Get More Sales by Underscoring Urgency in B2B Appointment Setting

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Get More Sales by Underscoring Urgency in B2B Appointment Setting

“In today’s multi-threaded, multi-tasking multi-verse, it’s no longer good enough to make a clear, compelling case about why someone should do something. You have to make a case about why they have to do it NOW.”

This passage written by Velocity Partners Co-Founder Doug Kessler back in 2010 sure does ring in sync with today’s tune. As new techniques are introduced into every marketer’s B2B lead generation campaigns, urgency should still be highlighted as an essential motivator for creating interest.

How else would you convince B2B decision makers to seal a purchase?

At some point, enterprises will still be able to acquire more sales leads, only to find that these leads would not go as far as setting an appointment with a sales rep. The main reason for this is the absence of a sense of urgency.

It is simple the way it works: By positioning a product to address a current and serious problem, you are implicitly giving a prospect a valuable option. Especially when the prospect conforms to your definition of a qualified customer, there is a higher chance for a sales conversion to take place.

Of course, it will take a good sense of navigating through a conversation to reveal “attack points” in which urgency can be played up.

In an excerpt from his article for, marketing professional John Barrows details the seven important things to remember when talking to prospects and filling them in on why your products are top priority.

  • Do your homework prior to the meeting to try and find out the publicly stated top business priorities.
  • Develop questions specific to finding out what those priorities are or how your solution can align with them.
  • Make sure you have a reason for your questions.
  • Ask your questions and dig for insight.
  • If the insight isn’t good enough, ask to be introduced to someone who can give you the insight you need.
  • Summarize their priorities and how your solution aligns. Get confirmation in writing (summary email, mutual action plan, etc.)
  • Confirm and highlight their priorities and your solutions alignment throughout your communications (update calls, proposals, etc.).

Creating effective conversations can guarantee that your product’s value is presented well, but it’s not enough. It is still vital to conduct constant monitoring of important metrics such as ROI and lead conversions. In addition, employing top notch appointment setters can up your sales gains.


Set more appointments by following these tips!



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Lights. Camera. Appointment! Developing an Award-Winning Call Script

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Lights Camera Appointment! The Elements of an Award-Winning Telemarketing Script

These days, anyone can become a filmmaker. All you have to do is get a camera, get the proper funding from close friends and relatives, and prepare a script.

That last part however is arguably the hardest in the production process to pull off. You will need characters and a compelling plot if you desire a seat at Sundance or Cannes.

In the same way, a great deal of planning is also involved in B2B appointment setting and telemarketing.

Creating the next Pulp Fiction and converting a high amount of good leads are not far from each other in complexity. You can install the best production software and marketing automation system, but all these would not even give you a following if the final product – in this case, your lead generation – turns out to be crappy.

It’s not about unleashing a string of cheesy one-liners or incorporating delirious twist endings with Shyamalan-esque undertones. It’s more about your crowd, the time and effort they spend in watching your film and giving in to what they generally want.

With a telemarketing call script as engaging as Scorsese’s string of box office masterpieces (minus of course the excessive swearing), you might get closer to actually achieving something than Leo.

Get to the point

Most independent films feature unending dialogues. Some, Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes for instance, involve a lot of nicotine and caffeine-fueled discussions, but still come off as interesting and satisfying. There are also dragging dialogues that do not do much except to make you run to the nearest fire escape. If you don’t want your prospects to do the same, we suggest you beef up your telemarketing skills and go straight to the point in your appointment setting.

Be linear

The nonlinear narrative was applied in full effect in movies like (500) Days of Summer and Reservoir Dogs. Then again, overdoing it wouldn’t do your audience any good. When scheduling and setting an appointment with a B2B prospect, make sure that your conversations follow a logical path that would end up in a confirmation. Don’t get lost in the conversation. For a nifty tip: use prompts to determine key talking points and keep the appointment setting discussion on track.

