Have you been Naughty or Nice? Let Santa teach you about Marketing

What’s so clever about a big-bellied old man with white flowing beard and wearing red all over? It’s certainly not just the suspicious “ho ho ho” laugh or his secret affair with Mommy that makes him one of the most beloved characters in pop culture.

It’s his appeal with both children and adults alike that makes him a timeless figure that represents a season everyone loves.

Here are some of Santa-characteristics that we can apply to the world of marketing.

1.  Santa is the personification of reliability. Santa never let us down. As kids we would always find our most-awaited Christmas gifts under the tree or inside the sock we hung on the wall. It’s a tradition that no one expects to miss. Is your business letting your customers down? For your business to be as well-loved by everyone, it has to deliver what is expected of it – all the time.

2.  Santa aims to delight and surprise. The mere thought of an old man sneaking into our homes to leave gifts is already a pleasant thing to cherish. But it gets even better as soon as we open the neatly-wrapped presents and discover that Santa gave us exactly what we wished for – sometimes even more. Marketers are sometimes too focused on ‘getting’ attention and are missing out on ‘giving’ its target market what they want in ways that can leave a lasting smile.

3.  Santa encourages us to write.  When kids get a little picky about what they want as gifts (most of them are), they write letters addressed to Santa. Imagine if our customers had the same comfort to let you know what they really want. Normally, they wouldn’t do such a thing – ah, grownups – but as a business the least you can do is encourage them through comments sections, social media and feedback forms.

4.  Santa rewards good behavior.  Of course, we would always tell Santa that we’ve been ‘nice’ so we would get good presents. What does your business give to those who have been loyal fans? Fostering a relationship often involves getting small perks out of it, and when people have been there for your business all this time, you have to give back: offer freebies, discounts, and privileges.

5.  Santa promotes teamwork. Santa has elves and 8 reindeers.  He knows he couldn’t manufacture and deliver all his goods without the help of his team. And it’s not always just about him – pop culture has always given recognition to everyone in Santa’s household (Rudolph became the most famous one, of course).  For your business to excel and be appreciated by people, marketers alone should not carry the load. It’s all about teamwork, and when the big moment comes, everybody gets to get some credit.