Want Targeted Leads? Go for Targeted B2B Telemarketing

By using sophisticated market targeting and tailoring calls to specific prospects, B2B telemarketing companies can increase the chances of any business to increase their sales. You can measure the depth of a telemarketing firm by being prolific data analysts and effective niche marketers at the same time. As it has been pointed out many times, the process doesn’t just involve generating leads – it’s about getting it from people who matter.

The problem is that telemarketing has been a victim of its own success: the success of telemarketing in the past has attracted more competition. Now everybody wants to do telemarketing. While all that is happening, the target markets have been improving in terms of their ability to screen calls, provided by technology that surrounds them.

So the need for targeted marketing is stronger than ever. And marketers can do that by perfecting the following tactics:

Fresh arrivals

Shifting the efforts towards lists of new contacts in an area has two advantages. First, it can grab hold of new numbers before some other company provokes them to be registered on do-not-call lists, and second, it could help focus on an audience that is often in the market for new goods and services.

Upgrades and Cross-Selling

The more names that do-not-call lists eliminate, the more valuable existing business relationships that are eligible for telemarketing calls become. Companies should look for ways to broaden those existing relationship.

Tailor-fitting calls based on personas.

When a sales pitch is customized to cater a specific audience, it becomes unique and it stands out from the crowd. To achieve this, though, a more effective segmentation system should be in place.  Knowing exactly what type of prospect you’re talking to is huge help in making adjustments to spiels and responses.

Affinity telemarketing

Marketers can build lists based on specific interests, using techniques such as running drawings and other contests at particular events. This is to put all the interested parties in one place and for marketers to obtain opt-in opportunities for telemarketing calls and identify target attributes for a more accurate targeting.

Data expansion

A campaign should include efforts to broaden the information stored in the pipeline to include things like e-mail addresses and other pertinent data. This allows for multi-faceted approaches and also preserves a means of contact should a given number be eliminated from a list of eligible call numbers.

B2B Telemarketing – It’s not just about setting appointments

People outside the B2B telemarketing and lead generation business often misgauge the gravity of responsibilities a telemarketer has. They generally dismiss the undertaking as mere “sales calling” and they probably always ask “How hard can it be?”

On some levels, they’re correct in saying that; telemarketers do just spend almost 80% of the time on the phones, talking to people to sell stuff. It’s the meat of the job, anyway. But behind the spiels and the elevator pitches, there are “hidden” benefits that telemarketers bring to the table to provide added-value to the entire marketing campaign.

A clean database

A telemarketer’s pipeline is his intelligence weapon. It’s where he gets numbers, names, job titles, and ultimately it organizes everything so all information is intact while in battle. Without this, a telemarketer would be lost. Telemarketing campaigns provide the opportunity for teams to update its database and make sure all data are accurate.

A taste of people’s brand awareness

Directly getting insight and feedback from prospects can give a company the chance to see how the public is painting them a picture in the business community. This is important primarily in coming up with ways to improve one’s business image and/or to enhance brand awareness.

Target market intelligence

Every day, telemarketers learn precious information about how a certain company, community, or industry operates. Who typically makes decisions on technology purchases? Who handles the bids? Who has the final say between the CTO and the Project Manager? How do they shop in the market? When? How much is their budget? These things are critical in customizing your pitch in making the sale in the future.

Target market education

As much as telemarketers learn from prospects, it also works the other way around. Most of the time, prospects are not well-informed about products and services that, without their knowledge, have been available in the market at their disposal. Letting them know that there are ways to solve their problems is a big deal for them, and it paves the way for an easier selling phase.

Engaging with people

What could be more important than speaking with the very people that keep you business alive? If you’re the kind of company that puts value in the opportunity to maintain a healthy, open communication between you and the buying business community, then for sure you’d appreciate that interactive aspect of B2B telemarketing. After all, relationships, above anything, are what matters the most.

Internalize, not Memorize: The B2B Telemarketing Secret to Making a Connection

A telemarketer’s dependence with scripting is one of the aspects of telemarketing where people have divided opinions of. While some people think it actually helps telemarketers in systematically conversing with prospects, others opine that it does nothing but destroys the chances of making a personal connection and, eventually, a business relationship.

Lead generation is not a one-step process. The phone call that initially introduces the telemarketer with a prospect is just the start of a supposedly long process, and if that part alone isn’t founded on a good personal relationship, what are the odds of it flourishing into something deeper?

Despite the obvious repulsion from prospects who discover (directly or otherwise) that the telemarketer they’re talking to is reading off a script, many marketers still use it. Why? Because of the tendency of telemarketers to not internalize.