Prepare for a sequel

At the end of a certain film, people are often left unsatisfied, asking “What happened to that guy?” or “Why is the bad guy still alive?” You might consider a sequel, although you are expected to make the experience a lot better for your audience. But when it comes to appointment setting, you will also have to prepare just in case the initial contacts fail to deliver a conversion. Complement your script with teasers in the form of emails and stimulate a prospect’s anticipation. This will surely keep him glued to you until an agreement is reached.


Cardinal Rules for B2B Appointment Setting for IT Services

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Cardinal Rules for B2B Appointment Setting for IT Services

The IT industry can never live without an effective marketing plan. Nifty web applications and database solutions are rendered irrelevant when there’s a failure in lead generation processes. Other than that, B2B appointment setting also poses a challenge that IT service and product providers should undermine.

We also need to consider the nature of marketing IT services. From the onset, it is a lot different from marketing for other industries. And the techniques are far complex given that one’s target businesses can develop their own brand of management software. Throw in noteworthy competition, and you will have yourself a recipe for possible business failure.

But get your hopes up. High profile IT leads are out there for the taking, and it is imperative to improve your appointment setting strategies in order to get ahead of the rest. Social media lead generation is still an efficient solution.

For appointment setting on the other hand, there is obviously a need to rediscover  the value of its basic rules. If you opt for higher conversions of IT leads, then check out these important rules that can surely do your marketing campaign good.

Zero in on your targets

IT prospects are tricky to begin with. But careful prospecting and lead nurturing can provide ample openings for a long-term engagement. But this starts with knowing your target audience by specifying the type of industry your IT products and services cater. The size of the companies you are targeting should also be taken into account.

Study the competition

Modern business partners are more intelligent when it comes to choosing the best software for certain needs. Often, they are looking for solutions that have not yet been introduced to them. Thus, it is crucial that every appointment setting engagement focuses on your company’s specific capabilities and characteristics that differentiate it from other service providers.

Offer something new

B2B appointment setting derive their successes from the approaches you take. One of these approaches is to strike up a conversation with a prospect about new company offers. Do you have new innovations in store for your target market? Mention them in every engagement.

Stir up interest with content

It is also important to optimize your web content. Blog articles and downloadable informational materials can increase brand awareness as well as guide your prospects in every tier of the purchase funnel.

These rules can maximize your marketing solutions only if you can apply them properly. Employing an independent and marketing-savvy firm on the other hand might just do the trick.

B2B Appointment Setting: How to Make Your Sales Meetings Bear Fruits

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B2B Appointment Setting-How to Make Your Sales Meetings Bear Fruits

Okay, so you’ve been getting a lot of B2B appointments lately. That’s great.

The question is: are you able to get something out of them?

In B2B, telemarketing, the number of appointments set does not equate to success unless they are being converted to closed deals. When we send out our sales executives to meet with prospects face to face, they bear the pressure of turning that opportunity into gold.

Kevin Higgins, CEO of Fusion Learning, a training organization, shares 6 secrets in holding a successful sales meeting:

1. Start with an energizer. Begin your meetings on time and start with some fun. Reward those who are punctual to help eliminate the lateness factor.

From week to week you’ll find my team doing trivia games, telling funny stories, sharing sales highlights of the week, or discussing their focus for the month ahead.

2. Keep it simply simple (K.I.S.S.). Always ask, “Does this item need to be in the meeting or could it be done outside the meeting or as pre-work?”

Keep it simply simple with four steps: Make sure the pace of the meeting is fast, create the right atmosphere by ensuring it is fun, add value by helping the team better execute on a key sales skill that will help them close business and have shared ownership, meaning you have the members share content on a regular basis.

3. Have three rules for individual updates. When discussing personal updates make sure the topics are small and the answers timed, so they don’t take over the meeting or sap the team’s energy.

To ensure individual updates don’t take up too much of the sales meeting, follow these three rules: set time limits, create different themes around successes, like key learnings and future focus and know when to take individual issues offline.

