In Converting B2B Leads into Sales, There are 3 Rules to Remember

As B2B lead generation is rapidly turning into a purely online endeavor, some marketers are having a little problem with adjusting to the differences with traditional and digital marketing.

For instance, when it comes to leads, traditional marketers would often wait for an optimum response time (surveys indicate it to be 31 hours); however for online leads, it’s a different story. Leads that come from page visits or subscriptions forms online are live – meaning they require a faster, more engaged response than traditional leads from phone calls and events.

To be safe, here are 3 rules to follow:

Rule 1: Never make online leads wait

MarketingProfs calls this one The Taco Stand Rule.

It’s like you’re selling tacos and a customer walked up to the counter. He’s been thinking about tacos all day and could not wait to eat one. Now, you wouldn’t say “We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with your taco“. The buyer is already right in front of you, so you’d give him what he wants.

If you make leads wait, they will most likely move on to the next and find one that could satisfy their needs. Your best chance of reaching these leads is the moment when they identify themselves as a prospect.

Rule 2: The need for speed

CRM platforms can feed online leads to your reps in real time. But not all online leads are created equal, so you may have to work with your marketing team to distinguish the high quality leads from the poor leads. That’s where the element of speed is crucial.

Again, because online leads require immediate response, your team should be able to handle the task of responding to each lead based on type: inquiries, requests for data, warm leads, hot leads and whatnot. You could track response times and make reps accountable for speedy follow-up, or adjust your compensation plan to create incentives for real-time responses.

Rule 3: Better to be quick than accurate

Every response from a lead indicates a small timeframe window for marketers to take hold of the action. That principle allows one to prioritize the quick response over accuracy, because you can’t spend precious time making a response perfect while time is ticking away.  You can’t afford to make your response later, when it might be too late.

Strike whilst the iron is hot. If a prospect gets a response from you (even if it’s not perfect, just a good one), there will be no need for the prospect to start the process all over again with another option.

The Future Of Generating B2B Leads Online

We must admit, generating more B2B leads online has become an exercise of necessity. With automation and interactive voice recognition (IVR) being the norm, it does make one wonder if telemarketing is still needed in the lead generation business. Pundits are saying that the internet, with its wealth of information, will make salespeople obsolete. Customers have information right at their fingertips, so they no longer need anyone peddling directly to them anymore.

That could not be further from the truth.

Based on the recent research done by the Acquity Group, more than 95% of business owners looking for new businesses online still prefer having someone on the phone to discuss business with. In other words, a salesperson is still required in the appointment setting process. These potential sales leads still require talking to an actual person, in order to assess the value of a business they wish to work with. This is an important development in the B2B lead generation business.

The explanation is simple, direct consumers only need to read user reviews or company pages before they buy anything, leaving the salesperson out of the loop. Corporate buyers, however, are in a different field. They spend a lot in just one purchase, so they have to think their options carefully. Naturally, they would require someone to walk them through the buying process.

This is an opportunity for you. Just be sure that you remove the aggressive selling part on your lead generation campaign, since this is a turn-off for these prospects.

Why Branding Matters In Lead Generation


Before you begin your lead generation campaign, be sure that you have a brand that will back up your business. After all, in today’s highly brand-conscious market, how you describe your business, as well as the name you choose, could very well spell a bonanza of B2B leads, or probably make your appointment setting team’s work harder to do.

A company brand is essentially your name and calling card. This is the first thing that your business prospects will see in your calling card, as well as the name they will hear when you give them a telemarketing call. You brand would be the one on display during trade fairs or symposiums you participate in. That is why you need to choose your brand name well.

To do that, you need to first think about the tone. You need to choose a name that fits your image, like the way Ford uses nostalgia and classics in their imagery. It also helps that you research your brand. You may have thought it up on your own, but there might be others using it already. Avoid using brand names that have already been used, lest you are ready to deal with trademark lawsuits. And be kind to feedback, mind you? If people do not like your name, or could not connect your brand to your business, then it means you need to change it. Remember, you are creating a brand to generate sales leads.

Choose your branding well, and you can do better in lead generation.


Going Global In Lead Generation The Coca-Cola Way

We all know how big Coca-Cola is as a brand. It is practically everywhere you go in any part of the world. And while we might say that all large companies can do that, and smaller firms could only sit and moan their situation, it is a rather flimsy excuse. No matter the size, a company can still go global in their lead generation efforts. Generating sales leads from different markets (not to mention countries) can still be done. In Coke’s case, they went for a simple mantra – same company, different approach.

