list based on the location, SIC codes, job titles, and annual revenues specified by the Client.

2. The call script introduced the Client’s decorative steel sheet products, and included probing questions that determined fit and need.

3. Contacts who agreed to a face-to-face or a phone meeting were handed off as qualified appointments. The Callbox team also identified and updated key decision makers and other prospect information.

1. The Callbox team prepared cold email templates that served as initial touch points before reaching out to prospects via phone.

2. The campaign also used targeted send-outs to distribute other marketing materials to contacts who wanted to know more about the Client’s products.

3. Email automation schemes were created using the Lead Nurture tool, Callbox Pipeline’s built-in drag-and-drop marketing automation platform.


The campaign ran for a total of three months (or 66 business days), with the first two months focusing on prospects in Australia, the Philippines and Singapore. During the third month, the campaign widened the target areas to include Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Because Callbox follows a multi-touch, multi-channel appointment setting strategy, the first couple of weeks in this campaign are spent introducing the Client and warming up promising contacts through emails. Most appointments are generated after this initial phase, as shown in the monthly breakdown below (although the early outreach stage is repeated during the third month for the prospects in the additional target areas):

  • Month 1: 14 qualified appointments
  • Month 2: 22 qualified appointments
  • Month 3: 12 qualified appointments

With the Client’s reps spending more time talking to qualified prospects, the company believes it can increase its lead-to-opportunity rate to 75% and its opportunity-to-close rate to 50%. Using these benchmarks, the Client expects to potentially convert 18 of the Callbox-generated appointments into new customers this year.

Telecom Firm’s Campaign Enters Next Phase, Grows Reach in New Segments


Telecom Firm’s Campaign Enters Next Phase, Grows Reach in New Segments



The Client is the satellite communications unit of one of Asia’s largest telecom groups. The company specializes in both fixed and mobile satellite services, providing customized satellite solutions to corporate customers in industries such as oil and gas, shipping, transportation and logistics, banking, and broadcast.

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China, United Kingdom, Germany and Greece


The Client currently has an ongoing appointment setting project with Callbox. As part of its 2018 marketing goals, the Client wants to double down on maritime satellite opportunities in Asia, as well as tap into additional EMEA markets.

This leg of the campaign focuses on the Client’s two Inmarsat Fleet One offerings. Inmarsat Fleet One Coastal covers data and voice services for smaller recreational and fishing boats sailing closer to shore, while Inmarsat Fleet One Global gives access to bundled data and voice anywhere in the world. Both solutions are ideal for commercial vessels and fleets with modest data requirements.

In the previous campaign phases, the emphasis was on potential resellers and end users of the Client’s land satellite services. Both the Client and the Callbox team picked up a great deal of insights about the target prospects and the overall market, which proved useful in refining the team’s campaign approach and the Client’s marketing strategy.

This time, as the focus shifts to maritime satellite communications, the new campaign’s main objective is to identify and qualify potential subscribers for its bundled Inmarsat services from shipping and maritime companies.

  • Completed second phase of long-term appointment setting program with one of Asia’s largest telecom groups
  • Laid groundwork for Client’s expansion into new maritime satellite markets in Asia and EMEA
  • Maintained an average of 12 appointments each month and an SQL to MQL ratio of more than 90%



The new campaign phase marks the 15th month of the Client’s partnership with Callbox. The Client says Callbox has become a key force multiplier of its marketing initiatives, greatly expanding the company’s reach and scope with multi-channel prospecting and research capabilities.

The updated plan consists of database profiling and phone-based conversations with prospects integrated with email touches.

1. The Client provided an in-house list of contacts to be profiled and refined by the Callbox team.

2. The targets include shipping and maritime companies in Asian and EMEA countries not directly covered by Inmarsat and VSAT.

3. The Callbox team used primary and desk research methods to verify and update each record, as well as added new contacts that match the target prospect profile.


1. The Client reviewed and approved all materials used in the campaign, including call scripts, email templates, and the profiled list.

2. Agents engaged prospects through live conversations in order to gauge solution fit (whether they require broadband aboard their ships and how much data they need), as well as to book them for a phone appointment with a rep from the Client.

3. The Callbox team used emails to initiate contact and respond to requests for further information.


The Client labeled a total of 245 prospects as SQLs, which represented over 90% of the 272 qualified appointments handed off.

The campaign ran from mid-January to August, representing seven months of appointment setting activities. Overall, the campaign delivered a total of 96 qualified appointments, of which 86 were accepted by the Client as sales-qualified leads (SQLs).