4. Motivate and reward. You must build motivation into every team meeting. The sales team has a tough challenge and needs to feel supported and recognized. This isn’t about big gifts or exceptional moments — the simplest “thank you” can have great meaning.

Think about sorting the rewards into different categories. You can make them fun, competitive, team-based, recognition-based or even externally focused, such as getting input or recognizing someone outside of the sales team.

5. Capability activity. Every sales meeting must stretch and challenge team members’ skills to keep them at the top of their game. Capability activities can focus on prospecting, networking, lead generation, client meetings, presenting solutions or closing. The capability activity is all about ongoing skill development and is the key to creating value at the meeting.

6. Standard agenda. If you follow our format, you’ll have a standard, consistent and easy-to-follow agenda that will keep you focused and on track. With it, you can reduce your meeting preparation time dramatically. Keeping your agendas in a folder for reference will also ensure you don’t repeat any of the fun and creative segments.

Read more the full post at 6 Secrets to a Successful Sales Meeting


Smart Moves For Your B2B Appointment Setting Campaign

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When generating sales leads, you have to make sure that your B2B appointment setting campaign is working flawlessly. You have to remember that most of your marketing efforts will be centered around reaching out to potential B2B leads, nurturing the relationship with them, raising interest, and, finally, asking for the sale.

This requires some careful planning on your part. Truly, this is something that you cannot really do half-heartedly. If you want to make a profit, then you have to be serious with it. This is the only way for you to be successful. But how will you do it? How can you smart in your marketing efforts? There are some tricks and tips that you can learn here:

    1. Silence your inner voice – ever sat down and listened to someone? More likely than not, you ran a silent commentary along with the talk. That is the inner voice. This could be damaging to your business if it starts to hinder your listening comprehension. You might be tempted to listen to that voice in your head, shutting yourself completely away from the speaker. Seriously, ignore your inner voice up. Your B2B telemarketing campaign will be better for that.


    1. Start a debate with yourself – if you really cannot keep that inner voice quiet, why not try arguing with it? If your voice begins to criticize the speaker, stop it by taking the other position. Tell yourself why the speaker is correct, or why the presentation is nice, why the issues raised are true, etc. This will not only get you more engaged, since you are now proving that what the speaker says is true, it will also give you a better comprehension of the topic.


    1. Be very curious – if there is one thing that can help in your B2B appointment setting campaign, then it is curiosity. While not all of us may have the same thirst for knowledge, being curious can help you become more receptive to data, as well as encourage the other party to share information with you some more. This will help you be more effective in your B2B lead generation efforts.


    1. Seek the truth – everything has a reason. That is one rule you need to remember when talking to B2B leads prospects. They might say one thing, but they might actually mean another. There may be times where they might even have no idea what they really want. You can only get the truth by asking smart questions. This is one essential element that you cannot take lightly.


  1. Concentrate on the message, not the messenger – in cases of face-to-face conversations with prospects, you must remember this. There are times when the appearance, mannerism, or even the way prospects (and their representatives) talk can affect our understanding. By concentrating on the content of their message, you can be in a better position to understand what they require and what solution you can offer them.

Follow these tips, and you can have a smart B2B appointment setting campaign.

The Truth about Appointment Setting

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by: Vaibhav Aggarwal

Appointment setting is important…you may agree or you may not, but the truth is that you cannot survive without appointment setting. What is appointment setting? It is about identifying prospects and then setting an appointment with him where your sales or marketing professionals can meet him personally.

You can find plenty of organizations offering b2b appointment setting services. You would need to give them a list of prospects and they will set an appointment with them for your sales and marketing people to meet personally. However, the truth of the process is far from what is generally believed and before contracting a consultant offering appointment setting services, you probably need to evaluate, “does this process actually lead to better sales performance?”

