The 3 R’s of Appointment Setting for the Healthcare Industry: Relationships, Revenue, and Reputation

The 3 R’s of Appointment Setting for the Healthcare Industry- Relationships, Revenue, and Reputation


This year, it appears the healthcare industry (at this point worth $3 trillion in an article by Forbes) would be expanding further as it emphasizes the need for value-based healthcare. Indeed, appointment setting plays a great role.

Hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions are investing to update their capabilities in providing low-cost treatments and services without diminishing quality. This entails numerous opportunities for B2B vendors offering such solutions that are in line with current standards.

In this case, healthcare providers need to implement effective B2B appointment setting, since it allows them a whole range of benefits in terms of:


Engaging prospects is a critical aspect of selling healthcare services and products. It is not a simple matter of talking to someone and convincing them to make a purchase. It rather puts greater emphasis on creating valuable, long-term relationships between providers and important decision-makers).


B2B appointments are essential for generating profits since they represent sales possibilities. They facilitate the possible transformation of a warm lead into a paying customer, hence driving growth and competitiveness.


When talking to a sales prospect, healthcare providers are also putting their names on the line. The messages and propositions they give can directly affect how their target institutions perceive them, hence granting an opportunity to propel their brand toward market acceptance and achieve a following.

Without B2B appointment setting, it is difficult for providers to organize effective messaging around the current needs of their constituents. Then again, there is always an increasing need to put quality on the table. It is one thing to generate qualified leads, but a more complex process is involved in driving appointments.


In this case, marketers will have to implement their appointment setting taking account of:

1.Proper skills and talent – Highly proficient sales staffs are needed to drive important and steer clear of obstacles. They will need to be flexible and trained well enough to conduct value-based sales calls.

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2. Efficient marketing and sales system – In addition to competent personnel, providers will also need to implement technologies that allow them to better manage leads and determine if they are ready to engage in a sales appointment, aided of course by effective market research and customer profiling.

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3.Software and technology ­– One concern about the B2B healthcare industry is that it has yet to make important strides in terms of using technology to their advantage. While this is true, providers can always employ a lead generation service featuring integrated marketing automation.

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B2B Appointment Setting Weaknesses and How to Overcome Them for Less

B2B Appointment Setting Weaknesses and How to Overcome Them for Less

Failure is commonplace in the B2B marketing world, particularly when it comes to lead generation processes. And while there is no sure fire way to counter problems in the production of B2B leads, companies are still spending hefty sums to find a solution.

The results are pretty much the same thing: poor conversion rates. Indeed, these B2B enterprises should opt for cost-efficient solutions for specific issues.

B2B appointment setting is one such issue that deserves extra attention since it is the transition to a sale. And failing it would obviously mean no sale.

As with lead generation, it is important to think of cost-efficient solutions for your campaign. Despite its perceived impossibility, finding a suitable solution shouldn’t take us far. It is just a matter of knowing specific problems to specific weaknesses in your appointment setting processes.

If you think your campaign is having a good run, then think again. Identify and correct these common mistakes and improve sales conversions dramatically.

Unmotivated appointment setters

In appointment scheduling and setting, your personnel are as important as your sales pipeline. And this is due to the fact that your personnel are the ones filling your pipeline. But having an unmotivated team hampers any hope to achieve short-term sales goals. It is thus imperative to reinvigorate your personnel by setting up an environment built on trust and respect.

Unqualified prospects

Sometimes, it’s collaboration with the lead generation team that’s keeping your conversions at a low. A turnout of poor-quality B2B leads demonstrates the impotence of your campaign.  While it is important to nurture your appointment setting, it is equally important to attend to the needs of your lead generation personnel. Having an optimized team would provide the best B2B leads that would convert easily.

Incessant rejections

Nothing deals a more painful blow to the business ego than a rejection. It is one of many scenarios that prevent a scheduled appointment. For this, try to find ways to revamp your strategies and approaches. Try to ask yourself where in your call script have you done wrong. Or is it because of the call script? Or maybe you forgot to send emails to your prospects prior to your appointment scheduling?

