Callbox Turned In 1000+ RSVPS and 100s of Appointments for PR and Event Management Expert

The Client

The Client is an experiential marketing and lifestyle PR expert who has been providing thoughtful and custom communications for more than twenty years for its clients in various markets and remains as one of the most in-demand until today.

The Challenge

As a seasoned events and PR expert, the Client strives to always be at the forefront of innovative solutions, and open to adopting new ideas and investing in new tools and strategies in order to provide valuable service to their customers, but quite apprehensive in one thing – outsourcing leads. Their stand, however, swayed when things got lean and they were left with only one option – to outsource.

One global IT firm signed up for a large scale event management campaign with the Client to run in the different states in the country, simultaneously. They wanted to target a thousand attendees within a three-month invite period only. The Client knew they needed additional staff to roll out all the needed outreach activities for the campaign. But, instead of hiring more people, the Client decided to outsource with a trusted provider who possesses both tools and skills that can help them reach and engage target attendees for the event.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox customized an Event Marketing and Appointment Setting campaign for the Client. The outreach utilized voice, email, web and social media. The goal was for the Callbox team to invite target participants from Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia to register to the event in their country, and offer a meeting with the Client’s consultants

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client’s customer targeted all industry types but specified company size and decision makers.
  2. Callbox improved the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying which contacts qualify best as target participants.
  3. Callbox then compiled a list of potential contacts to target, which was reviewed and approved by the Client

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided target prospects they want the outbound campaign to engage. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. Personas designated as the campaign’s primary targets: C-suite, Sales & Director/Manager, BDM, Social Media Strategist, IT Director/Manager
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these targets and further grouped according to industry and business size.


The three-month event marketing and appointment setting campaign gathered more than a thousand attendees and hundreds of appointments. The leads delivered were best-qualified targets which turned in 57% conversion

Callbox Registered 500+ New Members and Confirmed Hundreds of Event Attendees for ICT Industry Collaborator

The Client

The Client is a global non-profit organization that promotes innovations in the information and communication technologies across 40 nations. They collaborate and mobilize ICT industry leaders to drive developments in the region, engaging a broad range of professionals and organizations as well as researchers and influencers to ensure progress in the ICT industry.

The Challenge

Gathering industry leaders from across the global communications ecosystem to meet in one event and share and learn corporate ideas and best practices takes more than just the usual event planning and management, but requires proper lead nurturing and full engagement with stakeholders in order to achieve the organization’s vision: to create a world where people and organizations connect and initiate actions through the innovative use of ICT.

The Client looked for a premiere B2B marketing partner who has rich experience in customer engagement and lead nurturing to help them carry out the project successfully. Callbox had everything they needed.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox packed a Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Lead Generation and Event Marketing Campaign for the Client that was sealed in a two-term deal that utilized voice, web, email and social media channels to reach and engage prospects.

The campaign goal was for the Callbox team to find target companies and invite them to their US event, and offer to register as an organization’s member.

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified target industries.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox then compiled a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided ICPs that they want the outbound campaign to engage. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. The designated ICPs: C-suites, VPs, Directors, Channel Partner Managers
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas and was further grouped according to industry type with unique accounts and unique contacts.


In total, the six-month lead generation and event marketing campaign produced a total of 493 confirmed attendees, 180 MQLs, and 583 new registered members who were LinkedIn connections.

Callbox’s Call-To-Invite Campaign Delivered ICT Leader From Buyout Concussions

Old Title: Callbox’s Call-To-Invite Campaign Delivered ICT Leader From Buyout Concussions

The Client

The Client is a global computer technology pioneer that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. They empower countries, communities, customers and people to use technology solutions that help them do and achieve more.