Coke serves a huge market, and they know it. That is why they set up marketing teams in every country they get into. These people must be immersed in the local culture, aware of the norms, knows what clicks with the audience, and come up with a marketing plan that jives with the local market and the global branding efforts. And here is the keyword to be remembered: research. You have to do proper research in the local market if you want to

This is a good lesson for you and your appointment setting team, especially if you are employing certain promotions to advertise your products or services in the global market. Before you begin any marketing campaign, you need to do your homework well. And you might have to double up your efforts if you do not have a local team to guide your way.

It is necessary. You need to understand what message is acceptable or unacceptable in your business. You also need to know what medium will work best. If telemarketing brings in the B2B leads, then so be it. It is a mix and match kind of marketing you have to do, since you have to test the waters and see what works best.


Lead Generation Lesson From The Miami Heat

Miami Heat rules the ball court – as usual. Their game play is so good that other teams could only scratch their heads as the Heat blitz their way to the finals. But what is the secret to their success? What kind of lesson can we get from it, a lesson that can help in our own lead generation campaign? Put it simply, it is all about intelligent play. Come to think of it, as long as we work intelligently in our appointment setting efforts, it would be an easy thing for us to generate better sales leads.

In the Miami Heat’s case, they wasted no time and effort in their shots. Every throw, every move, every dribble they made were all carefully calculated against their opponents. They also made careful evaluation of the opposing team and assigned the appropriate player to face-off with them. That pretty much matches up to what a marketing campaign should be. Study the market, know who to reach, as well as identify the marketing mediums to employ. Be it social media, telemarketing, email, or all of them, these should be geared up to help your business generate more B2B leads. Marketing can be likened to a game. As long as you know how to play, then you can handle it.

All that remains would be choosing the winning team. Good for you if you can organize your own lead generation specialists. But if you do not have one yet, you can still ask the help of outsourced appointment setting firms.

The Most Credible Phrase In Lead Generation: I Don’t Know

Yes, a lot of telemarketing representatives and sales managers will cringe at the thought of saying those words, and for a good reason. They are trained and focused on being the experts in a particular business, where their words will convince their potential sales leads that they can be trusted. Saying, or admitting, that they do not know the answer to a question is a bad sign, one that can ruin the success of a lead generation campaign. But that is not always the case.

The first thing that you have to remember is that no one is perfect. No matter how much you study or prepare yourself before an appointment setting call, there will always be a case where you may not be able to answer a question. It may sound counter-intuitive to admit that you do not know the answer, but actually, it can work the other way around.

A lot of business prospects are tired of hearing marketers and sellers claiming that they have all the answers to their current business woes. So it can be a refreshing change to hear someone admit that they do not know something, perhaps along the lines of how a prospect’s business operates. This creates an opening for you to know more about the prospect. Ask them how they go about their business, learn from their demonstration, check all the facts, and look deeper into their problems. Only then will you be able to come up with a winning solution.

That is the winning strategy in gaining more B2B leads for your business.

How To Retain Current Customers In Lead Generation

Generating new sales leads can be hard, so why spend so much effort if you can just get it from your current customers? Of course, this will only work if your current clients are actually still willing to do business with you. That is why it is important to know some customer retention skills.  Lead generation can be a very demanding work, especially if you are talking to prospects for the first time. It will be very sensible if you could just talk to your current customers and see if they would like to sign up for a new service (or simply stay with you in the future). So, what are the basics that you should keep in mind?

  1. Communicate consistently – this is very important, especially if you have some new policies or changes that are taking place. For example, you are going to terminate your current line of product or service, and you want to know if your prospects are interested to accept the change. Communicating with your customers and B2B leads will not only help in disseminating information, it also serves to cushion the impact of such change when it happens.
  2. Know what your customers want – while this might sound like an easy tip, you might be shocked to learn that all you did was ‘think’ that you ‘know’ what your customers want. Be more active in learning their desires, their needs, as well as their requirements. Only then will you be more effective in offering business solutions. It would be a good idea to employ telemarketing here, since this will give you an open channel for communication.
  3. Improve constantly – in order to maintain a business relationship as much as possible, you must constantly improve your product offers. Appointment setting is a task that can be made much easier if you have something new and exciting to offer. Current clients and business prospects would be thrilled to know that you have something good to offer.
  4. Have a channel of communication – it can take many forms, like social media, a reply option in emails, or perhaps a regular telemarketing call. All these can be used in order to gauge the current of customer thinking, as well as provide an avenue in which to identify what customers want from you. Also, you can provide your customers an avenue to air their grievances.
  5. Always be ready for the competition – you cannot take your competitors lightly. In one way or another, you will always be faced with the possibility that they might steal your prospects and clients. Be ready to deal with their machinations. Remember, you need to retain your customers if you want to save time in generating B2B leads.

Of course, if you need help in marketing, it would be a good idea to outsource the work to a capable telemarketing firm. You need to be in touch with your business prospects, right? It might require a little aggressive tool to improve your sales leads generation.