Taking into account the results from the first phase of Callbox’s appointment setting program with the Client (carried out from September 2016 to January 2018), both phases delivered a total of 272 qualified appointments. From these, the Client labeled a total of 245 prospects as SQLs, which represented over 90% of the appointments handed off.
These results also showed that the Callbox team was able to consistently deliver an average of 12 appointments each month, which exceeded the Client’s target of 10 monthly appointments.

Callbox Keeps EMR Firm’s Sales Reps Busy with Qualified Appointments


Callbox Keeps EMR Firm’s Sales Reps Busy with Qualified Appointments



The Client is a medical software company that specializes in emergency department (ED) information systems. The company’s primary product line is its flagship best-in-class ED medical record application widely used by healthcare facilities in the U.S. and Canada to improve patient care quality and operational efficiency.


The Client sells its trademark high-performance ED software system to hospitals all over the United States and Canada. The browser-based application helps improve ED performance with a full suite of operational and management tools. It also provides interoperability with the hospital’s EMR and other healthcare information systems involved in the patient’s care.

The company’s main product enjoys significant brand equity, but as competition continues to tighten in the medical software space, the Client has adopted a more aggressive growth strategy.

This recent shift is starting to overstretch the company’s marketing and sales resources. Their inside sales team has consistently been unable to meet the new prospecting targets, especially in terms of call volumes, number of prospects reached, and early-stage conversions. The new strategy also reveals gaps in the Client’s marketing data, with record counts often falling short of campaign requirements.

That’s why the company wants to outsource the bulk of its prospecting activities to a third-party agency. These activities include initial outreach, lead qualification, desk research, data validation, and appointment setting.

The Client, however, requires a marketing partner that can seamlessly become part of its sales process. In particular, the company wants to hire a provider with deep domain knowledge of healthcare information systems in order to engage prospects better.


• Handled the bulk of
prospecting activities for widely-recognized medical software provider
• Exceeded Client’s expectations in terms of quantity and quality of appointments delivered, leading to long-term contract renewal
• Combined phone, email, and social media in a fully-integrated, highly-targeted
B2B campaign



Callbox’s industry-specific, integrated appointment setting solutions placed it on top of the Client’s shortlist. But it was Callbox’s lengthy track record of launching successful campaigns for medical software companies that convinced the Client to choose Callbox as its marketing partner.

The Client originally signed up for a monthly appointment setting contract, but after four months opted for a full-year campaign, as the project consistently exceeded requirements in terms of quantity and quality of appointments. The campaign covered prospecting activities the Client wanted to farm out, including:


1. Callbox compiled and profiled the campaign contact list using the parameters specified by the Client.
2. The Callbox team also prepared the call script which included probing questions to qualify the prospect and set a follow-up meeting.
3. Contacts who agreed to a scheduled phone meeting with a Client’s rep were labeled as qualified appointments.

1. The Callbox team created and tested two email templates to be used in the campaign: the intro email and the targeted send-out.
2. The intro email primed prospects for upcoming campaign touch points.
3. The template for targeted send-outs was used to distribute other marketing collaterals from the Client.

1. As part of Callbox’s multi-channel approach, the team engaged positive contacts by connecting with them on LinkedIn.
2. The campaign also relied on prospect information collected and verified using LinkedIn.
3. LinkedIn also served as a tool to increase the Client’s online visibility and brand.


The campaign has now completed a total of four months’ worth of appointment setting activities and is currently in its 5th month.

Callbox’s multi-touch, multi-channel appointment setting programs typically devote the first couple of weeks to warming up and nurturing prospects. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see the opening two or so weeks generate mainly email or social media results:

Email reply rate: 3.77%
Email conversions: 7
Linkedin connections: 234
Linkedin groups: 15

It’s only after the first couple of weeks that the campaign generated appointments in earnest, as shown below

The campaign has so far delivered a total of 91 qualified appointments. While the Client hasn’t disclosed how many of these meetings their reps can send proposals to or how many they expect to turn into customers, the Client is very impressed with both the quantity and quality of appointments generated. In fact, the Client has recently signed a full-year contract with Callbox

Cloud Consulting Firm’s Sales Outlook Drifts Higher with Callbox


Cloud Consulting Firm’s Sales Outlook Drifts Higher with Callbox


The Client provides industry-specific implementation, training, and consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Its target accounts include medium- to large-sized business in North America and the Caribbean. The Client is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner.