The Challenge

The Client made history and proved its might in the technology industry when it completed a merger with one of the biggest data storage companies valued at approximately $60 billion. The deal was known to be the biggest tech deal ever, but several roadblocks delayed the project’s success, such as product redundancy, which impacted the Client’s business. It’s newly acquired partner is host to several subsidiaries that were meant to augment technology bases and scale the business, but the merger kicked off in a complex battleground, which resulted in customer anxiety. The Client decided to host a series of webinars to boost awareness among its target customers.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox designed a Webinar Event and ABM Lead Generation campaign which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management which utilized Voice, Email, Chat, Social Media, Web and Webinar
  • Sales Enablement & Support that covered Training, Setup and Back Office Sales Support
  • Tools & Subscriptions to Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRMs
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting and Product Knowledge

The Goals

  • The Callbox team was to invite participants to the Client’s series of events in different countries and schedules. 
  • Call attendees to generate interest to speak with the Client’s consultants about automation and data security
  • Keep the database up to date and accurate

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified target industries and decision makers
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts
  3. Callbox then compiled a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they want the outbound campaign to engage in. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations
  2. The campaign’s primary targets were  IT Manager, Network Security Manager, Networking Manager
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas, and was further grouped according to industry type with unique accounts and contacts 


The six-month Webinar campaign delivered 360 RSVPs, and the Lead Generation campaign resulted in 180 Sales Qualified Leads, and 293 Marketing-Qualified Leads.

Branding Consultancy Grows in SE Asia with New Prospects and Event Attendees

The Client

The Client is an NYC-based brand management consulting firm with a global customer base. The company offers brand strategy, research and analytics, brand valuation, corporate identity, brand intelligence, brand engagement, packaging design, and naming services.

The Client was founded in 1974 and now ranks among the biggest branding companies in the world. The company has more than 1,500 employees and a network of 35 offices across 26 countries. Its latest reported annual revenues exceeded $185 million.

The Challenge

In 2013, the Client’s Singapore office signed up for a three-month pilot appointment setting campaign with Callbox. The company wanted to outsource some of their prospecting responsibilities, so that their in-house team could focus on opportunities further downstream.

Right around the same time, the Client was also ramping up its direct marketing activities across Southeast Asia. The company had a number of inbound and outbound marketing initiatives for driving awareness and demand toward its brand management solutions.

One of these was direct outreach activities that targeted various executive and senior-level marketing-related roles at Southeast Asian companies. The main goal of these efforts typically included profiling key accounts and booking introductory meetings for the Client’s consultants.

The Client also hosted live events as part of its customer acquisition strategy. These were usually 1-hour, invitation-only seminars on branding-related topics held at different locations in the region. The target attendees for these in-person events also consisted of senior marketing and sales decision makers.

The Callbox Solution

The Callbox team carried out a multi-channel appointment setting program for the Client that used targeted phone conversations combined with email, social media, and online touch points. The goal was to schedule prospects for an initial “brand health checkup” with a strategy director from the company.

The campaign connected with CEOs, CMOs, directors, marketing managers, and other persons in charge of PR and branding at companies in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

  1. Callbox assigned a dedicated campaign team of calling agents, email marketing and social media specialists that had relevant experience in the Client’s target segments.
  2. The campaign team prepared all campaign materials, including email copies, call scripts, and prospect list.
  3. The Client’s point persons monitored the campaign through Pipeline, Callbox’s lead management tool.


During the appointment setting effort’s last month, the Callbox team also ran a Call-to-Invite campaign. The goal was to increase attendees to a number of lunch and dinner seminars hosted by the Client in Singapore and Bangkok later that year.

  1. Callbox added more agents to help carry out the Call-to-Invite activities.
  2. The pre-event cadence included email, phone, and social media touch points.
  3. The Callbox team assisted in event registration, confirmed attendees, and reengaged prospects after the seminars.


Callbox registered 36 event attendees—more than four times than the target.

Going into the appointment setting campaign, the Client’s main metrics included number of qualified appointments and number of hand-raisers (warm prospects). As for the Call-to-Invite campaign, the primary KPI was number of registered attendees.

The campaign generated a total of 9 qualified appointments from the target areas of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. The campaign also produced a total of 124 warm prospects for the Client.

There were a total of 36 registered attendees handed off in the Call-to-Invite campaign. These included 33 registered attendees for the Client’s Thailand seminars (which was more than four times what the company had targeted for Callbox).