A lot of times appointment setting has turned out to be a misnomer, because a lot of b2b appointment setting service providers would simply start calling up your prospects without even having a true knowledge of what your company is offering and why the prospect would be interested in setting up an appointment. It happens in plenty of occasions that prospects agree for your sales professionals to meet, but many of the meetings do not end up bearing any fruit…interestingly, and some prospects even may not recall setting the appointment in the first place. Such unqualified appointments definitely add cost.

To make the most out of, say, IT and Software services appointment setting, you should ideally contract a company to whom you do not simply outsource your appointment setting services but one who provides sales solutions. Such a company would fill client forecasts and set important appointments, not halfhearted meetings. You should also make sure that their expert sales and marketing professionals can deliver the opportunities you would need to increase sales leads, correctly cover client markets, and add predictability and surety to prospecting.

Sales Appointment Setting: In-house or Outsource?

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by:  Brian Grinonneau

If you are running b2b appointment setting and lead generation services in-house, you may not be getting the full value from the money you spend on the effort.  That’s why some of the biggest companies in the world outsource some, or all of their call center functions to professional appointment setting firms. They help you make more money. Call center outsourcing vs. in-house call center activities:Great appointment setters usually want to work a full 40 hour week, and that is usually not affordable for most call centers. Performance suffers because of that either fewer appointments, or poor quality appointments. Appointment setting service companies pay full time professionals well enough to have great ones.

Appointment setters function much better when working on your project 2-4 hours a day, not 8. It becomes a case of diminishing returns.

Appointment setters talk to the right people at the right time. It isn’t about more calls its about meaningful conversations with qualified prospects, that turn into sales.

You need qualified sales appointments set for your staff not an unlimited number, but one that allows your sales professionals to present your offer, negotiate and close.

Provides a significant return on investment that is trackable.

Focuses on disqualifying poor prospects to maximize your closing ratio.

Allows you to do what you do best: close deals.

Drives new revenue without having to expand or provide additional office space, computers, telephones or employees.

Gives you the ability to have trained, skilled and experienced personnel to fulfill your call center needs with the ability to utilize appointment setting; phone sales; lead generation and lead qualifying; list and database scrubbing; database building; surveys; market research; seminar registration and fundraising.

If you have an in-house telemarketing department, you should run a test campaign with a sales appointment setting service. You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome you’ll make more money in less time.


How To Choose An Appointment Setter For Your Business

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When choosing an appointment setter for your business, it is important to that their services are compatible with your company goals to develop to provide excellent customer service.

We all know that lead generation is important for a business to grow. It is also important to have a good system for contacting the leads to establish good relationship with them. Appointment setting services can help you manage your contacts, call them, deal with them and to set up a meeting.

To find new clients from those leads is not an easy task. It is absolutely impossible for a business owner to manage time and manpower to contact all those leads and make deals with them to do business. With B2b appointment setting, you can do all the tasks up to rescheduling and dealing with clients confusions about the set meeting.


Outsourcing appointment setting services will not only help your business increase sales but it is also for cost-reduction and increase revenue. It will be much expensive if you plan to have your own appointment setting company. Training people and building the infrastructure will cost you a lot.

Double the Sales

B2B appointment setting services works like they are within your own company. They know how every product and services that you offer. They know how everything works. These will double the force of your selling system and increase sales output. They are expert in this field and able to make strategies that will work for your business.

To be noticed

Working with an appointment setter will not only increase your sales but will make you to be noticed by your prospects. There are different mediums that can be use nowadays like radio, TV, and online ads but business owners cannot be contented with them. They know that using the phone and talking to the potential customers is still the best.

What Appointment setting company to look for.

When working with an appointment setting services it is important that you work with a company that is already experienced and have good reputation. Check the companies that they have worked before. Look if they are effective like they said they are. Do not hesitate to ask questions. You must know how their calls are made, time they call, how many shifts and more. You might also want to know what other services they offer that can help your business grow.