Marketing Lesson: The Life and Death of Flappy Bird [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone knows how this addictive game broke smartphones around the world. The hearsays were everywhere spreading like virus on social media platforms telling that flappy bird has lousy graphics and that the concept was just borrowed from an existing game.

But behind all these rumors, there are statistics that are based on facts and away from personal opinion. Here is an infographic that will show the life span of Flappy Bird from May 2013 until its shutdown this last Feb. 8, 2014 that was announced by its Developer Dong Nguyen on twitter.

Marketing Lesson - The Life and Death of Flappy Bird

It was said that Nguyen wasn’t able to handle the fame and criticism that he shutdown the game.

So what marketing lesson does this implies?

It basically tells us that to build brand or a name in business you have to be ready and prepare yourself from the sudden popularity as well as the bashing activity on your streams. The wheels are turning and it won’t always be up but what’s important is that we know when to stop. Success in marketing campaign isn’t always about taking risk rather of strategic and well-planned approach in your campaign.