Big Tech Brand Reaps Rewards from Long-term Partnership with Callbox

The Client

The Client distributes and markets a diverse portfolio of IT, industrial, construction, automotive, digital media, and consumer products. The company operates in seven Southeast Asian countries and is headquartered in Singapore.

The Challenge

Marketing in complex-sale verticals, such as IT and manufacturing, carries a special set of challenges. The conversion funnel is usually longer and nonlinear, and the process requires connecting with multiple decision-makers. That’s on top of the relatively steep learning curve needed to understand and communicate what the product or service brings.

For the Client, these form the basic requirements when teaming up with third-party agencies that handle part of their marketing programs. The company combines inbound efforts (mainly done in-house) with outbound tactics (mostly outsourced to providers). Prospecting and lead generation are the activities that the Client typically delegates to an outside marketing company.

The Client recently decided to look for a new marketing partner as part of its renewed focus on Southeast Asia. The company needed an outbound agency with the scope to help it cover new segments in its target areas (Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), as well as the scale to generate prospects from companies in its target industries.

More importantly, the Client wanted a lead generation company they could work with on a long-term basis. This would accelerate deployment of campaigns and keep the messaging more consistent.

The Callbox Solution


The project kicked off a few weeks before a company-sponsored event. The Callbox team worked closely with the Client to put together a call-to-invite campaign aimed at boosting turnout:

1. The event revolved around driving awareness and generating leads for its SAP services and solutions.

2. The target attendees mainly consisted of decision-makers in IT, Operations, and Finance from Singapore-based manufacturing firms. The Client wanted to focus on companies not using SAP Business One.

3. Once Client approved the call list and campaign materials, Callbox then launched a one-month (22-day) call-to-invite campaign.

Appointment Setting

The project’s next phases consist of different appointment setting campaigns. Each phase focused on a different ICT solution, target industry, and target area.

1. The project’s second full month focused on booking appointments for its SAP ERP consulting and integration services. The campaign’s targets were IT prospects from trading /distribution, medical devices, and discrete manufacturing companies in Singapore.

2. After that, the Callbox team carried out two simultaneous appointment setting campaigns. One campaign targeted Singapore, while the other focused on the Philippines. Both campaigns generated ICT infrastructure appointments from finance, legal, and healthcare companies.

3. The Client played an active role in refining each campaign’s parameters and in crafting the campaign materials.


The project has so far completed one call-to-invite and three appointment setting campaigns. The 22-day call- to-invite campaign generated a total of 24 confirmed attendees and 35 positive contacts.

Each of the four appointment setting campaigns ran for a total of one month (22 days). Each campaign’s first 2 weeks were spent on testing and nurturing activities, so that most of the appointments trickled in during the second half of the month.

Choosing Callbox for Sage Lead Generation Proven to be Wise Decision

The Client

The Client is the IT services arm of its mother company which is one of the largest global accounting and consulting network in Asia and in other 120 countries.

The Challenge

The rapid growth in number of IT companies and the seemingly similar products and services offered tend to cause confusion among business owners on which IT service provider would best fit to address their IT needs, and the Client was not spared from such.

The conventional “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me) would not make any difference at all, the IT expert thought. So the “what” was replaced with “why” as (why is it for me) for their campaign to make target customers understand why they should choose the Client as their IT provider instead of simply knowing what they offer. The campaign was successfully carried out with Callbox.

The Callbox Solution

Customer Profiling

  1. Though the Client had tried their best to keep their database in top condition, they still opted to have it validated by the Callbox team.
  2. Using the Pipeline Lead Nurture tool, the Callbox team sent an initial single-page email that contained an overview of the Client’s products and services with very limited information but included teasers of a current customer’s success story to pique the prospect’s interest.
  3. Active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links, and queries were tracked and saved for follow-up calls.
  4. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were updated upon speaking with the prospect.

