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Callbox ABM Cleaned Up Prospecting Clutter for Commercial Cleaning Firm

The Client

The Client is an established privately-owned Australian cleaning company in Sydney that provides a vast array of one-stop commercial cleaning solutions and other property services to hundreds of clients in 170 sites nationwide.

The Challenge

Prior to working with Callbox, the Client had its own inside sales team tasked to generate leads and to close deals. 

But, performance reports showed that most of the leads were lowly convertible to sales, which means that the team’s primary strength is in closing sales, and prospecting was quite a challenge. 

This conclusion brought the Client to decide to outsource a lead generation campaign from a third-party provider that has rich experience in prospecting, and has sage tools and processes for generating qualifying high quality leads.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox designed an Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation Campaign which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management using Voice, Email, Chat, Web, Webinar, and Social Media
  • Sales Enablement & Support which included Team Training, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting, and Product Knowledge


  • The Callbox team was to generate high quality leads
  • Book appointments with interested prospects for the Client’s inside sales team


Callbox wrapped up the ABM Lead Generation & Appointment Setting with 87 Sales Qualified Leads, 85 Marketing Qualified Leads, and 356 Social Media Connections.

Leading Global Facilities Management Company Adopts Telemarketing after First Campaign with Callbox

The Client

The Client is an Australia-based privately-owned facilities management company with corporate headquarters in Saginaw, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois. It provides integrated facilities management services including mechanical, electrical, fire service, hydraulic, janitorial services, landscaping, and pest control.

As of 2014, the Client’s main company operates in six countries including the US, Canada, Australia, South Korea, India, and China, servicing over 300 million square feet of municipalities, schools, stadiums, offices, and various industrial and non-industrial facilities.

The Challenge

For many years, the Client had been relying on occasional email and inbound marketing efforts to generate sales opportunities. Despite its impressive portfolio of services, it often struggled to produce a sufficient number of sales leads to reach its production targets.

So, when the opportunity came up to evaluate other options for future growth, the Client knew their lead generation strategy had to change. Soon, it saw the potential in telemarketing. However, since it did not have the right toolset to implement a targeted cold calling campaign, it decided to take the outsourcing route for the first time, and ultimately chose Callbox.

The Client outlined its objectives:

  • To identify potential customers within its target market
  • To conduct a targeted telemarketing campaign to generate leads for its in-house sales team

The Callbox Solution

As per the Client’s requirement, Callbox focused on contacts within 60 kilometers of the central business districts of Dandenong and Melbourne in Victoria, and of Elizabeth in Southern Australia. The campaign specifically targeted commercial buildings, warehouses, and industrial facilities with a total floor area of at least 30,000 square meters.

Given the scope of its target market, Callbox immediately recognized the challenge of launching a targeted telemarketing campaign. It started off with an email blast, and utilized its in-house research team to manually profile, filter, segment, and qualify prospects against the Client’s criteria. Despite the staggering amount of work it required, Callbox was able to round-up its resources and get the calling campaign running in no time.

Finding prospects proved to be a real challenge, particularly with rented facilities. In this situation, there was simply no substitute for experience, and Callbox’s 10 years of expertise in telemarketing truly played out.


After the initial campaign, Callbox delivered three qualified sales leads which the Client followed up promptly. The Client re-contracted for a three-month telemarketing campaign yielding a total of 17 additional prospects, increasing the number of qualified sales leads to 20.

Pleased with the results, the Client endorsed Callbox to its mother company in the US, and hired another salesperson to keep up with the influx of new business opportunities.

Capturing Advertisers for Upscale Direct Mailer

The Client

The Client is a $50 million direct mail company delivering upscale prospects to advertisers of high-end products and services. They link people in upscale owner-occupied homes with the products and services they desire. The Client produces and mails decks of eye-catching, full-color, glossy postcards to this highly desirable, yet difficult-to-target, demographic.

Their decks reach approximately 11 million unique homes a year, an annual circulation of more than 44 million card pack impressions. More than 20,000 advertisers–from small regional businesses to large national companies–advertise through Client’s mailings.

Based in Tampa, FL, the Client has 78 franchisees in 125 markets. Its corporate offices employ 16 and approximately 270 people work for their franchises.

The Challenge

Despite its huge client base and nationwide coverage, the Client needed a partner to provide them with a steady flow of advertisers. More advertisers would mean keeping their mailings updated with the latest product and service options to affluent homeowners. With someone handling the search for advertisers, the Client could then speed up the sales cycle and focus their efforts on mailings.

