Fill Your Calendar with Meetings with These Appointment Setting Tips

It’s a Monday and checking out your calendar is already stressing you out, or maybe it’s the other way round. It’s Friday, and you’ve realized that you haven’t even scored a single meeting this week. Appointment setting is a hassle, and we’ve all been through it.

Here’s what.

You’re not alone, and we’ve all been there before. In this short article, we’ll help you fill your calendar – or optimize your existing one – with some of our appointment setting hacks.

So grab your calendar and your notebook, we’ll share the tricks we have to make sure you have a productive week ahead of you.


How Do I Fill My Calendar?

A lot of people will tell you to keep calling people or engaging in social media, but without a proper plan and a sales funnel in place this is all useless. Just ask a successful salesperson if they like wasting their time and resources on nothing.

The key is to be efficient and active with the things that you do – including how you manage your time and resources.

Target and Retarget

ABM is one of the most cited examples in the digital marketing realm because you can draw so many lessons from the techniques. One of the most important experiences that you can draw from ABM is targeting specific segments of the market with material that is designed just for them because the results are better than a “shotgun approach” with your content.

Here’s what.

You have to make sure that each campaign that you build has a specific target audience so that everything will be customized for them. It is also resource efficient.

After you target, then you should engage in retargeting. Grab their emails and throw them into Facebook – if that’s their main channel – so that you may indirect “pre-suade” them or remind them about your brand.

Targeted B2B Marketing Handbook: Guide, Checklists and Worksheets eBook Cover

Targeted B2B Marketing Handbook: Guide, Checklists and Worksheets

Find, engage and convert the right prospects with the right message.


Plan Your CTAs and Landing Pages Well

You need a CTA on every page of your website; you need to display your phone number, too. Your forms have to be a certain length. There are a lot of things that you can do to optimize your web properties for conversions.

The important thing is to apply proper conversion rate optimization to your properties.

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Market Yourself Within Your Niche

Say this with me, “I will not miss an event.” Even if you don’t find yourself sociable, you still need to be present wherever the people I sell to are. This could be an event, a webinar, or even the platforms that most of your customers lurk in.

This creates value for you and shows that you keep up and care about the things they care about.

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Create Social Media Sales Funnels

Believe it or not, you can turn any social media platform into a lead funnel. All you have to do is be active and continuously build your reputation. In a way, this can be considered online reputation management (ORM) which works wonders for the number of people who will begin to trust you and go to you for business.

Add Value and Build Your Reputation as Someone Who Helps – Not Sells

Stop selling and market yourself as a person that people can turn to when they need advice or what not. People do not like a pushy sales person who only cares about their sales pipelines. It makes no sense for you to keep pushing sales, instead, emulate a thought leader – those guys always have meetings.

Analyze Feedback

Everything from your Google Analytics KPIs, heat mapping on your landing pages and even focus groups for the way you deliver your message have to be analyzed to make sure you are producing consistent results.

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Appointment Setting Tips and Calendar Management

Once the calls are coming and everybody seems to want to speak with you, it’s time for you to start managing your calendar well. The way you operate your calendar – the appointments – are vital to ensuring that the conversions keep rolling in.

Here are a few tips that you can implement right away.

Make sure you have prep time

A lot of people can wing a lot of things, but ask anyone who’s winged a successful presentation if they could have used an extra fifteen minutes before the meeting. A couple of additional minutes before a meeting ensure that you have everything in order.

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Debriefing time is also essential

If you’ve taken your fifteen minutes of prep time, make sure you have debriefing time – whether it’s a phone call or an actual physical meeting. This allows you to get the ball rolling with your team or even just exchange and engage in pleasantries with your client.

And, please remember

Say “no,” when you can’t make it.


So there you have it, if you follow these simple tips, your calendar will be full in time. Remember, time management is crucial in securing more appointments.


Author Bio:

Rebecca Matias

Rebecca Matias is VP of Sales & Marketing at Callbox. A sales professional with an engineering background, she has more than 10 years of experience in the B2B marketing space and has spearheaded many of the innovations at Callbox. Follow Rebecca on Twitter and Facebook.