• Manufacturing
• Distribution
• Professional Services
• Microsoft Dynamic Users


The Client’s core mission is to help companies implement and optimize Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM applications. It sells its services primarily to large- and mid-sized businesses in verticals such as distribution, manufacturing, and professional services.

The company recently refocused its marketing initiatives toward growing the customer base for its three industry-specific modules: industrial, professional services, and AX users. Part of its new customer acquisition strategy called for targeting prospects throughout the U.S via outbound channels.

Being a small company (with only 35 employees), the Client clearly needed some outside help carrying out many of its marketing activities. Past experience has taught the company that its small team of in-house sales reps was best deployed following up qualified leads and nurturing opportunities, instead of spending a great deal of their time prospecting.

Once the company finalized its requirements, the Client began looking for a potential outsourcing partner that could:

1. Identify accounts that fit the target customer profile for each of the Client’s three modules
2. Qualify contacts for each identified account by gauging purchase intent and solution fit
3. Collect additional prospect information to be used by its in-house reps


• Completed a 6-month US-wide appointment setting project for a leading enterprise cloud consulting firm

• Generated high-value sales appointments for conversion within the next 12 months

• Increased prospect quantity and quality by combining phone calls with emails and social media


The Client chose Callbox at the suggestion of one of its partner IT companies. The Client pointed out that Callbox’s marketing experience in the enterprise cloud space was a deciding factor.

Callbox then put together a 6-month appointment setting program consisting of six monthly campaigns. Each campaign focused on a specific segment for the company’s three main modules. The entire project made use of live phone outreach integrated with email and social media activities.


1. Callbox compiled the list of target prospects from companies that meet the Client’s requirements for industry, location, and annual sales.

2. Contacts whose organizations are currently evaluating their ERP or CRM software and are looking to acquire a new platform within the next 12 months are tagged as qualified prospects (qualified appointments or completed leads).

3. Probing questions for solution fit uncover information on software usage, business pain points, buyer role, etc.

1. The Callbox team used emails for warming up/ nurturing prospects and for distributing Client materials.
2. Callbox’s SMART Calling technology prioritizes calls based on time and frequency of email opens, clicks, and replies.
3. Callbox also prepared and optimized all email marketing  collaterals (templates, landing pages, etc.) used in the campaign.

1. The Callbox team nurtured positive contacts further by connecting with them on LinkedIn.
2. The campaign’s social media specialists used LinkedIn to collect and verify prospect data, as well as to generate additional leads.
3. The team also leveraged LinkedIn to boost the company’s online presence by joining and participating in relevant groups.


The six campaigns ran for a total of six months. In each of the campaigns, a good part of the first half was spent warming up prospects and doing research. This meant that much of the initial campaign activities focused on email marketing and social media. For the entire project, emails and LinkedIn produced the following results:

• Email delivery rate: 99.4%
• Email open rate: Up to 38.3%
• Email reply rate: Up to 5.13%
• LinkedIn connections: 1,492
• LinkedIn groups: 144
• LinkedIn leads: 6

Live conversations with prospects generated the following results:

• 21 qualified appointments
• 2 completed leads

Most of these results were recorded during the closing stages of each campaign. The Client says that all 21 appointments meet their sales criteria, so they expect to convert around half (or 11) of these prospects within the next 6 to 12 months.

LED Lighting Firm Renews Callbox Campaign, Wins Sales Deal in 2 Months

LED Lighting Firm Renews Callbox Campaign, Wins Sales Deal in 2 Months

  • 43 Qualified Appointments

  • 1 Closed Deal

  • 29 Completed Leads

  • Industry


  • Location


  • Headquarters


  • Campaign Type

    Appointment Setting

  • Target Location


  • Target Industries

    School Districts, Hospitals, Retail, Manufacturing

The Client

The Client is the LED Lighting division of a Kentucky-based vendor-sourcing company. As one of the largest fully-integrated LED companies in the U.S., the Client develops and executes end-to-end LED lighting solutions for businesses, deploying complete teams of lighting architects, engineers, project managers, and electricians.

The Challenge

Because of conversion cycles that span several months, the Client devotes much of the funnel to nurturing leads and opportunities. That’s why the Client traditionally outsources top-of-funnel prospecting activities to third-party agencies.