The Callbox Solution

An Appointment Setting Campaign was launched to capture advertisers that catered to affluent homeowners.

Assessment and List Preparation

After consultations with the Client about their goals and identifying their target market, the Callbox team put their expertise to work starting with the preparation of the list of advertisers. Callbox tapped into its global database, which is home to highly targeted business contacts from all industries.

Majority of the Client’s advertisers provide home-improvement products and services, such as decorating, kitchen, closet, bath, fireplace, fencing, landscaping, lighting, maintenance, roofing, painting, wall covering, and flooring. Based on the criteria given, Callbox’s in-house research team produced a customized list for the Client.

Cold Calling and Appointment Setting

After uploading the Clients customized list of advertisers to Callbox’s Pipeline CRM, the script was prepared by Callbox. Callbox agents carefully studied this script in preparation for cold-calling.

Highly-trained to present products and services and competent to handle inquiries, Callbox agents successfully forwarded qualified sales leads to the Client. Upon advertiser request, agents also provided valuable additional information and walked them through the Client’s process, products, website and mailing schedules. Making over 200 calls per day, Callbox agents booked phone and face-to-face appointments one after the other and passed them to the Client’s sales team for closing.


Satisfied Client Refers Callbox to Over 15 Franchises

The first of the Client’s franchises that signed up for Callbox’s Appointment Setting service was based in San Antonio, Texas. After a successful campaign, word spread about Callbox’s appointment setting expertise, and as a result, more of the Client’s franchises followed suit. The Callbox clientele grew to over 15 franchises, all referred by their fellow franchises through word of mouth.

The Callbox team successfully captured the right advertisers for these franchises. The Client’s sales team had to do less cold calling and following up due to the support provided by Callbox. The Client was pleased with the Callbox teams performance and notes that 80 percent of its first-time advertisers re-signed for future mailings.

With more advertisers seeking a place in Client’s scheduled direct mailings, the Client now offers advertisers added value by posting their postcards on their company website, where consumers can search for specific services and print advertisers’ postcard offerings.

Today the Client remains the top direct mailer providing the highest quality services and products available. They currently mail to 11 million owner occupied homes across the nation in over one hundred major markets, and the list keeps growing.

Callbox Telemarketing Boosts Online Advertising

The Client

The Client is an evolving web advertising firm that provides creative, technical and search marketing services, comparable to that of world-renowned agencies, at an affordable price. Situated in Chicago, Illinois, the Client offers its customers a variety of interactive advertising avenues such as web design, Flash animation, off-the-shelf custom content management systems, and Search Engine Optimization. They have served companies of different sizes from several industries.

The Challenge

The Client wanted to increase business leads through telemarketing their service offering as traffic to their website does not provide them a steady business flow. The Client offers SEO to their own customers but felt they needed supplemental support in promoting the said service to a wider market and reach other business firms outside their own locality. The Client also needed to gather information on the companies who wish to take on their SEO service.

The Callbox Solution

For this particular campaign, the Client sought Callbox’s help in researching companies and firms that are in need of and will benefit from their SEO service. Callbox launched a lead generation and appointment setting campaign which included calling the prospects of companies included in the Client’s list of targeted industries. Companies found to be interested in the Client’s SEO service underwent a pre-qualifying process with a Callbox agent to determine if each prospect is the type of customer sought after by the Client. The pre-qualifying questions were formulated both by Client and Callbox.

Once determined to be a qualified sales lead, the prospect’s details were listed in the Client’s personal PipelineCRM account. The Client’s Account Sales Representative, then followed-up on the leads which were generated by Callbox and personally set appointments with the prospects.

The Results

The Callbox team successfully increased the Client’s customer share by providing a total of 87 sales-qualified leads and 106 marketing-qualified leads. The Client’s own team focused on closing business opportunities via setting appointments after Callbox qualified their prospects for them. Companies who availed of Client’s SEO service offering exponentially increased after the latter’s involvement with Callbox’s Lead Generation campaign. The Client is currently following-up on the business prospects which Callbox has provided them.

World-class Branding Consultancy Gets Marketing Boost with Callbox

The Client

The Client is the world’s largest brand consultancy with a network of 33 offices in 27 countries. Over the past 40 years, it has created and managed branding campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized brands including BMW, P&G, and McDonalds.