Identifying these weaknesses will let you see for yourself how your appointment setting campaign fares. You might as well correct these deficiencies yourself, but it would indeed take you a lot of time of and entail a lot of investments.

For better results in converting your B2B leads, you can always outsource your lead generation and marketing campaigns to a competent firm.

In B2B Appointment Setting, it Pays to be Aggressively Warm

In B2B Appointment Setting, it Pays to be Aggressively Warm

Friendliness is a virtue in the B2B appointment setting industry. And no business could ever get away with converted B2B leads without being nice and easygoing. Human interactions play a vital role in the success of industry players. Lead generation processes as well as content marketing benefit heavily from customer engagement.

But interaction is something your appointment setting makes a great deal of. Every appointment is all about meeting B2B leads. The main aim on your part as the appointment setter is to stimulate a healthy conversation. Issues are raised and solutions are presented in turn. The conversation lasts for a few minutes or until the prospect confirms or rejects any further engagement.

Obviously, a closed B2B sale is too precious. So, there is a need to create an appointment setting strategy that drives an increase in ROI. But how exactly is it done?

Well, experienced B2B marketers often suggest being assertive and sure about your goals. But somehow it gets counter-productive when appointment setting teams overdo it. What’s needed is a perfect balance between aggressiveness and friendliness.

If you are not sure on how to optimize your marketing and sales performance, here are ways that could give your conversion rates a boost.

Be insightful

Does your prospect have issues that no other B2B company could resolve? Do these issues resurface? Asking the right questions are vital in knowing whether a prospect is ready to buy or not. Also, knowing the issues at hand would make it easy for you to guide your prospect into making a purchase.

Be insistent

And this is where aggressiveness fits in. In business, it is highly important to become very insistent as well as persuasive. Just like a child goading his brother to play at the park, you would find it equally rewarding to convince your prospect into making a closed deal.

Be interesting

This doesn’t encourage boasting however. Still, it remains to be effective. Confidence has positive connotations. It says something about your credibility. And it sure keeps your prospects interested. Set out what you intend to do, and they might just be able to give you their blessing.

In light of the fact that appointment scheduling and setting endeavors are interpersonal, it is important that the personnel behind these have the necessary sales skills. Also, maximizing your ROI and lead generation are possible if you outsource these operations to a competent B2B company.

Searching for an Appointment Setting Company? Here’s Something to Guide you Through

appointment setting guide

Business appointments are crucial since they go before the part where the prospect decides to make a purchase.
To effectively handle an appointment requires a lot of skill, and not so much a thing for story-telling. We leave it at that. But to effectively goad a prospect to set an appointment is entirely different.

With this in mind, some companies resort to hiring a B2B enterprise capable of setting b2b appointments for them. With thousands of firms listed on Google’s search pages, it could be difficult to find one that is worth the investment by promising (and actually achieving) a high turnout of converted leads.
Here is a concise guide to finding an appointment setting company that can suit your goals.

Make sure the company is legit. The internet is home to all sorts of professionals and “professionals.” In fact, con artists disguised as professional B2B outsourcing firms are hardly distinguishable from legitimate and more honest companies. So, before hiring, make sure to do extensive research on the history as well as the accreditation of candidate companies.

Know their process. Indeed, setting appointments could be approached by a variety of ways and through a variety of techniques. Thus, it is essential that you know the companies that employ only the best practices in setting appointments.

Understand your industry. There are B2B firms that are focused on a distinct industry, and it does you good when you choose an organization that knows a lot about your intended market.

Examine connections with your closest competitors. It pays to know about the competition. On the other hand, you pay dearly if you don’t. Thus, you should know whether prospective firms have connections with your rivals, epecially when you pay per appointment. There is the tendency that your appointments could be subject for sale to the competition, so better watch out.

Remember: Results trump everything else. An impressive resume of achievements may seem attractive. But there is still truth in the saying, “Seeing is believing.” To really know that a B2B  appointment setting company is competent in delivering its services, don’t settle for assurances. Look for a firm that is result-oriented, and by that we mean a firm that is willing to realize your goals rather than to fill in short-term campaign gaps.