In fact, the Client’s parent company has already worked with Callbox in a previous lead generation campaign that focused on its telecom vendor sourcing division. This time, the Client wants to partner with Callbox in order to:

  1. Generate qualified leads and appointments that fit the Client’s LED lighting options
  2. Collect marketing and sales intelligence useful in the nurturing process


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IT Security Provider Taps into APAC Markets with Callbox Campaign


IT Security Provider Taps into APAC Markets with Callbox Campaign


The Client is the China office of a U.S.-based company that provides security identity solutions. Its products include authentication and credential management appliances, biometric authentication solutions, card printers, smart card-based credentials, controllers, contactless credential encoders, OEM-embedded modules, and RFID tags.

AU: Leisure, Gym, Health and Fitness Clubs, Sports Clubs, Membership Organizations
Ph: BPO and Manufacturing


The Client is looking to capture a huge part of the growing demand for smart cards and personal identification applications in the APAC region. In particular, the company aims to grow sales of its card printers/encoders and its ID card design software suite.

In line with this, the Client’s strategy calls for targeting organizations that issue cards to employees or members in order to position its solutions as an alternative to legacy systems or other secure identity brands. The value proposition for its products and services revolves around flexibility, scalability, reliability, security, and affordability.

Currently, the Client focuses on two key markets: Australia and the Philippines. Its target companies in Australia include golf clubs, yacht clubs, sailing clubs, football clubs, rugby clubs, and other organizations with regular members. For the Philippines, the Client wants to reach out to manufacturing and BPO companies.

This year, the Client has been moving more toward outsourcing marketing activities in the awareness stage of its sales funnel. The company wants its in-house team to concentrate on nurturing and following up opportunities, while letting a third-party agency do much of the prospecting and lead generation heavy-lifting.

Aside from delivering cost savings and productivity gains, the Client requires its marketing partner to have deep familiarity with its target markets and must be able to effectively communicate its value proposition.

  • Carried out a successful appointment setting campaign for a leading IT security company
  • Met all campaign objectives by the end of the project
  • Delivered highly-qualified sales opportunities and actionable marketing intelligence

Campaign Results


The Client selected Callbox after a thorough evaluation process, citing Callbox’s proven track record of successfully managing campaigns for complex-sale IT products in the APAC region.

Representatives from the Client and Callbox then hammered out a campaign plan whose main goal was to engage prospects via live phone conversations enhanced with email and other channels. The primary focus of each touch point was to sell the benefits of the Client’s secure card printer/encoder and ID personalization uite in order to book an appointment with a rep from the Client.


1. Callbox prepared the contact list based on the Client’s specifications for each target market (Australia and the Philippines). The Client then approved the list before starting the campaign.

2. The Callbox team drafted separate call scripts for each target vertical (using relevant points from the Client’s value proposition). The scripts were sent to the Client for review.

3. Agents contacted prospects on the approved list. Prospects who agreed to a face-to-face meeting were tagged as qualified appointments or sales- qualified leads (SQLs), while those who showed interest by accepting a free whitepaper were tagged as completed leads or marketing-qualified leads (MQLs).


The campaign ran for 3 months and generated a total of 82 qualified appointments (SQLs) and 104 completed leads (MQLs). The bulk of these appointments and leads were produced during the latter half of the campaign, since much of the first half was spent warming up prospects and collecting additional information.

In addition to leads and appointments, the campaign also gathered vital marketing intelligence for the Client. The Callbox team uncovered which security identity brands were in use, prospects’ feedback on these brands, and reasons for sticking with the status quo.

Since the 82 appointments handed off by the Callbox team are highly qualified sales opportunities, the Client believes it can convert 20% to 30% (15 to 25) of these SQLs into customers within the next three months.

Big Tech Brand Reaps Rewards from Long-term Partnership with Callbox


Big Tech Brand Reaps Rewards from Long-term Partnership with Callbox


The Client distributes and markets a diverse portfolio of IT, industrial, construction, automotive, digital media, and consumer products. The company operates in seven Southeast Asian countries and is headquartered in Singapore.


Marketing in complex-sale verticals, such as IT and manufacturing, carries a special set of challenges. The conversion funnel is usually longer and nonlinear, and the process requires connecting with multiple decision-makers. That’s on top of the relatively steep learning curve needed to understand and communicate what the product or service brings.

For the Client, these form the basic requirements when teaming up with third-party agencies that handle part of their marketing programs. The company combines inbound efforts (mainly done in-house) with outbound tactics (mostly outsourced to providers). Prospecting and lead generation are the activities that the Client typically delegates to an outside marketing company.

The Client recently decided to look for a new marketing partner as part of its renewed focus on Southeast Asia. The company needed an outbound agency with the scope to help it cover new segments in its target areas ((Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), as well as the scale to generate prospects from companies in its target industries.