Scripts are supposed to act as guides, not lines in a dialogue:

You can use it to initiate, but not to respond. Sales pitches are meant to introduce a discussion, like telling prospects about features as-a-matter-of-factly. But as soon as they respond, telemarketers should no longer depend on the script; instead, they must reply accordingly – like a normal human being – and address the issue at hand.

Avoid parroting by internalizing. The only way a telemarketer can respond with relevance is to absorb what the prospect is actually saying, and not just merely repeating keywords. This is where active listening and offering full attention will take place. With sincere understanding of the words being said, one could easily make an appropriate comment or reaction, as opposed to using a generic response to any kind of objection from the prospect.

Give your pitch a twist. Scripts are not perfect down to each word, and they can be occasionally modified according to the mood of the conversation, the type of person on the other line, or the degree of relationship already established. One needs not to sound like a robot even in a casual conversation with someone previously interacted with.

Never read. What’s worse than using a pre-structured sales pitch? Reading it while on an actual call. If a script is absolutely necessary, a telemarketer should at least familiarize (not memorize) it by heart so that there is no need for reading while on a call – simply because one could easily tell whether the person on the other line is reading.

How to assemble a functional B2B Telemarketing machine

Preparing for a B2B telemarketing campaign is like building a contraption; you need to gather the right parts, identify their functions, carefully put them together, make sure they blend together properly and test whether or not the entire machine is working.

When certain parts are missing or not operational, the entire campaign would be compromised. As a marketer, you need to take time and see whether the necessary elements are up and running, so you don’t have to be swallowed by panic when things get out of hand.

Here are the important components of a B2B telemarketing campaign you need to check before you pick up those phones.

Objectives and targets – The thing about lead generation is that it doesn’t exist by itself – meaning, there is no actual definition for lead generation unless specific goals are set. Is it to generate as many leads as possible? Is it to choose only the high-percentage leads? Is it to nurture current prospects? Without an objective in mind, there’s no guide on how to attack your telemarketing campaign.

Budget and resources – Whether you telemarketing campaign in in-house or outsourced, you need to propose a well-defined budget. As you go along the campaign you will see that having a designated limit for resources can help you make critical decisions, and it will also provide a meter stick as to whether your efforts were worth the expense.

Communication tools – A dynamic and reliable CRM is important in maintaining a good flow of information between you and your clients. Not only that it saves time, it also facilitates in necessary tune-ups and adjustments that may arise during the campaign period. Most importantly, it lets everybody get a feel of the campaign’s current status and momentum.

Target inventory – To maximize the calling efforts of your telemarketing team, your sales pipeline should be filled with high-quality target information. “High-quality” means they should be updated, reliable, specific and complete. You can have the luxury of settling with a substandard list when you’re calling regular consumers, but in B2B lead generation, you can’t afford to screw up with business people.

Summoning competent telemarketers – While there may be no perfect telemarketers out there, you can always choose your people based on the right skills and attitude. They don’t have to be flawless; what’s important is that they know how to respond to coaching and how to learn from mistakes. And of course, they also have to know what they’re talking about – all the time.

The Five Things You Should Focus On In Telemarketing

When it comes to marketing and communication mediums, one of the most infamous (if not useful) of these would be B2B telemarketing. Infamous, because of the backlash companies get when it was used the wrong way, and useful, because it is one of the most effective direct marketing tools that can be used by marketers in order to generate more B2B leads.

And if you are using the same method for your own business, then you would want to be sure that you belong to the latter category, right? This means that you have to focus on the right ways to market your business. Considering the things you have to think about, here are some of the most important:

    1. Focus on the benefits – it is good if your products have a lot of features to offer, but rarely are your sales leads prospects interested on that. Simply put, they do not see any connection between these features and their lives. Your job, as the marketer, is to act as the bridge. Share with them the benefits of using your products, how their business and lives will improve.
    1. Focus on value – all right, it might be possible that your appointment setting team has already shared with your prospects, but they still are not interested, mainly due to the price. If this is a non-negotiable factor, then your best bet is to increase its value. That is how Apple, IBM, Armani, and Breitling did it. They may be pricey, but the quality and status that they provide buyers has made them very attractive to prospects.
    1. Focus on the demonstration – yes, it is true that the phone may not be enough to describe the features of your business, so it makes sense if you could present them the actual product. If it is a service, then you can invite your B2B lead generation prospects to observe a demonstration on how it works. What is important here is that they see how it actually works. This will give them a better idea on what you can actually do for them.
    1. Focus on the emotions – to be frank, an ‘objective buying decision’ is an illusion. You see, you and the competition are basically offering the same thing to your prospects. What makes all the difference in your marketing campaign? It is your ability to appeal to their emotions. If you can make them react positively to what you are offering, then this can spell success for you.
  1. Focus on the needs – true, making the sale is important, but knowing that what you sell is actually what your prospects need is very satisfying. Besides, if you convinced them to buy something they do not need, then they will think you have swindled them of their hard-earned money. Now that would give you a real problem for future marketing campaigns.