The Challenge

Part of the Client’s marketing strategy is conducting a series of events each year. One of those events was a free seminar workshop held in Singapore and Thailand, aimed at introducing its branding solutions to potential customers. To maximize the marketing value of this event, the Client looked for a marketing partner who could develop an effort that combined email and telemarketing to generate its desired number of registrations in a short span of time. The Client’s objective was two-fold:

  • To identify target contacts and send out email invites
  • To qualify prospects based on the Client’s pre-defined criteria

The Callbox Solution

Having worked with a number of big companies in Singapore and Thailand before, the Client had already compiled a database contacts which would be used in this campaign. The overall effort started in September 04, 2013 and involved two waves of marketing activity leading to the event.

The first was an email campaign to send out invitations containing details of the event, along with a short summary of the Client‘s profile and its services. Target contacts included C-level prospects from the top 200 local companies in Singapore and Thailand.

The second wave involved an outbound telemarketing outreach to qualify email respondents based on the Client’s qualification criteria. Qualified respondents were then forwarded to the Client’s team for confirmation and event registration. Callbox submitted weekly RSVP reports which allowed the Client to forecast the number of potential attendees and make adjustments to step up the campaign when necessary.


Both campaigns were successful not only in terms of quantity (number of leads generated), but more importantly, in quality. The email blast generated an impressive response rate that a week prior to the campaign’s completion, the Client contracted another agent from Callbox to assist with the calls. In 22 days, the campaign generated a total of:

  • 39 Qualified Leads
  • 30 confirmed RSVPs (a whopping 76% RSVP rate)

Speaking for a Network Management and Security Company

The Client

The Client is a privately held corporation and is a premier provider of IT management solutions for businesses. The firm’s diverse product line, offered in a wide variety of capacity and application-specific configurations, can be scaled to support virtually any corporate environment.

The Client’s customers span a wide range of industries, and include Fortune 500 global enterprises. Their customer base is Medium to Large Enterprise businesses with complex, heterogeneous IT environments with stringent uptime and performance requirements. Today, over 40 customers with more than 5,000 total locations rely upon their products.

The Challenge

With their infrastructure ready to safely accommodate “many more” clients, they want to markedly increase highly qualified interest in their IT products, to produce enough leads to “boost sales to the next level.”

The Callbox Solution

The Client consulted Callbox. After reviewing their sales and marketing operations, Callbox immediately proposed deploying the Appointment and Lead Generation Program to realize their goal. Callbox started with an “out of the box” telemarketing campaign that would generate qualified/potential leads and appointments for the client on a daily basis. This was done by locating prospects, profiling, identifying prospects, probing, qualifying targets, and pitching sales.

A script outline was developed which would serve as a guide for the agents to use in qualifying a prospect. It includes:

  • Introduction of the Client to the prospect, usually the IT or IP/Telephony Manager
  • Initial qualification of the prospect based on their interest in simplifying network and IT management including uptime objectives and hardware requirements.
  • Delivery of proper rebuttals when necessary
  • Callbox appointment setters then e-mail the Client’s marketing collateral and Statement of Qualifications to the prospect companies.
  • Appointments made with the qualified prospects are then delivered via Pipeline CRM, an online CRM tool developed by Callbox especially for clients with distributed offices and disparate territories to access their up-to-date sales pipeline. Managers can view the dashboard and sales pipeline of any sales agent, any region, or the whole campaign, at any time, from anywhere, and get an up-to-the- minute report on both closed sales and forecasting in any format [html, csv, pdf, xml].


The sales generated as a direct result of the Callbox campaign exceeded projected revenues. Engaging Callbox to set appointments and generate leads effectively increased ROI and decreased transaction costs. It eliminated unnecessary costs incurred by the sales and marketing department by freeing them from calling dead ends and meeting unqualified clients.

The Client enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Savings in time and money
  • Increased productivity of in-house sales force
  • Higher conversion rate as a result of improved lead quality

This case study is another success story showing that companies from various industries and strata benefit from Callbox’s target marketing to increase profitability and growth without sacrificing the quality of customer service.

Callbox: Successful Partnership with IT Heavyweight

The Client

The Client is a progressive internet and information technology company whose aim is to provide customers with the best range of products at the most competitive price. They offer domain name registration, web hosting, computer hardware, web design, computer networks and many more products to a large and diverse client base. They have clients from Global Fortune 50 companies to home users each getting the product and support they need to run their businesses. The Client also offers telecom services and SEO (search engine optimization). Their general offices are based in Dublin, Ireland.

