7 Factors To Remember When Outsourcing B2B Appointment Setting

Before you decide to outsource your b2b appointment setting campaign to an appointment setting service provider, you have to take note of these 7 factors. Knowing these things about your BPO of choice is a must if you want your appointment setting campaign to be successful and ensure your ROI.

  • Efficient appointment setting quality controls – When setting appointments, not just any business lead will do. Good b2b appointment setting campaigns only contact high quality b2b sales leads which are already pre qualified from the initial lead generation process.
  • Source of the business list used for appointment setting – Bought lists can be used, but these tend to be sold to your competitors as well, which means your chances of finding qualified leads are slim. A good business list for appointment setting should be freshly sourced from organic searches.
  • Scheduling coordination between appointment setter and client – shared calendars such as Google’s are a good choice for coordinating sales and appointment setter schedules, but to ensure that every member of the appointment setting team and the client company is well-coordinated, CRM software that have scheduling tools are a better choice.
  • Script or content quality – just as expert b2b telemarketers use telemarketing scripts when cold calling b2b sales leads, good b2b appointment setters use scripts or content which have been tested before they are put into action on campaigns to make sure they deliver the desired results.
  • Pay for performance appointment setting or fixed rate – while both methods have positive and negative points, pay for performance appointment setting service providers can be quite unreliable. Fixed rate appointment setters offer more security for companies who want to outsource.
  • Reporting methods – knowing how a b2b appointment setting company reports about campaigns are important to make the most out of each campaign. To make reporting more specific to the data or information that a client wants to know, a CRM software containing all datas pertaining to the campaign that can be accessed by the client whenever and wherever he wants will make reporting completely hassle free.
  • Appointment setters previous campaign metrics – b2b appointment setting service providers should share feedback from previous client campaigns to allow prospective clients to gauge their ability to successfully set business appointments. The portfolio of the BPO firm should be easy to spot in their website, or they should be readily available should the potential client ask for it.

Get Your B2B Sales Leads To Trust You

Once your b2b sales leads begin to like you and after they start talking to your b2b telemarketers, you can finally get them to trust you. The best way to get the trust of your b2b sales leads is to present yourself as a trustworthy company. Here are a few great ideas to help you make your company earn the trust of your b2b sales leads:

Appear trustworthy.
Make sure your website is professional-looking. Avoid overly flashy texts and images that do not have any coherent idea behind them. Flashy graphics and texts might seem like a good idea to attract viewers and readers to your site, but if you’re doing business in a b2b industry, you must know that your business leads will strongly avoid these unprofessional looking sites. It is much better for you to stick to a clean and simple website design that will let your b2b leads navigate your site easily. Highlight your client testimonials to show how your previous clients felt about working with you. Also, make sure your b2b leads can easily find your contact information should they ever need to discuss something with you about their purchase.

Don’t be involved in shady business.
If you really want to attract your business sales leads and have a successful lead generation or b2b appointment setting campaign, don’t send out email spam and properly follow telemarketing rules. A good idea would be to hire a skilled lead generation firm or an reliable b2b telemarketing company to perform these functions for you. When you send out newsletters, your email copy should have a clear call to action and a visible opt-out option. Take care that whatever content that comes out from your company is properly labeled (with your logo) and upholds your business.

Watch your presence.
Though you may have a social media account, if you don’t engage in any conversations or discussions with your b2b sales leads online, then it’s the same as simply wearing a mask. Don’t simply start a thread in forums and social channels and not participate in the ensuing discussion. Your social media accounts are meant to be used to connect with your business leads, and until you start doing so, they will steer clear of you. Aside from your social media persona, do take notice of how other people portray you on the web. Google yourself and your company every once in a while and find out if you have a positive or negative reputation. If you are praised by netizens of the internet, then keep it up. If you have a notorious reputation, then do something about it so that your business sales leads will not see them when they decide to Google you (because they will).

4 Important Things To Consider Before You Launch A Mobile App

Should your business join the branded app bandwagon? That is the question bugging most businesses these days. Lately, it seems the trend for effective b2b lead generation is to not only have a website, but to have a branded mobile app as well. A lot of successful b2b businesses not only have a good telemarketing company doing cold calling for them and utilizing social media to find quality business leads, they are also offering mobile apps that make their products and services more portable. So, should you hire an app developer to create a mobile app for your lead generation campaigns or not? Consider the following pointers before you jump on the wagon

  • Usability – as with anything in business, before you implement anything, you have to take into consideration whether your business sales leads would indeed be able to use your app. Every business type can develop its own app based on its business model, but some businesses will find it more challenging than others. For example, while an IT business can easily develop an app that would be a certain hit with their business leads, an automotive business would find it a bit more difficult to create an app that their leads would appreciate (but it certainly is not impossible).
  • Platform – if you do decide to launch an app for your business, you have to decide which platform you will launch in. iOS and android phones are equally popular nowadays, so it is best if you launch on both platforms. However, if you’re just starting out, you might want to gauge the reception of your apps first. If you launch on both platforms immediately and your target b2b sales leads didn’t think it provided anything substantial, you’ll just end up wasting your finances.
  • Device – with plenty of mobile devices to choose from, you have to consider which devices your business leads are more accustomed to using. Obviously, launching on all devices allows you to attract a larger portion of your target market, but you must be prepared to market your device on each device equally.
  • Developer – choosing your developer is as important as choosing to launch an app. Developing mobile apps is an expensive project, and you wouldn’t want to waste your time and resources.