While closed sales comprise your company’s motivations, it takes a good deal of appointment setting expertise to guide sales leads to the table and make successful deals. And it takes a truly competent B2B negotiator to do just that.




B2B Appointment Setting: How to Make Your Sales Meetings Bear Fruits

B2B Appointment Setting-How to Make Your Sales Meetings Bear Fruits

Okay, so you’ve been getting a lot of B2B appointments lately. That’s great.

The question is: are you able to get something out of them?

In B2B, telemarketing, the number of appointments set does not equate to success unless they are being converted to closed deals. When we send out our sales executives to meet with prospects face to face, they bear the pressure of turning that opportunity into gold.

Kevin Higgins, CEO of Fusion Learning, a training organization, shares 6 secrets in holding a successful sales meeting:

1. Start with an energizer. Begin your meetings on time and start with some fun. Reward those who are punctual to help eliminate the lateness factor.

From week to week you’ll find my team doing trivia games, telling funny stories, sharing sales highlights of the week, or discussing their focus for the month ahead.

2. Keep it simply simple (K.I.S.S.). Always ask, “Does this item need to be in the meeting or could it be done outside the meeting or as pre-work?”

Keep it simply simple with four steps: Make sure the pace of the meeting is fast, create the right atmosphere by ensuring it is fun, add value by helping the team better execute on a key sales skill that will help them close business and have shared ownership, meaning you have the members share content on a regular basis.

3. Have three rules for individual updates. When discussing personal updates make sure the topics are small and the answers timed, so they don’t take over the meeting or sap the team’s energy.

To ensure individual updates don’t take up too much of the sales meeting, follow these three rules: set time limits, create different themes around successes, like key learnings and future focus and know when to take individual issues offline.

4. Motivate and reward. You must build motivation into every team meeting. The sales team has a tough challenge and needs to feel supported and recognized. This isn’t about big gifts or exceptional moments — the simplest “thank you” can have great meaning.

Think about sorting the rewards into different categories. You can make them fun, competitive, team-based, recognition-based or even externally focused, such as getting input or recognizing someone outside of the sales team.

5. Capability activity. Every sales meeting must stretch and challenge team members’ skills to keep them at the top of their game. Capability activities can focus on prospecting, networking, lead generation, client meetings, presenting solutions or closing. The capability activity is all about ongoing skill development and is the key to creating value at the meeting.

6. Standard agenda. If you follow our format, you’ll have a standard, consistent and easy-to-follow agenda that will keep you focused and on track. With it, you can reduce your meeting preparation time dramatically. Keeping your agendas in a folder for reference will also ensure you don’t repeat any of the fun and creative segments.

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Do More With Your B2B Appointment Setting Services


B2B appointment setting campaigns can be a very stressful activity, especially if you are dealing with a myriad of things, like production of wares and management of your people. Still, you have to do it yourself, since this will affect your profitability in the long run. I mean, how will you be able to sell if you cannot find a consistent supply of sales leads that you should be going after?

This is something that not many marketers are able to pull off. How you do that is up to you, but it never hurts to know a few tricks of the trade. These might be just what you need to help your B2B lead generation efforts to succeed:

    1. Think of businesses as people – despite the rather impersonal nature of business, you have to remember that you are still talking to people. Your interactions with them will determine how successful you can be in turning them into viable B2B leads. Personalize your marketing touch, let them feel acknowledged, appreciated, to be personally addressed. This is something that you, as the marketer, should keep in mind.


    1. Focus on the results – yes, it may be interesting (if not exciting) to go through the motions of brainstorming and meetings and the like, but, ultimately, you have get results. And you can only do that if you are entirely focused on getting those results. The key to successful marketing campaigns is in getting the results you wanted.


    1. Get out of your comfort zones – yes, you might feel nice and comfy in your established businesses, but you can be sure to get more if you try to go beyond what you already know. Do not be afraid to do something new (like venture into new products), revisit classing marketing tools (like B2B telemarketing) or employ other means to get what you want. Being constantly on your toes is not only good for creativity, but also for your adaptability as well.