5 Helpful Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile For Better Lead Generation

For the business to business sector, the indispensable social media choice is definitely LinkedIn. More so than any other social media platform available, LinkedIn has attracted the attention of mostly business people because of its professional appeal. This is also the reason why a lot of business people and b2b marketers use it for their online lead generation campaigns in addition to their website. To get the best results for your online marketing, you have to make your profile as professional as possible. Here are 5 tips to turn your company’s LinkedIn profile into an effective b2b lead generation tool.

1. Upload a professional photo.

Having a photo on your profile helps it become more “official”. But don’t just upload any photo of yourself on your LinkedIn page. To get the attention of the decision makers in your market niche, upload a photo of yourself in business attire as it has been found that people respond better to these types of photos. You will have a better chance of getting qualified business appointments when you appear professional right from the start.

2. Don’t waste your invites.

LinkedIn allows only 3000 invites, so you must use these wisely. Don’t just randomly invite people whom you are unsure about. If you have think that that person is a qualified business lead, then research about him first. Check his website or his profiles on other social networks. Once you are sure that he is a qualified business lead, invite him to be your connection.

3. Use keywords for your profile.

Just like your website, if you want to be visible when your business leads search LinkedIn, use your target keywords to describe yourself. Use these to describe your experiences, summary, skills and expertise. The more you use your keywords, the more chances you have of showing up in searches for these keywords.

4. Get recommendations from your previous clients.

Recommendations are a great way for your potential business leads to find out how you work without needing to ask your clients. You can ask your existing and previous clients to write a few sentences to recommend you, your company, or your products to anyone who might view your profile.

5. Join relevant groups.

LinkedIn groups allow like-minded business people to share their thoughts or discuss matters that are important to them. Joining groups relevant to your niche will not only give you access to getting a lot of qualified b2b sales leads, but also to the knowledge that they have shared to the whole group.

How To Do Your Own Lead Generation

When looking for qualified b2b sales leads for your business, you might have considered buying a pre-generated business list from a third party or a service provider. This is just one of the many common mistakes that business owners make when looking for more chances of a sale. The truth is, if you don’t want to hire a professional lead generation company for your business (which is the best way to get a steady flow of qualified business leads), then you’re better off generating your own business list from scratch. Try these simple tips to start generating your own leads now:

Put a sign-up form in your website or blog.

If you haven’t already done so, placing a simple fill-up form on your website or blog is the most basic (and easiest) way to get qualified b2b sales leads into your business list. Place the form in an unobstructive yet conspicuous space within your blog or website. Also, to motivate people to sign-up, have contests, promotions, or free giveaways that would require your readers or visitors to sign up. Just make sure your website or blog has certification. Your b2b leads and sales leads are more likely to give you their contact information if they can see an assurance that you don’t participate in spam, or that you won’t sell their contact information to a third party. There are various certifications available on the internet that you can place on your site to offer this assurance to your qualified b2b sales leads; web hosting service providers even offer this as a cheap add-on to their services. When your sales leads see that your online business is authentic, you can look forward to more visits and sign-ups to your business list.

Scour the internet for completely free business information.

It’s a common practice for online (and even offline) businesses to share their basic contact information on their websites to the general public. It helps their customers reach them easily, and you should take advantage of this. A simple Google search will yield hundreds of thousands of business b2b sales lead information. Though this may seem like a daunting task, you can be completely sure that the contact info on your business lists are made up of potential business sales leads from the right niche market.

Utilize the information on social media.

Even if you don’t have a lot of followers on Facebook and LinkedIn, you can check the profiles of these followers and collect their business information, just like doing a Google search. The benefit of getting the information from social media is that they will be more likely to recognize your products and your brand, which means they will be more accepting of your newsletters. You might even be able to ask for referrals from your followers to further increase your business list.

Where To Get Quality Business Leads For Your Telemarketing Campaign

Your telemarketing campaign may be adequate right now, but to get the best possible results from your campaigns, you need to have all the factors that comprise a great business to business telemarketing campaign. Securing a good telemarketing script for lead generation and hiring reliable, experienced b2b telemarketers need one more thing to complete the process: a highly targeted telemarketing business list.

You can either generate your own business leads by scouring the internet and phone books, purchase a business list from a lead generation company, or you can outsource to professional lead generation service providers to look for specifically qualified b2b sales leads using your criteria.

An important thing to remember when buying pre-defined business lists from another company is to make sure that the list hasn’t already been sold to a competitor in your industry. This is often the problem with pre-qualified business lists because the buyer (in this case, you) will never know how many competitors in the same market, or even the same micro niche, have already gained access to that list of qualified business leads. Imagine if you were to buy a list that usually costs several hundred dollars; you’d expect your b2b telemarketers to be able to convert or get business appointments with these businesses because they are high quality leads. However, if your competitors have also purchased the same list, then your chances of converting these leads will be drastically reduced no matter how much they fit your criteria. Not only did you waste critical funds, but you’ve also wasted the time and effort of your employees.