Appointment Setting & Call-to-Invite

  1. Callbox utilized its SMART Calling system in order to reach the right prospects at the time they are most available to talk.
  2. The probing questions were not the usual that would simply draw the prospect’s needs but rather carry out realization in them what the previous strategy/provider has done to achieve their goals. Thus most prospects admitted results were below expectations.
  3. Upon reaching this point of conversation, agent proposed to set appointment with the Client’s IT consultants and invite prospects to an IT seminar.
  4. In order to ensure a solid appointment, Callbox agents sent a calendar invite along with a short but specific email containing information about the Client’s products and services that are probable answers to the prospect’s identified issues.


The first month of the campaign generated 12 appointments and 4 registrations, but as the Calbox team got more familiar with the the target market and customer profiles, appointments delivered almost tripled in the second month with 34.

In the third month, another 12 appointments were generated with 6 registrations; 16 for the fourth month and 12 on the fifth month of the campaign.

The numbers escalated once again in the sixth month with 22 appointments and decreased a bit in the seventh month with 13 appointments and 8 registrations. While the eighth month took a bit of a hit with 3 appointments.

The ninth month made up for the dip in numbers with 20 appointments and the tenth month closed out with 5.

The 10-month campaign generated a total of 149 appointments and 18 registrations. It is worth noting, however, that the Client is still counting more appointments and registrations as they go into the eleventh month, or technically, the first month following the end of the 10-month campaign

Callbox Confirmed 600 Attendees for Events Leader

The Client

The Client is an events specialist and one of the many fast-expanding companies in its industry that could provide resources both in and out of the APAC region.

The Challenge

The Client is a decade old events services leader in Singapore that caters to varied corporate industries by providing the target attendees for trade fairs, forums and brand launches. The successes they earned for being a strong leader in the industry were drawn out of their stringent task implementation, tip-top customer service and dedication. So when the time came that they needed manpower for an event and decided to look for a partner to finish the job, they chose no one else but the equally competitive global lead generation company, Callbox.

The Callbox Solution

Customer Profiling

1. The database records needed to be validated so a customer profiling campaign was implemented.

2. Company and business names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and all other contact details were updated to ensure list accuracy.

3. To further validate the contact information, the Callbox team sent initial copies of the Client’s reminder featuring the upcoming and past events with links to their website and query boxes.

4. Active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links, and queries were tracked via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and saved for follow-up.

5. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were updated upon speaking with the decision maker.

Appointment Setting

1. Through Callbox’s SMART Calling process, active contacts that were filtered from the Customer Profiling campaign were called to remind prospects of the event and to confirm their attendance.

2. For prospects who were still on the fence with their decisions, drip email reminders were sent to them via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool.

3. Prospects who confirmed attendance were sent calendar invites.

4. A day before the event, a final confirmation call to all each one who confirmed was made to keep an accurate number of expected attendees for the event.

Callbox Delivered Results For Global Logistics Leader

The Client

The Client is part of the world’s postal and logistics leader that entrench different business units like parcel, forwarding, eCommerce, freight and supply chain, and has presence in 220 countries.

The Challenge

This logistics leader annually holds events for the different industries they serve for more than three decades now such as product or service launch, awards and symposiums. However, in recent years, the number of attendees has dwindled as competing logistics companies have ran one event after another.

As part of their marketing strategy, the Client decided to outsource to a lead generation expert who possesses not just rich experience in the field but at the same time uses tactical lead generation tools and processes that would expedite tasks – Callbox.

The Callbox Solution

Customer Profiling

Callbox first ran a Customer Profiling campaign in order to filter active target guests for the Client’s business awards event.

  1. Initial emails of the invite containing details of the upcoming event were sent to target guests.
  2. Active emails from guests who responded, clicked links, asked questions via query boxes and visited the Client’s company website were saved for follow-up calls.
  3. Through the responses, the Callbox team was able to filter the most available prospects to follow-up with.
  4. Bounces were filtered and saved for follow-up calls for the agents to update as they spoke with the prospect.


The business awards event was purposed not just to engage clients and business partners but build rapport with the different industries they serve and for brand recall.

