Manager’s Dilemma? What Millenials Really Think

Millenials – the cream of the crop of today, the young blood that is injected into the arteries of our many industries, the youth that dream of changing the world, the social media work horses.

They are called many names, but in the eyes of business owners and entrepreneurs, they can be a puzzle, a challenge that needs to be solved. After all, how Millenials act in the office can have an impact in our operations and our long-term plans. In terms of talent, we need to how they really think of their lives and our business before you get shocked by their next move. They are our next batch of employees, remember?

So really, how do we really describe Millenials, and how should we deal with the in relation to our business? To start with, Millenials are:

    1. They are idealists – while most of us older workforce simply want a steady job, Millenials are more focused on changing the world, turn back a waning industry, and pretty much anything that will enable them to carve their names in history. Not bad, to be honest, but if what they believe in clashes with what your business is, it is either you agree to what they desire or you agree that they do not fit your workplace.


    1. They are temporary – most of us dreams of climbing the corporate ladder, but Millenials are more interested in learning stuff from you before looking for another company to work for. Not that they are disloyal or anything. They just see no reason why they should stay longer. Generally, they are not interested in getting promoted in work, anyway.


    1. They dislike offices – in the sense that they are rebels with a brilliant cause, and that they usually think up great ideas beyond the confines of an office. Unless your company has a time-based market, or if data security is your paramount concern, you might want to adjust your work environment and adapt to their lifestyle. This might actually work for everyone in your office, too.


  1. They hate rules – no, they are not rule breakers. They just dislike dealing with rule books that itemize what things they should or should not be doing. Basically, they just wanted to be treated as adults that can practice good judgment on what they are supposed to do. So it might be a good idea to just chuck out the rule book and tell everyone to just use their common sense. Everyone has that in your office, I hope.

Millenials are not that hard to manage, to be honest. You just need to understand where they are coming from. If you can adapt your business to what they do, you might be able to set-up a winning working relationship with them. Just be aware of what they are looking for in your business and meet that head-on. It will be to your advantage if you can keep them working for you longer. There is no loss there, anyway.