With these five points to focus on, you can ensure that your telemarketing campaign would be more successful in reaching out to prospects.

Moonwalk Your Way to Sales Leads: A Michael Jackson-Inspired Primer on B2B Telemarketing

Moonwalk Your way to Sales Leads - A Michael Jackson-inspired Primer on B2B Telemarketing

The amazing thing about business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing is that it pretty much opens up a world of opportunities for professional telemarketers to explore different types of people and conversations that lead to the discovery of one’s self. What better way to get a head start on this than being inspired by some of the memorable songs of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who, in his own right, lived and passed on leaving behind a message of internal peace and external harmony.

These mantras live forever, and it can serve as a guide for those who are up to the challenge of telemarketing and the dynamics that come along with it:

“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin – Preparedness always gives an advantage, as luck favors those who are prepared. But you wouldn’t want to leave the fate of your efforts to chance; a professional telemarketer puts considerable efforts into making sure everything’s ready and will start on a good note.

“Remember the Time” – Every campaign has an element of time. Though some projects give you more than ample time to produce numbers, there’s no reason for procrastination or delaying tactics. Time is money, and the more you maximize your time, the more productive you will be.

“Human Nature” – Now, effectively talking to prospects may be a natural talent for some people, but for those who were not endowed with such a gift, it should be taken as an art that needs to be perfected. The key is to never forget that whatever their roles in company may be, they’re still humans deep down, and you can only bring that nature out if you treat them like one.

“Black Or White” – The world isn’t divided into black or white, as is the vocation of telemarketing. When prospects say yes or no, it doesn’t necessarily equate to the truth. It’s a telemarketer’s job to probe on the undisclosed needs and desires of the prospect and of the business, and to get a clear understanding of whether or not they know what they are saying.

“You Are Not Alone”– In outsourced lead generation firms, teams are specially assembled to tackle a particular project. This includes team leaders, coaches, researchers and quality assurance specialists. The amount of support that goes into developing telemarketers has seen its growth especially since businesses are looking more into “personalizing” the call experience for prospects.

“Man in the Mirror” – despite the available support, the best resource is yourself. The will to improve or reinvent one’s self is something that cannot be taught. External motivation can only do so much as adding more fuel to the fire, the flame itself must come from within.

“Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough”The strength of a warrior is not measured by his victories but by his failures. Getting a lot of rejections from prospects may sometimes be demoralizing, but each person has his own mechanism of resiliency and perseverance; you just need to find out what is yours.

The Importance Of Niche Telemarketing

B2B telemarketing lead generation can be one of the most effective methods to find quality business sales leads for companies who have open minds when it comes to lead generation.

But of course, not just any telemarketing company will do. Not even a highly respected telemarketing firm with years of experience will do the job. The important thing about telemarketing to make it highly effective for your particular business is that it should have years of experience in your specific niche, without which your lead generation campaigns will be treated just like everyone else’s. This is called niche telemarketing.

What is the difference of Niche Telemarketing?

Imagine if you run an enterprise software company and you decided to bring in professional telemarketers for a more direct approach at getting b2b sales leads. However, you simply hired the cheapest one you found “because you’re just testing it out”. Or perhaps you chose a call center that has been in the business for years just to make sure. But the problem is: your telemarketers have years of experience—in selling personal insurance. Not only do they not have the skills to sell your products to your highly-technical and inquisitive telemarketing list, but they don’t have the experience of selling to companies and organizations. Because of this, they wouldn’t be able to answer standard yet important questions right away. They might also use hard selling to get your business leads to buy, thinking that enterprise software can be sold right away just like insurance. This, of course, will definitely put off those in your business list. For the sake of argument let’s say the call center you hired promised to do their best while learning the ropes. But are you willing to turn your business into a lab rat so that the call center can practice sourcing b2b sales leads?

The best telemarketing call center to hire to make your b2b sales lead generation extremely productive is to look for a firm that not only has experience, but has experience in your specific niche. That’s right. Don’t just hire a telemarketing company, hire a b2b telemarketing firm with skills in getting qualified IT sales leads for your business—or whatever kind of leads your business specifically needs. Make the most out of your telemarketing campaigns by hiring niche telemarketers. Doing so not only increases the chances of finding highly qualified b2b sales leads, but because these professional b2b telemarketers already know what your leads usually ask, starting your lead generation campaign won’t take as long as it would compared to a “generic” telemarketing company who still has to learn the ropes.