  1. With the help of the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, the team was able to profile the most active contacts in the database; information like contact name, address, contact numbers and email address were updated.
  2. Initial email invites that garnered replies were set for follow-up call to confirm the prospect’s attendance to the event.
  3. Calendar invites were set for confirmed guests to ensure that they are reminded of the event schedule.
  4. Callbox’s SMART Calling system drew a good number of confirmed guests during the team’s confirmation call which was done two days before the event.


The Callbox team multi-tasked on sending invites and profiling the contact details during the first 4 weeks but in the same period 70 guests have already accepted the invitation and confirmed attendance.

On the 8th week, as almost all invites have been completely sent out and received by prospects another batch of 70 guests said yes to attend.

The 12th week of the call to invite campaign drew 110 confirmed guests which brought the campaign to successfully close at a total of 250 confirmed guests to the business awards event.

Callbox’s Three-Step Tactic To Success for Marketing Consulting Specialist

The Client

The Client is a Marketing Consulting Agency which was founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2002. The company is an event specialist mainly for IT and Software industries providing Signature Campaigns, Event Management, Retail Services, Partner Programmes and Content Development in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and had ran several successful events for IT giants like Intel and Microsoft.

As the Client’s reputation grew in 2007, more industry giants like Bosch, Castrol, DiGi and Disney Channel entrusted them to handle major events which brought them more acclaim in the region.

The Challenge

The Client’s successes in the past did not leave them overconfident and content with their achievements but rather drove them to set their sights higher with plans for expansion of their services in the Southeast Asia by providing service to multinational IT and software companies. This objective was crystal clear but the tools and processes to run the project remained a gray area. This led the Client to look for a third party provider who possesses the expertise that would help them realize their plans. They considered partnering with a telemarketing company – specifically someone who has rich experience in events marketing campaigns and can provide a large and well profiled database for them.

Callbox was among three providers that were shortlisted by the Client but stood out to be their best choice in the end.

The Callbox Solution

The Client planned out a trade event for a giant IT firm. The objective was to gather as many attendees as possible and get interested prospects who would be good targets to follow up for succeeding events.

Callbox, known for its thought technology as a top lead generation provider, designed a multi-channel marketing campaign for the Client and employed the use of the Callbox Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, a marketing automation tool that streamlines actions and communication between the Client and the targets, creating a seamless workflow for the Callbox team throughout the duration of the campaign.

The presentation of the whole idea of how the project will be ran was the very reason why the Client blithely chose Callbox over the other two lead generation providers.

The process was easy as counting 1-2-3:

  1. Event invitation emails were sent to prospects before the calling commenced. This was coursed through the Callbox Pipeline Lead Nurture tool which served a double purpose – to formally invite prospects and at the same time to validate the information details of the contacts in the list. The validation process filtered invalid contacts like DNC and Bounced emails by moving these entries from the target list to a repository list. Once updated, these were uploaded back to the target list to be blasted with email invites.
  2. A one call resolution tactic was applied in making follow-up calls to prospects who took actions like opened email, replied or clicked a link on the page upon receipt of the invites. The agent’s follow-up call was not simply to share more about the event details or answer the prospect’s queries but as much as possible, aimed to seize the lead by walking them through the whole registration process. Once done, the agent immediately sent out a calendar invite that contained complete event details like title, date and time, venue and confirmation codes as a steady reminder for the prospect.
  3. The third and last step was calling all the registrants a day or two before the event date to confirm their attendance. During the confirmation call, the agent had to make sure that the registrant had accepted or accepts the calendar invite and confirms his or his representative’s attendance to the event.


The campaign officially registered 129 confirmed attendees for the giant IT company. But for this Marketing Consulting specialist, the successfully concluded campaign was just a start of even bigger things, for them the best thing was nurturing 150 warm follow-ups who are all possible attendees to upcoming events, and a rich database containing well-profiled and accurate contacts.

The event campaign saved the Client much time and money as they not only gathered a good number of attendees for the IT giant’s event but at the same time, currently reserves another batch of warm prospects for the next event that wouldn’t necessarily require much time and effort to follow-up.

In fact, as of press time, Callbox is set to launch another event campaign for the Client.

