B2B Commercial Cleaning: How to Make your Old Brand Lemony-Fresh

B2B Commercial Cleaning: How to Make your Old Brand Lemony-Fresh

For a lot of B2B commercial cleaning enterprises, building a rock solid brand can be very demanding. Since the kind of image you want to assume determines your next cleaning contract, you will need to take extra care in creating messages that sum up the value of your services.

Christopher Ryan for Future Marketing Partners suggests giving your brand a fresh face by undertaking these key steps.

Step 1: Take a brutally honest assessment of your current state.

Why exactly are you thinking of upgrading your brand and what do you hope to accomplish? Are you doing it for less than stellar reasons: e.g. you are personally tired of your brand, or can you show how the company will benefit economically from the time-consuming and expensive rebranding exercise?

Decide where you want to be in five years.

This is an important question because the best brands have a timeless quality. What sounds good today may not work well in five years, so encapsulate a future perspective on what customers will buy today as well as into the future.

Step 2: Validate the congruence and market readiness for the new brand position.

This is a step where you may benefit from outside help. Make sure what you are proposing resonates with both the target audience and online searchers. Yes, you want to validate your new brand with the Google search algorithm.

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Step 3: Strategic Messaging platform

Create a strategic messaging platform that consists of a brand promise, value proposition, About the Company statement, and key messaging statements. Make sure this messaging shows you as being unique, remarkable, and most important, extremely beneficial.

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Step 4: Gain agreement from all stakeholders.

Let everyone, especially your existing customers, know exactly why you are updating the brand and what it will mean to them.

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Step 5: New Brand Position

Launch the new brand position with a new website, new content, new look and feel, and new panache.

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Step 6: Be relentless and persistent in promoting your B2B brand.

And if you have changed the company or product name — other than the fact you want to redirect anyone looking for the old brand name to the new content — it is best to banish the old naming and messaging from your vocabulary. Don’t have one foot on the old brand and the other on the new.

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Step 7: Live the brand position.

Your brand is about much more than what you say in your promotional messaging. Whatever you are telling the world that you are, make sure it is congruent with how you operate in every part of your company.

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