The best way to ensure that your telemarketing campaign cold callers only contact qualified leads that you can actually convert and haven’t been purchased by your competitors yet is to outsource your lead generation to a professional b2b lead generation service provider. These leads you get from these companies are freshly sourced. Meaning, you get the first opportunity to offer a solution to their problem. And because the business list was generated specifically for the use of your telemarketers, you can be assured that no other competitor will present another offer to your business leads as you close the deal. All that’s left is for your telemarketers to set the business appointments and your sales representatives to close the deal.

Having an exclusive business list of qualified b2b sales leads, professionally trained and experienced b2b telemarketers, and an engaging telemarketing script are the most important factors to secure if you want to have the best telemarketing lead generation campaign for your business.

Important Tips When Creating Your Telemarketing Script

When you’re planning on having a telemarketing campaign to generate as much b2b sales leads for your business as possible, you have to make sure that you’ve covered the most important factors of making your telemarketing campaign a success.

One of the most important equipments you will need to have a productive and profitable telemarketing campaign is to have a really good telemarketing script. Every telemarketing campaign needs to have its own telemarketing script. Recycling a previous script is possible, but you have to alter the content so that it is not recognizable as a recycled script at all. Here are a few more things to remember when choosing or writing your telemarketing script for your new business to business telemarketing campaign.

  • While it’s alright to recycle, ideally, the script needs to be completely new and originally written for your current telemarketing campaign. This helps to ensure that the script really expresses the benefits of your products and services. A generalized script will do nothing to help convert your prospective sales leads, and patching up an existing script often turns out to be sounding just as that: patchy.
  • To facilitate the natural delivery of telemarketing scripts, this must be written in a free-flowing way of speech. But it mustn’t be too casual or else the leads and gatekeepers would think you’re only calling to chat on the phone. Make it professional sounding, but never too technical or haughty. Write it like how you want to tell your friends about your new product or service. If you want your telemarketers to sound natural when cold calling, you have to start with your telemarketing script.
  • Write your telemarketing script for your target market. Write responses with all the potential questions they may have, don’t just talk about what you want them to know about your offer. Yes, you can say that you have a 30% discount for those who purchase through your telemarketers, but before you get to this, you have to make them believe that your product solves their problem first. Present to them as the provider of a viable solution, and mention the discount as an added bonus; not the other way around because no matter how large the discount you offer, if your b2b sales leads don’t find your offer beneficial to them, they wouldn’t buy it.
  • Have professional b2b telemarketers practice your script until the delivery comes natural to them. Give them room to improvise (especially when a client asks a question or mentions something not included in the script), but for the most part, require them to stick to the telemarketing script. There’s an important reason why it was made, and this is why they must use it.

Reasons Why Your Lead Generation Campaigns Are Not Working

When you run a business, a lot of things can get out of hand and you will need to find out the cause immediately or it could prove to be disastrous or costly for your business. While common culprits are easy to point out, sometimes, unexpected things happen which will require you to do a double take on the cause of the problem. Here are a few examples:

  • If your qualified business leads reject your offer, it doesn’t mean that your telemarketing script is to blame. It might be that your business leads simply aren’t willing to go through the process of implementing a new process or don’t want their employees to waste any time learning how to use a new product or service. You might also start blaming your telemarketers of not doing their work properly, as it is a common reason for such problems. It could just be the business sales leads who are the problem, so don’t immediately think its your telemarketing script or your b2b telemarketers.
  • If your appointment setting campaigns are not letting you convert as much business leads as they should, the problem might not be with your script or your appointment setting service provider. Your chosen b2b sales leads may just be experiencing an emergency, such as a low economy, or a disruption in their specific industry which is why they don’t have any budget to spend. If you identify these factors as the cause of your problem, then try contacting your business sales leads another time.
  • If your lead generation campaign isn’t working as you intended it to, don’t think your lead generation methods are not effective for your chosen market niche. Perhaps you just aren’t paying attention to the right datas or statistics, or your marketing people haven’t been implementing the method properly. A lot of good lead generation campaigns are not reaching their full potential because of a lot of factors, but they end up being replaced with another lead generation method without even the proper research.

Before you consider a process or operation in your business as ineffective and decide to scrap it for a newer method, consider all the possible angles first so that you don’t waste any more effort, time, and resources to implement a new system. Especially when the problem is with your sales and marketing department, take into account all possible factors before you choose to implement a new lead generation or telemarketing campaign.