For this marketing project, the Client targeted companies in the market for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to integrate all data and processes of the organization into a unified system.

The Client engaged the services of Callbox for the duration of 10 months.

The Challenge

The Client needed research on companies that had either current or future plans of ERP implementation. ERP system implementation is a complex process. Evaluation of the current company system and the actual tuning or upgrading takes a significant amount of time and depends on the size of the business, the scope of the change and willingness of the customer to take ownership of the project. A small project (e.g., a company of less than 100 staff) may be planned and delivered within 3 months; however, a large, multi-site or multi-country implementation may take years. Due to the complexity involved in the implementation, ERP is, without a doubt, expensive.

While the benefits it provides to a particular business, especially large scale ones, spark interest in improving or changing their current system, it is the length of time involved that often discourages companies from proceeding with ERP implementation, and this is the most common reason for the Client’s lost sales.

The Client therefore needed their current as well as prospect companies to understand that despite the fact that it is costly and involves a certain length of time, the benefits and advantages from the system will do much for their business in the medium and long term. With Callbox, the Client needed to generate and maintain the loyalty of existing customers but more importantly, find new ones.

The Client needed to identify companies that needed any of the following:

  • Upgrading
  • Systems performance tuning
  • Entire change of current software system

The Callbox Solution

Callbox’s team went to work:

Profiled prospects for Client’s software services, specifically ERP

Significant business intelligence was gathered via phone research. After discussing the goals of the campaign and obtaining a list of prospects or existing clients, this list was surveyed using questions developed jointly by the Client and Callbox’s experienced researchers. Responses were then analyzed and presented along with the raw data.

Implemented a lead generation program

  • Cold calling companies that needed upgrading, systems performance tuning or entire system overhaul
  • Callbox agents adeptly setting phone or office appointments with C-Level executives, accounting managers, IT managers, and controllers assuring Client of a steady stream of business opportunities.
  • Providing Client with Pipeline CRM, a private online customer relationship management calendar including lead tracking and sales pipeline


For the 10-month duration of the campaign, the Callbox team generated a total of 456 leads for the Client.

The Client expressed satisfaction with Callbox by deciding to continue the campaigns after a one quarter break to digest their full pipeline.

Callbox: Opening Communication Lines

The Client

The Client is a leader in the SMB marketplace for Business Phone Systems and Applications. Their services include the design and installation of structured cabling, equipment installation and maintenance, and voice and data networking, including LANs, WANs, routers, hubs, switches, firewalls, and high-speed internet access. Their expertise includes designing and installing cabling for everything from small offices to large, multiple site locations.

Business is headquartered in Lemont Illinois with branch offices in Santa Fe Springs and Sacramento in California. They provide IP-PBX systems, IP-enabled Systems, VoIP Phone Systems, VoIP solutions, VoIP Technology and traditional TDM systems. For carrier-based services, they offer T-1, ISDN-PRI T1, dedicated internet access, integrated voice and data T-1′s, DSL, and more. The Client strives to be a single-source solution for companies’ telephone, video, and data communication needs. The Client engaged the services of Callbox.

The Challenge

The Client’s objective was to see an increase in the number of its sales leads so that it could service more customers in the areas where its facilities were located. The Client has its own sales representatives for each county but they felt they needed supplemental support in searching for leads and wanted these leads forwarded to their in-house sales representatives for follow-up.

The Client searched for an outsourcing partner to help provide leads for its sales reps. Aside from this, the Client wanted to help their customers save on telecom bills by introducing and offering their affordable services as an alternative to other telecom providers.

The Callbox Solution

To achieve the Client’s objectives, Callbox carried out a lead generation and appointment setting campaign.

Taking its cue from the Client’s instructions, Callbox agents adeptly qualified leads and set appointments and forwarded these to the Client’s sales representatives. The 3-seater campaign focused on targeting small to medium sized businesses and a few large ones. No particular number of leads was required by the Client, so Callbox, equipped with research tools and a diligent team of agents, made calls and delivered leads according to the needs of the company.

The Callbox team made 160-200 calls per day for the Client. Callbox agents inquired about the current phone systems of target businesses, determined their level of contentment with their current telecom provider and asked them if they were interested in upgrading or adding features.


Callbox generated a total of 303 leads for the Client during the 8-month campaign. Each seat successfully generated 1-2 appointments per day, 25-30 appointments per month for Client’s sales team. The Client took a break in January 2007 to digest its full pipeline and resumed partnership with Callbox.