    1. Aim to delight your customers – keep in mind that marketing is all about constantly exciting, delighting, pleasing, etc. your customers. Without that ‘wow’ factor in your B2B lead generation efforts, your business prospects will not stay interested in what you say. Now that is the last thing you would want to end up with, right? After all, if you want to be the best in the business, you have to make a lot of people happy.


  1. Ask for the sale – nervous about asking for the sale? Seriously, a lot of marketers are unbelievably shy to ask for the sale. How will you be able to get more business coming in if you do not ask for it? I mean, this is the most important part of marketing. Do not screw it up. Otherwise, you might just end up losing your sales leads to the competition.

Keep your business up and running through these tips. Yes, these might be an armful, but if you want to be successful in your B2B appointment setting services, you have to follow them.

How To Be Efficient In Appointment Setting, One Step At A Time


Productivity is very important for a business. You need to bring out your best in your work. Without it, you would not be able to make sufficient sales leads. The issue here is how you best do it. You might be tempted to do everything at the same time, but this would actually be counterproductive for your lead generation campaign. You might assume that you would be doing more by taking more at the same time, but these will actually drag you down. How you deal with it can be puzzling, but if you want to be more productive in generating B2B leads, you have to do it the old-fashioned way: you deal with it one at a time.

Research from many schools has shown that multi-tasking is not an ideal practice, whether in life or in business. You may want to do more, achieve more, but all these are just a waste if you do not give out your best on it. Quality, not quantity, is the name of the game, so to speak. The reason why appointment setting campaigns can get so difficult or unrewarding is because the marketers tasked at it are performing too many tasks at the same time, sacrificing the quality of their work. This not only results to bad results, it also ruins the relationship that a prospect could have built for his clients.

The best thing, and perhaps the most ideal approach, would be for a marketer to simply concentrate on one specific task at a time. They can concentrate well this way, and they can also take time to do their work more accurately. After they do one part, they should take a short break to refresh their minds and prepare for the next task at hand. This is a very useful tip in business, one that even telemarketing teams should use. After all, they are in a rather thankless job with high stress levels. If they want to survive longer in this type of work, they really need to get all the help they can get to be better and faster in their job.

Sure, doing one job at a time sounds counterproductive to productivity (sorry for the pun), but this is actually a very winning strategy. Imagine doing your work faster and in higher quality. This is something that you should consider for your lead generation campaign. Will that be hard for you to do? Maybe, if you really do not think of it this way. Of course, doing things one step at a time is not a cure-all for many business problems. Depending on the type of business you have, you might have to attend to a lot of stuff at the same time .Just make sure that you do not sacrifice the quality of your work, so that you can continue your productive performance in the years to come.

That would be the best thing that can happen, one that will bring you the B2B leads that you need.

How To Keep Your Top Appointment Setters


All right, this is a point that a lot of businesses would need to deal with. You see, appointment setting is no easy task. If you want to generate qualified sales leads, you need to put the best people on the job. Now, let us assume that you have the best people already on deck. Surely, you have the top performers in that crowd. Considering that the profitability of your business rests on those who could bring in more B2B leads, you would want to keep them.

But how will you do that? What can you use to motivate them? We all know that money is not the long-term solution. So what is it? What should you do?

  1. Give them something new – the best performing marketers in your team are definitely those with the smarts, the energy, as well as curiosity. They want to learn and try new things, constantly challenging themselves. You can provide them that, tapping into their skills. For example, you can ask for their ideas on affordable ways to handle stress in your B2B lead generation floor.
  2. Give them extra visibility – your top sellers are definitely those who love to be in the spotlight. You can give them that by putting them in high-visibility projects, or you can put them in-charge of a sales team. You should also praise them for a job well-done, as well as provide them an opportunity to interact with other, high-performing, members of your company.
  3. Give them mentors – even if they are the best performers in your company, you still need to give them more exposure or training in their jobs. You can do that by providing them mentors, those who have been there and have done that, and let them share with your top performers their experience in the business. You might be surprised at what they can learn from your veterans.
  4. Give them responsibilities and rewards – there are many ways to keep your best performers to stay with you. One of these is giving them more responsibilities. For example, you can turn them into leaders of your telemarketing teams. If they fail to reach their targets, it becomes a learning opportunity for them. If they succeed, then it is only proper that you reward them. It could be any form (cash or the like), but what is important here is that you recognize their efforts.
  5. Give them chances for advancements – the thing about marketing, and why top marketers leave your company, is the perceived lack of advancement opportunities for them. Not that you have to promote them all the time, but you should make the effort in telling them that they can advance in the company in different ways (like a different job title and a higher salary grade) or be given the opportunity to handle other teams and help them reach their goals.

