Enlighten, Edify, Educate: The Best B2B Marketing Message for your Business

Enlighten, Edify, Educate - The Best B2B Marketing Message for your Business

Do you notice how some B2B companies still employ traditional B2C-oriented marketing strategies in reaching out to their target audience? In spite of today’s apparent thirst for information – especially for business prospects – it’s rather surprising to think that these marketers still stick with a persistently aggressive marketing voice that says:

“Sell, sell, sell.”

Not only does this marketing message annoy people, it also gives off an impression that would not be favorable to a business both in the short and long terms. That is not the true essence of lead generation.

A business is not supposed to force a product/service down a potential customer’s throat. This may have worked 3 decades ago when universal sources such as the internet are not yet readily available to the public, but we now live in the information highway age. People crave for information, and it is almost a prerequisite before they take out their wallets.

Now if businesses could provide that convenience upfront so people won’t have to consult Google for more information, attracting leads would be much easier. But how exactly should marketers offer information to their target audience?

Enlighten – Most of the time, prospects lurk around the internet because they want to discover new things regarding their business. They want to understand how certain mechanisms work within and outside the industry, and they want to be able to apply that learning into their own environment. Now, B2B prospects appreciate this kind of content because it doesn’t ask for any commitment but rather it manifests a sincere interest in helping people out.

Edify – To “edify” means to intellectually or morally strengthen someone through sharing of insights and experiences. Now this is particularly useful for businesses that have been around for quite some time and would like to use its accumulated business wisdom to attract potential clients. This solidifies one’s reputation in a given niche and advances its marketing efforts seamlessly. But to edify is not only limited to seasoned marketers – even newcomers with significantly valuable information to share can use this marketing message to get initial attention.

Educate – Lastly, one of the most important – if not the most important – characteristic of a marketing message is its ability to impart knowledge. This already pertains to the technical, industry-specific information that prospects might not be aware of, especially in fields like IT and software. As most of these B2B buyers may not be necessarily ‘experts’ in these fields, it is vital that your business marketing message be sufficient with information for them to fully assess the benefits of acquiring your products or service.