More importantly, the Client wanted a lead generation company they could work with on a long-term basis. This would accelerate deployment of campaigns and keep the messaging more consistent.


• Launched a long-term marketing partnership with one of Asia’s biggest tech brands

• Helped the Client reach event turnout targets

• Handed off high-potential sales appointments


The Client reviewed proposals sent by Callbox and two other marketing agencies. All three had considerable experience managing companies’ APAC campaigns, but Callbox was able to provide case studies and references showing projects with longer-term commitments. The Client placed a great deal of emphasis on this key differentiator and signed up with Callbox.

The project kicked off a few weeks before a company-sponsored event. The Callbox team worked closely with the Client to put together a call-to-invite campaign aimed at boosting turnout:

1. The event revolved around driving awareness and generating leads for its SAP services and solutions.

2. The target attendees mainly consisted of decision-makers in IT, Operations, and Finance from Singapore-based manufacturing firms. The Client wanted to focus on companies not using SAP Business One.

3. Once Client approved the call list and campaign materials, Callbox then launched a one-month (22-day) call-to-invite campaign.


The project’s next phases consist of different appointment setting campaigns. Each phase focused on a different ICT solution, target industry, and target area.

1. The project’s second full month focused on booking appointments for its SAP ERP consulting and integration services. The campaign’s targets were IT prospects from trading /distribution, medical devices, and discrete manufacturing companies in Singapore.

2. After that, the Callbox team carried out two simultaneous appointment setting campaigns. One campaign targeted Singapore, while the other focused on the Philippines. Both campaigns generated ICT infrastructure appointments from finance, legal, and healthcare companies.

3. The Client played an active role in refining each campaign’s parameters and in crafting thecampaign materials.


The project has so far completed one call-to-invite and three appointment setting campaigns. The 22-day call- to-invite campaign generated a total of 24 confirmed attendees and 35 positive contacts.

Each of the four appointment setting campaigns ran for a total of one month (22 days). Each campaign’s first 2 weeks were spent on testing and nurturing activities, so that most of the appointments trickled in during the second half of the month.

Callbox Ensured Success For Health Care Provider


Callbox Ensured Success For
Health Care Provider


The Client is a one-size fits all health insurance provider who is driven by 3 guiding principles: technology, data and design that continues to serve SMEs and the non-employed sector.


The Client is unique not because they are a major health insurance provider but because their target customers are those who can hardly afford to get a good health insurance package for themselves. The Client did not start the company just for business reasons but was inspired to revolutionize the health insurance platform based on their personal experience – the loss of loved ones due to high healthcare costs.

Competition was tough so the Client opted to employ a lead generation company that has the expertise and tools needed to reach their targets – Callbox.


• Callbox’s Customer Profiling campaign built a strong database for the Client

• Most active contacts were filtered via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool

• Callbox’s Smart Calling system factored in generating the most qualified prospects for the Client



1. The Client, although a startup in the healthcare industry, did not hesitate to explore all marketing strategies that would help them achieve their goals. Callbox helped them build a robust database

2. With the use of the Pipeline Lead Nurture tool, the Callbox team sent initial copies of the Client’s unique healthcare products and services.

3. The copies contained an overview of the Client’s company information, downloadable PDFs of products and services, and a query box that redirects to the Client’s inbox, for them to be answered immediately.

4. The Callbox team on the other hand, tracked and saved active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links and queries for follow-up calls.

5. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were updated upon speaking with the prospect.


1. The Callbox team utilized its in-house SMART Calling system which helped the calling agents reach the right prospects at the time.

2. The Client’s probing questions helped draw the prospects’ need for affordable healthcare packages.

3. Prospects who were both looking for fair cost health insurance and those currently in contract with other providers but in search of better offers were qualified as candidates for appointments.

4. In order to ensure a solid appointment, Callbox agents sent a calendar invite along with a short but specific email containing information about the Client’s products and services that are probable answers to the prospect’s identified issues. .


The first week of calling stored up much qualified contacts as the Customer Profiling campaign progressed which generated 5 office appointments. The following second and third weeks consecutively generated 6 and 8 appointments and 10 in the fourth week (3 of which were phone appointments), bringing a total of 29 appointments for the first month.

Weeks five to eight met a slight decline in the number of appointments with 25 office meetings and 2 phone meetings, 27 in total for the second month.

The final term however recouped more than what was lost in the second term, closing the campaign with a total of 37 appointments (32 office and 5 phone meetings).