Marketing Automation and the Callbox Curriculum for Success

The Client

The Client is a Singapore partner company of a US-based Leadership Curriculum provider that promotes the world’s most advanced curriculum in leadership potentials. They conduct seminars that deliver extraordinary results for clients by combining optimization technologies, services and custom-built facilities that ensure sustained growth, fulfillment and momentum over the long-term.

The Challenge

The Client were in search of a competitive telemarketing company that can maximize both staff and tools to address their need for a systematic and trackable introduction and follow up of all target contacts, and their search ended with Callbox.

The Callbox Solution

In this Call-to-Invite campaign, Callbox uncovered opportunities for improvement – the database and the target contacts. Concurrent with the Callbox agent’s daily call schedule is the consistent Data Profiling for the improvement of the database by updating the contact information with current and correct data, verifying the contact details like direct line and mobile numbers, and filling up blanks like email addresses to ensure accuracy.

Moreover, Callbox maximized the Pipeline’s marketing automation function via its Lead Nurture Tool to facilitate the sending out of specific email copies to prospects, notifying the caller to follow up a contact who took action on email communications, and moving invalid contacts from one list to another for validation and cleansing. To cap all these dynamic processes, a master schema of behavior-based actions was created, which fostered three effectual working concepts:

Send Mail

A sequence of emails are sent to all unique entries contained in the Target List. The call result tag in the pipeline triggers the status change in the LN Tool, and a specific email copy is automatically sent. Below is a reference of email copy with corresponding call tag:

Send Mail Reference table

Note: In the event where the agent makes a follow up call and the prospect was not available or the call was directed to a voicemail, RFI and For Follow Up copies are sent subsequently.

Also, if the Trigger status is unchanged and the timeframe for the Wait action lapsed, this means there wasn’t any action from the prospect, and so Intro, RFI and For Follow Up copies will be sent subsequently.

Queue as Call Priority

A reminder for the agent to call a prospect as soon as he takes an action on email communications. This timely alert gives a better chance of converting opportunities into leads.

  • Email Open(s) – the prospect opened the email
  • Email Click(s) – the prospect clicked a link/s on the email copy
  • Web Visit – the prospect visited the website
  • Form Submission – the prospect submitted a form (most common for call-to-invite campaigns)

Move to List

Moving invalid contacts from the Target List to other lists for cleansing purposes. The following lists are required entries for each schema:

  • Target List – is the prime list of unique contacts and resource of email send outs, which the agent utilizes for calling.
  • Support List – receives bounced contacts. These bounced contacts are then validated/profiled by the agent or research team and sent back to the Target List to be called.
  • Repository List – invalid contacts that were tagged as Deadline, Fax Tone, or Disconnected, contacts are moved to this list and undergo the same process as with bounces.


Callbox’s call-to-invite campaign scheme unleashed more potentials for the Leadership Curriculum provider, leveraging on smart marketing technology and proven prospecting processes.

With integration of Callbox’s Lead Nurture Tool, the campaign ran seamlessly. The automated behavior-based actions like sending email copies, queuing call priorities, and moving invalid contacts for list cleansing have rounded up a total of 228 registrations for 10 event campaigns, of which 79 (34%) were generated through the Lead Nurture Tool. The time and effort saved were instead utilized in making more calls to prospects that made an upshot on the monthly average number of leads generated from 21 to 28. The Data Profiling process resulted to notable improvement on database accuracy from an average of 35% to 75%, as determined by Callbox’s List Scoring system. The Client now nurtures quality, revenue driving leads and more potential follow up attendees for upcoming seminars in Bali, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand.

Global Media Runs On Accurate Market Data

The Client

The Client is a global media company providing more than 30,000 marketing programs from the Fortune 50 to emerging start-ups for 17 long years now. Their core services include targeted content, active audiences and innovative capabilities that run via a platform, to assist their clients in engaging with revenue-driven technology marketing programs.

The Challenge

To profile the data and conduct a survey among the Client’s existing customers.

The Callbox Solution

First Campaign – Data Profiling

The Client provided Callbox a list of their existing customers to be updated and profiled. The data profiling campaign wasn’t run generically as merely updating wrong information, but rather implemented based on the Client’s specific process that required further research and data recording to complete the action.