It’s all about choosing the right service provider for your lead generation campaign. So hire the one that will be most beneficial for your company.

How To Train Telemarketers To Sell Your Products And Services

Selling to business to business (b2b) companies requires a distinct type of telemarketing. To differentiate your telemarketing from other telesales efforts and to better market your offerings to your business leads, you need to help your telemarketer gain more than just simple knowledge of your products and services.

Helping your telemarketer own the script

  • Help your telemarketer feel important – most companies who use telemarketing to sell their products and services fail to welcome a new telemarketer into the company organizational structure. They simply hand over a script and calling list to their employee and expect him to immediately start selling. Even veteran telemarketers need to know their place in a new company and need to feel a sense of ownership of the product or service to be able to sell it convincingly.
  • Review scripts with your telemarketer – after handing the script to your telemarketer, you need to spend time discussing this with him. He may have certain questions or doubts about the script or product that you can help clear up. When these uncertainties are not resolved, he could unintentionally impart this doubt to your business leads whenever he delivers his spiel.
  • Include your telemarketer when improving scripts – Eventually, your telemarketing scripts will need improving. No other person in your company can provide better insights on how to improve your script than the person delivering it everyday. He can suggest which parts of the script to emphasize or revise based on the reactions he gets from business leads. After the revision, your telemarketer will be more confident selling using the script because of the personal involvement in its creation.
  • Prepare your telemarketer for reality – reassure your telemarketer that you do not expect him to close the sale or set an appointment on every call and that rejection is inevitable, but remind him that the company highlights successful sales or appointments. This will condition your telemarketer to focus on selling rather than being rejected. It will also keep him from fearing cold calling or becoming rude to business leads.

An easier, cheaper way

Of course, to save yourself from the hassle of having to spend precious time training your telemarketers, you can always consider outsourcing your telemarketing to a business process outsourcing (BPO) company. There are plenty of BPO companies that you can outsource to, but to ensure your company’s integrity, you must hire a reliable telemarketing firm with vast experience in b2b cold calling. Doing so would ensure you that professional telemarketers who are experts in b2b telemarketing are communicating your products and services to your targeted calling list.

B2B Telemarketing

by: Mahavir

The major advantage of third party b2b telemarketing companies is their ability to use dozens of telemarketers to get your message out quickly. Unless you have a fully-staffed internal b2b telemarketing division, outside firms will make thousands of calls in a relatively short time frame compared to what you can do in-house. However, b2b telemarketing services firms tend to be expensive and lack selling skills; they are limited in engaging in dialog about technical products or services and are better suited for information gathering, appointment setting and “yes or no” types of campaigns. And unless you supply the telemarketing list, telemarketing firms have a history of using poor quality b2b telemarketing lists.

There are advantages to using an in-house person for your business-to-business telemarketing efforts. People staffed by your organization can be trained in sophisticated selling techniques, so that they will be familiar with the technical aspects of your product and can engage in more extensive dialog with potential clients and pass on telemarketing leads to your sales staff instantly. Also, when the telemarketing efforts are done internally, you control telemarketing list buys, and can be more diligent on which lists to use.

But, as we mentioned earlier, small businesses rarely have enough people on staff who can provide telemarketing services on an ongoing basis. A cost-effective alternative may be to hire college students, retirees or part-timers and train them on a specific telemarketing project. And here’s a training tip for you… if your telemarketers are going to be reading from a script, have them practice sounding like they are improvising. Knowing that the person on the other end of the phone is reading is a sure turn-off and can hurt your response rate.

In short, both internal and external b2b telemarketing services has its benefits. Regardless of which direction you decide to go in, make sure you have the right telemarketing lists. It’ll make all the difference in the world.
Next, the b2b telemarketing company quickly recruits some people to do the actual cold-calling whose qualifications include something like showing up for the interview and smiling a lot. Or they ask a temp agency nearby to send over some people who have been through a similarly rigorous screening process. Next, they dust off an ex-client’s script, change a few words, give it to the newly hired business-to-business telemarketing reps and say, “Start calling.”

Hire a top-notch B2B telemarketing company. Look for a company with a proven track record of calling into the same industries and the same titles as you will want them to be calling on your behalf. Thoroughly check references and insist that the b2b telemarketing services appointment setting company assign experienced callers to your project. Then both you and the firm must invest time and effort in creating call guidelines (rather than a verbatim script) and training callers on the unique aspects of your business and your prospects. Finally, give the callers a well-targeted list of prospects to call, and have them start dialing.