Making a Good Impression on the Initial Call with a Senior Executive

Making a Good Impression on the Initial Call with a Senior Executive

Even if you were the most seasoned telemarketer, you would most probably do a double-take when you realize the next person on your list of leads is someone who holds a senior position in a company. You would most likely clam up, worry that you’ll trip over your words, get tongue-tied, or provide incomplete information. Unfortunately, when you fail to make a good impression on that particular initial call with a senior executive, you might end up blaming the appointment setter.

Come to think of it, though. Had it not been for appointment setting, you wouldn’t have had the opportunity of presenting your product to the executive in the first place. The appointment setter’s job is done once lead is generated, and the task of making the sales call successful now lies in your hands.

If you really want to close a deal successfully with a senior executive, you have to assert yourself in a positive light. You need to be able to leave a lasting impression on the executive, which could spell the outcome of the call.

How to Make a Good Impression on the Initial Call

Here’s a universal truth: people form opinions about other people not only based on first sight but also the first time they hear them. Armed with that knowledge, you would conduct an initial sales call with a senior executive with care since you know his perception of you would matter a lot.

So how can you ensure you’re leaving a good impression on your initial call with a senior executive?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind, but please note that these tips apply if you’re the one initiating the phone call:

Organize your thoughts

Prior to the call, make a list of important things you want to discuss during the call. Make sure your list is brief but concise. You don’t want to keep the executive on the line for a long time, so it’s good to know what you want and need to talk about before making the call. It would also be a good idea to keep a pen and paper handy so you can take notes if need be.

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Smiling and changing your facial expressions can affect the sound of your voice. Try to conduct the call in front of a mirror so you can monitor your expressions and ensure that you are smiling. You might not believe it, but the person on the other end of the line can hear your personality, mannerisms, and feelings based on the tone of your voice.

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Be considerate

Most likely, a receptionist or secretary would answer your call. It doesn’t matter if you’re calling during business hours or after hours. You must always be kind and courteous, keeping in mind that they have been working the whole day and would appreciate a kind voice. Now in the off chance that the executive actually answers the phone, always start by introducing yourself and asking him, “Is this a good time to talk?” Never assume that he’s not doing anything.

If he responds that he’s busy at the moment, ask when the best time is to call him back and make sure you do call at the date and time you promised.

Talk slowly and speak clearly

Provide the name of your company, your title, and the reason why you’re calling in a few short sentences, making sure you’re not rushing your words. In addition, when leaving a message, talk slowly especially if you speak with an accent. Talking slowly gives the one on the receiving end a chance to take note of your message better. You also need to announce your name slowly and clearly. If necessary, spell it out especially if it’s not a common name to ensure the other person is spelling it correctly. Moreover, when leaving your phone number, make sure to say the numbers slowly, pausing after providing a sequence of numbers. Repeat it for emphasis.

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Always sound professional

Remember, the senior executive you’re talking with will “judge” you by the tone of your voice and on what you say. Hence, you need to sound professional all the time. Show him you know what you’re talking about. Endeavor to sound confident without appearing too overbearing. Moreover, if you’re expecting him to return your call, make sure to leave a date, time, and preferred phone number.

These are just simple tips, but if you keep these in mind the next time you make a sales call, you’re guaranteed to leave a good and lasting impression.

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