The Process

  1. To call all the contacts in the list
  2. Verify all the details: name of pic, company name, job title, email address and direct line
  3. In case of “no answer”, the caller will have to look up the phone number for the company’s main switchboard, and attempt to verify the contact’s details; while for contacts who have left the company, the caller must use publicly available sources like Google and LinkedIn
  4. All information gathered shall be saved and sent to Client every 2 days

Note: The caller must not find/replace a contact and email address other than what’s in the list.

Second Campaign – Data Profiling

The second campaign worked on profiling more databases but delved more into the sources from which and how the information was verified which required accuracy in call disposals. The leads were classified as:

  • Profiled by phone
  • Profiled by online sources
  • Employment validated
  • Employment invalidated
  • Unreachable/No updates

Aside from updating and cleansing the list, a step-by-step Question-&-Answer form was to be filled out by the caller in a spreadsheet that will detail how the data verification was done for each call.

Below are just 5 of the 11 questions and possible answers:

  • Did the phone number we provided work? Yes/No (Yes=the phone rang; No=the phone number was invalid or has been disconnected)
  • If yes, Did someone answer the phone? Yes, the lead him/ herself; Yes, someone other than the lead; No, nobody answered the phone)
  • If yes: Were you able to speak to the lead? Yes/No
  • If yes: Did the lead confirm the job profile and contact information we have on file for them? Yes/No
  • Did the lead give you updated information that is reflected in the spreadsheet? Yes/No

Third Campaign – Survey, White Paper

In the third campaign period, both types were divided into four technology segments. Each had a corresponding question:

  1. Big Data
    Question: Does the business plan to purchase or upgrade big data technologies in the next 12 months?
  2. Cloud Infrastructure
    Question: How does the business deploy server resources in the next 12 months?
  3. Desktop Virtualization
    Question: Does the business plan to upgrade or invest in desktop virtualization solutions within the next 12 months?
  4. Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
    Question: Will the business be implementing or undertaking a DR related project in the next 12 months?

Answers to the survey were uploaded via links provided by the Client.


Campaign results breakdown

The results of all the three concluded campaigns were precedent to the upcoming campaign which the Client will be launching the following year, with the same Callbox team.

World-class Branding Consultancy Gets Marketing Boost with Callbox

The Client

The Client is the world’s largest brand consultancy with a network of 33 offices in 27 countries. Over the past 40 years, it has created and managed branding campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized brands including BMW, P&G, and McDonalds.

The Challenge

Part of the Client’s marketing strategy is conducting a series of events each year. One of those events was a free seminar workshop held in Singapore and Thailand, aimed at introducing its branding solutions to potential customers. To maximize the marketing value of this event, the Client looked for a marketing partner who could develop an effort that combined email and telemarketing to generate its desired number of registrations in a short span of time. The Client’s objective was two-fold:

  • To identify target contacts and send out email invites
  • To qualify prospects based on the Client’s pre-defined criteria

The Callbox Solution

Having worked with a number of big companies in Singapore and Thailand before, the Client had already compiled a database contacts which would be used in this campaign. The overall effort started in September 04, 2013 and involved two waves of marketing activity leading to the event.

The first was an email campaign to send out invitations containing details of the event, along with a short summary of the Client‘s profile and its services. Target contacts included C-level prospects from the top 200 local companies in Singapore and Thailand.

The second wave involved an outbound telemarketing outreach to qualify email respondents based on the Client’s qualification criteria. Qualified respondents were then forwarded to the Client’s team for confirmation and event registration. Callbox submitted weekly RSVP reports which allowed the Client to forecast the number of potential attendees and make adjustments to step up the campaign when necessary.