The Client ultimately profited from choosing Callbox as their outsource partner.

World’s Computer Giant Gets Even Bigger with Callbox

The Client

The Client is a global systems integrator and provider of end-to-end enterprise IT and software solutions. Its service portfolio includes strategic outsourcing, IT consulting, application management, training, small business services, asset recovery, and software services. It serves a huge client base in 170 countries with several business partners around the world.

The Challenge

The Client wanted to expand its market and open new accounts in the Asia-Pacific Region as well as in selected US cities. Not being satisfied with the performance of its previous telemarketing provider, they actively sought for a better lead generation carrier.

The Client had the following requirements for this campaign:

  1. Highly flexible, non-scripted telemarketing approach to fit the different needs of various sets of projects.
  2. Technically sound telemarketers to promote the Client’s software and IT products, and answer technical questions from prospects.
  3. Excellent lead generation and appointment setting skills to produce substantial business leads in a limited time.

Having raised the bar, and seeing Callbox’s previous experience in B2B lead generation for multi-level marketing campaigns, the Client greenlighted the partnership.

The Callbox Solution

A brief kick-off meeting was held where the Callbox agents were trained on how to present the Client’s offerings including fourteen different software and three hardware products. The Client instructed Callbox to generate a database of potential customers in the Asia Pacific and North America. To their amazement, Callbox had already prepared a comprehensive list of contacts from its own contacts database. With the entire team geared up, the calling campaign started without delay.

Customer Nurturing Campaigns

Callbox deployed three customer nurturing projects designed to identify and communicate with the Client’s business partners in Malaysia and in the US. For the first campaign, the Callbox team was tasked to introduce the Client’s reseller incentive programs, and promote their new products and services. It was followed by two more projects aimed to verify the contact details of the Client’s business partners and to update them on the new reseller certification courses offered by the Client through its continuing education program.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Campaigns

The next set of campaigns was a lead generation project launched to support the Client’s marketing team in the US and Asia-Pacific. One campaign was launched on behalf of its business partners in Singapore to market a back-up storage solution. Time was of the essence in this campaign, and Callbox was given three weeks to call prospects and deliver as many leads as it could generate. It was soon followed by a much bigger campaign aimed at generating sales leads for sixteen Client Business Partners in four countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the US). The density of the campaign was a huge challenge. Callbox submitted daily and weekly reports so that the Client’s salespeople could respond to new leads and appointments without delay. Lead distribution was facilitated through PipelineCRM, allowing the Client a real-time dashboard view of lead activity.


The five successive campaigns ran flawlessly for over a year, generating excellent results for the Client:

  • Callbox produced a total of five hundred qualified leads resulting in increased sales activity among the Client’s salespeople.
  • New accounts were opened adding significantly to the Client’s customer base.
  • Callbox was able to contact and work with the Client’s fifty business partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

Pleased with the competence, exactness, and success of Callbox’s performance the Client’s business partners often expressed satisfaction:

You are a great gun. Keep it up, mate. Good work. This team is good. The information provided and quality of leads is much, much better than what we had from two other options we had earlier. This is real call success rate. This team is giving similar results to what our own internal team was doing. Finally, we have something working.

I am pleased to say that the team has done a very good job of calling and generating leads for our organisation. I am sure we will have another round of campaigns with your team very, very soon. Loved the way your team works timely reports, timely information regards the leads, proper scripts. Good. Keep it up!! Best part is you understood what we are selling and devised your own process & ways to help us position & qualify a lead. Very Good.

Since then, the Client continued to renew contracts regularly and invited Callbox to take part in their annual ASEAN and NorthAm marketing plans.

Callbox Delivers Intelligent Solutions to Speed Up Market Access

The Client

The Client is a private company of internet marketers, web designers and developers, and web technology experts, providing a wide range of internet solutions to various internet-based companies. Its online business solutions include web design and applications development, internet marketing, project consulting, e-commerce, and interactive development.

The Challenge

Over the years, the Client was doing well with having an in-house team who did the prospecting and closing sales. Though their services were known to be first-rate in the industry, and repeat business was substantial, they realized that they were devoting too much of their limited time to prospecting.