To be honest, there are a lot of ways for you to keep your top performing lead generation specialists. What is important is that you are honest with them and that you can provide them what they need.

How To Get Your Appointment Setting Campaign Stand Out Better

How To Get Your Appointment Setting Campaign Stand Out Better

If you think that you know everything about appointment setting, then you are probably right. You may have learned a lot during training, or probably during the time you have spent on the marketing floor. If not, then either you learned nothing at all, or you are just too lazy to pick up anything useful during your marketing campaign. In any case, you need to be aware of the basics in getting the attention of B2B leads. Really, even if you know a lot, you tend to forget the basics. If you lack the knowledge, then knowing these basics will keep you in the right track.

So, where should we start?

  • Be confident – this is a big game-changer for marketers. It defines your ability in convincing business prospects to sign up to your services or buy your products. This is especially important in areas where telemarketing is involved. The tone of your voice will reflect your confidence. If you are nervous or afraid, it will also show in your voice. And it never went well for that marketer.
  • Be natural – when talking to business prospects, you need to be normal and real in your conversations. You want to keep their attention, right? The best way to do that is by being yourself. Sounding canned or scripted will only drive them away. No one wants to hear a fake talk. There is that uncomfortable feeling about it, you know.
  • Be attentive – this might be something that you have heard all the time, but this is also the same rule that many in the lead generation business tend to forget. Listening well to what prospects say can give you clues on the best way to approach them. This is essentially the one element that you should never underestimate.
  • Be certain – some marketers simply assume that they know what their prospects want. Nothing can be farther from the truth than that. To be an effective appointment setter, and to create some credibility with your sales leads prospects, you need to be sure that what you offer is what they want. You cannot waste your time and effort correcting mistakes.
  • Be creative – you see, creativity is the well-spring of all successful appointment setting campaigns. By tapping into your creative juices, you can come up with unique or tailored business solutions that your prospects will like. Besides, creativity can help you in the innovation process, letting you plan out how to best adapt to changes in the market quickly enough.

Really, these are the most important elements to a successful and convincing marketing campaign. As a marketer, you need to build up your reputation. You need to know how to talk to prospects properly, ensure the proper delivery of products and services, as well as build a good, working relationship with them. Of course, if you find these tasks to daunting, or if you lack the skills for it, then you can also outsource this to a professional appointment setting agency. That would do the trick.

Underperforming Appointment Setting Team? You Might Be Doing These

Underperforming Appointment Setting Team - You Might Be Doing These

Appointment setting is serious work. That is why you need your people to be at their best when they are at it. But the fact exists that some companies may have a hard time doing so. For these firms, their marketing team’s ability to generate qualified sales leads or B2B leads prospects may not be optimal. In cases like these, a little in-depth analysis of things might be in order. Believe or not, poor sales performance can be caused by things as simple as:

  1. Lack of delegation – you cannot do everything on your own, and lead generation is no exception. Sure, you may feel the need to put your hand in everything, but have you considered the possibility that you are actually stifling your people. Learn to hand down most tasks to your marketing team, and they are more compelled to perform in their top form.
  2. Not planning to succeed – It may be nice to have the occasional ‘brilliant’ moment, but the reality of business is that you need to prep your firm for success. Nothing beats a carefully planned and evaluated marketing campaign when it comes to reaching your B2B leads goals.
  3. No accountability – Your promotions or telemarketing team can be accountable to you, but you should also be accountable to someone else, like having a mentor, advisor, or even an industry buddy, who will help you stay focused, and pull you back from self-destructive old habits.