Both campaigns were successful not only in terms of quantity (number of leads generated), but more importantly, in quality. The email blast generated an impressive response rate that a week prior to the campaign’s completion, the Client contracted another agent from Callbox to assist with the calls. In 22 days, the campaign generated a total of:

  • 39 Qualified Leads
  • 30 confirmed RSVPs (a whopping 76% RSVP rate)

Case Studies

Thrice in a Row: Callbox Boosts Event Attendance Rates for CRM Market Leader

The Client

The Client is the Asia-Pacific unit of a USA-based cloud computing company that provides CRM solutions to business and enterprise customers. Its main product line is its suite of on-demand, cloud-based CRM platform available to users on a subscription basis. The Client also offers a number of other cloud-enabled tools for customer service and support as well as for sales team collaboration.

The Challenge

With its reputation as a key mover in the CRM software space, the Client regularly organizes a number of annual conferences and events aimed at customers, vendors, developers, IT professionals, and industry thought leaders throughout various locations around the world. These are typically high-profile events that generate attendance figures that average in the thousands, as well as receive considerable media coverage particularly from the tech press.

While many of the Client’s conferences fulfill both branding and PR objectives, there is also a more tangible marketing (and overall business) goal that underlies most of the company’s events: to attract more people into its far-reaching ecosystem.

Among the events lined up for 2017 are three sets of conferences scheduled for January, April, and July. All three events are set to take place in Hong Kong and Singapore, showcasing insights on Asian business innovation and customer experience.

The three events’ target audience consists primarily of decision-makers who deal with marketing technology in some way at small- to medium-sized Hong Kong- and Singapore-based companies. The target attendees mostly come from technology-intensive industries such as manufacturing, financial services, professional services, retail, and healthcare.

Although it already possesses considerable brand equity and can easily leverage its extensive network of connections in the region, the Client determined that it needed to outsource part of the event registration activities in order to meet two key objectives:

  • to ensure that relevant attendees from the specified verticals are identified and targeted
  • to maximize registration and attendance rates through prompt outreach and follow-up

The Client chose Callbox after evaluating a list of event marketing companies, pointing out that Callbox’s substantial experience in the Hong Kong and Singapore markets was a clear differentiator.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox’s Call-to-Invite package was a good fit to help the Client meet its event marketing objectives for a number of reasons.

  • Since the Client wanted to ramp up registrations a month prior to each event, it allowed the Client to obtain immediate response from its target attendees and gain additional information to help improve preparations.
  • Call-to-invite campaigns provided a way to quickly and accurately qualify likely attendees based on the parameters set by the Client, especially given the tight timetables associated with the events.
  • This also enabled multiple outreach opportunities, such as follow-up and confirmation calls.

The call-to-invite campaigns included the following main activities:

  • Callbox put together the list of target attendees to be contacted based on the Client’s specifications, as well as prepared the campaign’s call scripts. These were reviewed and approved by the Client.
  • Contacts who expressed interest to attend the event and completed the registration via the registration link were tagged as qualified attendees (RSVP). These were forwarded to the Client’s team on a daily basis.
  • In addition to outbound phone-based qualification, Callbox also helped other interested prospects complete the registration process by assisting them through the submission procedure. Agents also managed the information send-outs for prospects who want to first receive the invites.

Although it already possesses considerable brand equity and can easily leverage its extensive network of connections in the region, the Client determined that it needed to outsource part of the event registration activities in order to meet two key objectives:

  • to ensure that relevant attendees from the specified verticals are identified and targeted
  • to maximize registration and attendance rates through prompt outreach and follow-up

The Client chose Callbox after evaluating a list of event marketing companies, pointing out that Callbox’s substantial experience in the Hong Kong and Singapore markets was a clear differentiator.


Callbox’s Call-to-Invite package was a good fit to help the Client meet its event marketing objectives for a number of reasons.Each of the three call-to-invite campaigns ran for 22 days and was aunched a month prior to the respective event. Hong Kong and Singapore prospects were simultaneously contacted in all three campaigns. The below table summarizes the results from each campaign:

Taken together, the three call-to-invite campaigns were able to produce a total of 353 confirmed RSVPs for the three sets of events. Using a benchmark conversion rate of 11% to 20% (based on industry averages), the Client can potentially generate between 39 to 71 new customers from attendees at the three events that registered via the call-to-invite campaigns.