After thorough planning and consultation, the Client decided to outsource, for the first time, and chose Callbox as a strategic enterprise partner.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox designed an Account-based Marketing Lead Generation & Appointment Setting campaign which consisted of:

  • Multi-Channel Lead Management via Voice, Email, Web, Chat and Social Media
  • Sales Enablement & Support that covered Training, Setup, and Back Office Sales Support
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRMs
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting and Product Knowledge

The Goals

  • The Callbox team was to contact potential customers using multiple marketing channels to broaden the Client’s market reach
  • Keep the contact list updated to ensure more lead conversions
  • Manage the Client’s social media account to heighten brand awareness

The campaign involved two key steps:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client opened its target to any industry, but specified relevant contacts.
  2. Callbox worked out the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts
  3. Callbox compiled a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided target decision makers for the Callbox team to reach out which consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations
  2. The buyer personas designated as the campaign’s primary targets were CxOs, Business Owners, Managing Director, CMOs
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas, and was further grouped according to industry type

Results in 12 months

Overall, the twelve-month ABM Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign produced a total of 137 Sales Qualified Leads, 563 Marketing Qualified Leads, and 465 Social Media Connections.

Australia’s Leading Technology Broker Captures More Leads with Callbox

The Client

The Client is a certified Microsoft Partner, and Australia’s leading technology broker and retailer of a wide range of brand name technology products. It operates an online store serving a wide client base composed of corporate organizations, academic institutions, government sectors, and resellers throughout the country.

The Challenge

The Client wanted to widen its market reach, and decided to look for a lead generation partner to augment its in-house strategies in promoting its IT products and services . Highly technical in nature, the Client required someone with domain expertise to handle inquiries confidently, and the ability to capture and communicate the technical details of each touchpoint.

Rather than risk a trial-and-error with “generic” telemarketers from unfocused lead generation companies, the Client chose Callbox to run the project due to its capability to provide technically sound prospecting solutions with relevant experience in the IT field.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox designed an Account-based Marketing Lead Generation & Appointment Setting campaign which consisted of:

  • Multi-Channel Lead Management which utilized Voice, Email, Chat, Webinar, and Web
  • Sales Enablement & Support which covered TeamTraining, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting, and Product Knowledge


  • The Callbox team was to identify Microsoft users with near-term for software licensing or upgrade to any versions of Microsoft applications.
  • Profile the contacts in the database to keep each account at best quality.
  • To uncover pending needs and pain points from prospects, and if they would be interested in receiving proposals from the Client.
  • Book meetings with qualified prospects for the Client’s inside sales team.

Below is the two-step process for the ABM campaign:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified target industries, locations, and relevant contacts.
  2. Callbox worked out the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox then compiled a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided specific target decision makers for the Callbox team to reach, which consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. The buyer personas designated as the campaign’s primary targets were IT Managers, System Administrators, Infrastructure Managers, Procurement Managers, and Office Managers.
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas and was further grouped according to industry type.


The six-month campaign generated 207 Sales Qualified Leads, 362 Marketing Qualified Leads, 112 For Callback.

Callbox ABM: A Quantum Success for Global Data Solutions Provider

The Client

The Client is a global leader in data backup, data recovery, and archiving solutions, providing expert advice and integrated solutions for reliable and cost-effective data storage management to customers worldwide.

The Challenge

The Client previously hired a lead generation company, but needed additional support for other marketing initiatives that they wanted to work out for the current year. So they looked for a reliable telemarketing provider with significant regional experience and robust resources to augment their current activities. After searching and comparing several service providers online, the Client was impressed by Callbox’s long track record in the B2B lead generation industry, and immediately penned a deal.

The Callbox Solution

Being a data expert itself, the Client did a thorough analysis of which marketing tools and strategies would best work for their needs.

Callbox designed an Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management via Voice, Email, Chat, Web, and Social Media.
  • Sales Enablement & Support done via Staff Training, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support.
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM.
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting, and Product Knowledge.

The Goals

  • The Callbox team was to invite participants to its open house events in Australia
  • Profile its database and generate market feedback to improve its sales lead generation campaign
  • Connect with prospects via social media

Below is the two-step campaign process:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified their target industries, locations, and decision makers.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox came up with a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they wanted the outbound campaign to target. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. Both the Client and the Callbox team Identified two sets of target personas for the campaign.
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas, and was further grouped according to industry type.


The Events Marketing campaign gathered a total of 61 RSVPs. The ABM campaign which ran for a total of 9 months produced a total of 165 Sales Qualified Leads, 291 Marketing Qualified Leads, and 468 Social Media Connections.