ROI Missing From Your Marketing Campaigns? 4 Likely Reasons


Even when we’ve tried every tactic of cultivation and nurturing in the book, some trees just won’t bear fruits. It happens, and all one could do is go back to its roots – no pun intended.

Similarly, business marketers should be open to the possibility of not being able to get something out of their marketing efforts. Lead generation is a complex undertaking, and there could be several factors that could affect its outcome. In the Business-to-Business (B2B) setting in particular, it’s very helpful to understand possible lapses so necessary adjustments could be made.

Possible cause #1: Your campaign lacks integration

Integration in this sense could mean two things: One, there must be a common vision for all components of the marketing campaign, whether it’s telemarketing, social media, content via websites and blogs, or email.

Two, it could also mean an integration between all the personnel involved in the campaign. Everybody must be made aware of the grand goals and principles of the entire team so each effort would point towards the same direction.

Possible cause #2: Your campaign lacks consistency in execution

It’s easy to get excited with sudden bursts of success, especially if one brings in a considerable amount of profit for the business. However, if you’re aiming for return of investment, your campaign efforts should strive for consistency. It’s the element that brings long-term success, and it also polishes your reputation within the industry. Everyone loves to do business with a company that consistently delivers

Possible cause #3: Your campaign has a lot of distractions

It’s also a common tendency for marketers – or for every businessperson, for that matter – to go after multiple goals at once. Although being ambitious can be constructive in shaping the future of a business, it can also make it difficult for your campaigns to achieve significant, positive results. Learn to dedicate your focus on one or two tasks in a given span of time, and give your best efforts to make the most of them. If you really need to shoot for several marketing targets, you can seek help from a lead generation services company.

Possible cause #4: Your campaign lacks the unique element

There are a lot of flawless marketing campaigns out there but still struggle to produce profitable outcomes. Why? Being by-the-book accurate doesn’t guarantee success; what really counts is that feature that makes your offers stand out from the rest. Without that, prospects will find no reason to gain interest with your products and services, and you’ll just keep on wondering why you’re not getting any despite of your marketing precision.