Once you’ve completed your app, don’t rush to launch immediately. Take time to test your app on a small group of your target market so that you can iron out any bugs in the system before you introduce it to all your business sales leads. This way, when your business leads eventually download your app, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about unexpected errors or your app suddenly crashing.

The Importance Of Niche Telemarketing

B2B telemarketing lead generation can be one of the most effective methods to find quality business sales leads for companies who have open minds when it comes to lead generation.

But of course, not just any telemarketing company will do. Not even a highly respected telemarketing firm with years of experience will do the job. The important thing about telemarketing to make it highly effective for your particular business is that it should have years of experience in your specific niche, without which your lead generation campaigns will be treated just like everyone else’s. This is called niche telemarketing.

What is the difference of Niche Telemarketing?

Imagine if you run an enterprise software company and you decided to bring in professional telemarketers for a more direct approach at getting b2b sales leads. However, you simply hired the cheapest one you found “because you’re just testing it out”. Or perhaps you chose a call center that has been in the business for years just to make sure. But the problem is: your telemarketers have years of experience—in selling personal insurance. Not only do they not have the skills to sell your products to your highly-technical and inquisitive telemarketing list, but they don’t have the experience of selling to companies and organizations. Because of this, they wouldn’t be able to answer standard yet important questions right away. They might also use hard selling to get your business leads to buy, thinking that enterprise software can be sold right away just like insurance. This, of course, will definitely put off those in your business list. For the sake of argument let’s say the call center you hired promised to do their best while learning the ropes. But are you willing to turn your business into a lab rat so that the call center can practice sourcing b2b sales leads?

The best telemarketing call center to hire to make your b2b sales lead generation extremely productive is to look for a firm that not only has experience, but has experience in your specific niche. That’s right. Don’t just hire a telemarketing company, hire a b2b telemarketing firm with skills in getting qualified IT sales leads for your business—or whatever kind of leads your business specifically needs. Make the most out of your telemarketing campaigns by hiring niche telemarketers. Doing so not only increases the chances of finding highly qualified b2b sales leads, but because these professional b2b telemarketers already know what your leads usually ask, starting your lead generation campaign won’t take as long as it would compared to a “generic” telemarketing company who still has to learn the ropes.

It’s all about choosing the right service provider for your lead generation campaign. So hire the one that will be most beneficial for your company.

The Importance Of Finding New B2B Sales Leads For Your Business

All businesses, regardless of size, need a steady flow of sales leads to continue growing. This is the reason why sales and marketing should be allocated a significant portion of the budget, with the main focus on finding new b2b and sales leads. While lead generation is just one segment of the overall sales process, it remains an important function of your company.

For a business to business company, generating b2b leads can be done through various processes. Some of the most effective b2b lead generation strategies include: email marketing, networking, b2b telemarketing, paid advertising, and content marketing. Deciding on which marketing strategy to implement in your business depends on which one works best for your business.

But why look for new business leads when you have a lead nurturing process in place?

Having a lead nurturing process is obviously a necessity in business to further increase profits and maintain long-term profitability. However, despite having a lead nurturing process to make the most of all b2b leads generated, business lead generation should remain of prime concern to business owners and marketing managers. No matter how reliable your lead nurturing process is, your sales and marketing people can only nurture as long as leads and clients allow them to. The time will come when you and your clients have to part ways, and if you have not been continually looking for new b2b sales leads, you will be left with no client or business leads to nurture.

Why existing clients leave.

Even if you nurture your existing clients properly, it is an inevitable truth that they will eventually leave. There are various reasons for this:

  • The client decided to transfer to a competitor who offers a cheaper alternative.
  • The client is cutting down on business expenses.
  • The client can no longer sustain the business and has filed for bankruptcy.
  • The client has decided to move to a different location, and subsequently, to a different service provider.

Finding fresh new business sales leads for your business is an ongoing process. As stated above, there are various business lead generation strategies that your company can utilize, and the best strategy is to use 2 or 3 different strategies at time to get the best results. If your company uses email blasts to reach out to prospects for your b2b appointment setting campaign, you should complement this with other marketing strategies like b2b telemarketers and content marketing. As your company continues to grow, you must also increase your lead generation campaigns to find more new leads to sustain your business.