Sometimes, poor lead generation performance stems from poor management. You, as a business owner or entrepreneur, should keep that in mind.

Critical Telemarketing Practices That Can Potentially Harm an Appointment

Critical Telemarketing Practices That Can Potentially Harm an Appointment

When professional telemarketers get caught up in the fundamental norms of outbound telemarketing, they tend to forget how to distinguish which aspects of their style are beneficial and which are detrimental to their goals. It is important to assess whether a certain action – whether part of a routine or an experimental move – can fulfill its purpose, otherwise it must be unlearned.

In appointment setting, especially in business-to-business (B2B) campaigns, telemarketers face the challenge of A: penetrating a target company and its gatekeepers, and B: getting a true Decision-Maker to agree to an appointment. With these goals at hand, it is crucial to appraise the plan of attack so that no wrong move could put all efforts to waste.

Here are some critical practices that need particular evaluation:

Reading off a Script. While newcomers to the telemarketing profession may be pardoned from this mortal sin, seasoned telemarketers should know better. This very act not only negatively impacts a prospect’s initial impression towards the company being represented, but also, and most importantly, towards the telemarketer itself. No one wants to talk to someone who sounds like a recording and stutters whenever caught with off-guarding questions. It pays to be mentally equipped and familiar with a product or service and not rely on suggested spiels or responses.

Voicemails. It has become part of the telemarketing culture, yet the rationale behind this practice is becoming feeble. Yes, it becomes useful when a telemarketer needs to follow-up on a prospect regarding a future appointment or some missed details. But during the “cold calling” stage of the campaign, leaving voicemails may actually do more harm than good. Prospects hardly ever return calls off a voicemail, especially once they’ve realized that it’s from someone who’s selling something. The more they keep getting voicemails, the more they keep hearing the name of the company being represented. It allows them to consciously “block” any likelihood of communication and it destroys the chances of an appointment or sales lead. Leaving messages with a secretary is still preferred whenever possible – it’s more professional and usually more productive.

Talking to the wrong person. It wastes time, energy, resources and opportunities. Nothing could be more damaging to a campaign than spending precious minutes on the phone with someone who doesn’t make choices for the company. It may be reasonable to do so during lead generation, but definitely a no-no when it comes to appointment setting. There is no point in discussing things over with a non-decision maker only to find out in the end that there is someone else who needs to hear everything all over again. One other mistake is when a telemarketer talks to someone from the target company whose job might be compromised should they acquire services from the outside. It’s illogical and nothing short of rude.

Every opportunity to make contact and create a good initial impression should not be wasted by meaningless practices that could have been avoided in the first place. Professional telemarketers should make it a habit to “run a scan” of their common practices to see which ones are to be capitalized on and which ones are corrupted and need eliminating.

Why Invest In Snackable Content For Appointment Setting?

Why Invest In Snackable Content For Appointment Setting?

There are a lot of talks these days about creating snackable content to anchor your appointment setting campaign on, but there is always that issue about what exactly should be a ‘snack-sized’ content. Why go for smaller content? How can that improve our ability to generate B2B leads?

To tell you the truth, the average memory span of a human being is just 2.8 seconds, much lower than even a goldfish. And while most of us would bemoan the deterioration of the human mind, marketers like us would have to make do with what we have and adjust our appointment setting efforts accordingly. We want to increase our market’s awareness of our business, so we should be able to craft content that is not just good enough to attract their attention, but also compelling enough to keep their sales leads audience beyond their 2.8 second-long attention span.

It is not that difficult. As long as you know the needed keyword used by your audience, then utilize it in a fresh, informative, and attractive content, it would be your win. You could even use your snackable content as a compelling call-to-action for your prospects. Have them sign up to your offer, or probably leave their number so that your telemarketing team could follow them up. There are loads of things you can do with shorter content.

Just make sure that you know who you audience is, the products or services you want to offer, as well as the content you are creating for your lead generation campaign.