Sales Closes Lower than Expected? Consider these Appointment Setting Tips

Lead qualification is possible through appointments. And it wouldn’t be good to neglect giving your appointment setting team a boost, considering that they transform warm leads into eager buyers.

Sales appointments however depend on several factors. While it is expected that only percentages of aggregate leads would give assurances for a future purchase, true success is determined by performance.

Appointment setting poses challenges that are essentially complex. But this doesn’t necessarily demonstrate that solutions are difficult to find. Often, your team could be a source for such solutions.

After all, it takes more than just a bit of confidence to move towards your campaign objectives. If these sound enticing to you, then it would be wise to incorporate these little nuggets of B2B wisdom in your appointment setting endeavors.

Revive leads

A dropped call is the same as getting rejected by a longtime lover. It’s a huge blow to the ego for some companies that could only react in the same way as broken hearts: move on. Unfortunately, this principle doesn’t apply to B2B marketing. It could be that you might have caught a prospect at an inappropriate time for a purchase. Perhaps, the prospect doesn’t have an issue at the time you made the call. But strive to keep yourself open to such possibilities for a confirmation. In other words, strive to follow up on your past leads – without getting too needy that is. In which case, it would be best for you to move on.

Establish an effective scheduling system

Often, many failed lead qualifications and closes are a result of an inefficient production schedule. There should be a system in place that lists all qualified leads and determine the local time deemed appropriate for a call. Appointments should be scheduled in advance. Information on cancelled meetings should also be relayed to the team. The absence of clear channels for cooperation on the other hand would obviously translate to poor conversions.

Screen your prospects

This is already a dead giveaway. Strangely enough, this basic fact has been ignored or rendered imperfect by confident businesses. There should be proper coordination between lead generation and appointment setting personnel. Moreover, the task has to be complemented by extensive research into market influences. Knowing prevailing trends determines whether a prospect has any inkling for your product or not.

Qualified sales leads are just too precious to shrug off. Your lead generation has done its part. The task now is to give your customer engagements an efficient lift. Only then would you be able to enjoy success represented by increased conversions.


How To Be Efficient In Appointment Setting, One Step At A Time


Productivity is very important for a business. You need to bring out your best in your work. Without it, you would not be able to make sufficient sales leads. The issue here is how you best do it. You might be tempted to do everything at the same time, but this would actually be counterproductive for your lead generation campaign. You might assume that you would be doing more by taking more at the same time, but these will actually drag you down. How you deal with it can be puzzling, but if you want to be more productive in generating B2B leads, you have to do it the old-fashioned way: you deal with it one at a time.

Research from many schools has shown that multi-tasking is not an ideal practice, whether in life or in business. You may want to do more, achieve more, but all these are just a waste if you do not give out your best on it. Quality, not quantity, is the name of the game, so to speak. The reason why appointment setting campaigns can get so difficult or unrewarding is because the marketers tasked at it are performing too many tasks at the same time, sacrificing the quality of their work. This not only results to bad results, it also ruins the relationship that a prospect could have built for his clients.

The best thing, and perhaps the most ideal approach, would be for a marketer to simply concentrate on one specific task at a time. They can concentrate well this way, and they can also take time to do their work more accurately. After they do one part, they should take a short break to refresh their minds and prepare for the next task at hand. This is a very useful tip in business, one that even telemarketing teams should use. After all, they are in a rather thankless job with high stress levels. If they want to survive longer in this type of work, they really need to get all the help they can get to be better and faster in their job.

Sure, doing one job at a time sounds counterproductive to productivity (sorry for the pun), but this is actually a very winning strategy. Imagine doing your work faster and in higher quality. This is something that you should consider for your lead generation campaign. Will that be hard for you to do? Maybe, if you really do not think of it this way. Of course, doing things one step at a time is not a cure-all for many business problems. Depending on the type of business you have, you might have to attend to a lot of stuff at the same time .Just make sure that you do not sacrifice the quality of your work, so that you can continue your productive performance in the years to come.

That would be the best thing that can happen, one that will bring you the B2B leads that you need.