Why Writing Is the Most Important Thing in Social Media Marketing [GUEST POST]

Why Writing Is the Most Important Thing in SMM

Social media gather hundreds of millions of users each day, which made them a powerful marketing tool in the last decade. Marketers are constantly struggling to find new models of content creation in order to reach more consumers and generate new conversions. Doing so, they often turn to multimedia and put an emphasis on images and video content.

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While social network analysis proves that such formats are flooding the Internet, it is now getting critical to emphasize the importance of writing as one of the key elements of content creation. But we will go beyond that and show you what makes writing by far the most important thing in social media marketing.

Never Neglect the Value of Social Media Writing

If you are doing your best to create interesting content but still don’t generate enough leads, it is about time to see what is wrong with your strategy. Most people forget one simple thing in that regard – bad writing skills are one of the basic reasons why followers don’t react to your social media posts.

This is why you need to master this skill and improve your social media content in general. But our aim here is not to teach you how to write. Our job is to explain to you why writing is the most important aspect of social media marketing. Let’s check it out.

Social media marketing needs a well-written story

You may ace a few social network posts using video or GIFs but the fact remains that this type of content still must be aligned with your overall marketing strategy. In order to achieve this, you need to integrate an entire content and let it follow one vision and one story which reveal the values that your brand represents. Since users are always eager to see a well-designed story, your job is to write it.

Create a scenario which allows readers to go beyond the actual purpose of your product and let them identify with the brand. Doing so, you will establish an emotional connection between the customer and the brand – and that is the precondition of long-term success. But this is also impossible to achieve if you are not a great writer.

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Show a human side of the business

Writing enables you to show a human aspect of the business and thrill target audience with excellent customer service. You need to write a story about how you helped a buyer to understand, choose, buy, and use the product. It is the basic idea of word-of-mouth marketing as consumers tend to trust human stories much more than the brand’s promotional messages. In that regard, you need to make a series of compelling stories coming from your actual employees.

They ought to explain what makes them feel great about their jobs and reveal little details which prove that your company is better than others. At the same time, you need customer testimonials to prove the same point. With this method, you also get an outstanding word-of-mouth marketing tool. But the thing that makes it even better is that you don’t even have to write it yourself because some of your happy customers will be glad to do it for you. 

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Social networks need text

Who says that social networks don’t need words anymore? While it is true that video content, images, and GIFs are the latest trend, we also noticed recently that more and more marketers are once again turning to copywriters to boost their campaigns.

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For instance, Twitter is based on creative writing but you have to be extremely talented to attract new followers using not more than 140 characters. This is the reason why only the most original and prolific marketers have the potential to grab the attention of wider audiences.

Additionally, a lot of Instagram users are not writing extended photo descriptions to make their posts more appealing. Some marketers even made an experiment and proved that Instagram posts with longer descriptions proved to be great because stories and in-depth explanations are what keep people engaged.

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Even videos are impossible without a good story

If you think that the picture is worth a thousand words, you would probably say that motion picture is even more valuable. However, there is a good story behind every successful video you create. It is impossible to record a video if you don’t write a good scenario prior to the execution. After all, it’s not the video itself that makes people laugh or cry or smile. Instead, it is the story that hides behind it all.

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Bloggers rule the business world

Blog posts are a mandatory aspect of every social media campaign. They provide customers with better product descriptions and allow them to learn everything about the brand before making a purchase. That’s why you cannot find a serious company without its own blog page nowadays. It adds value to their services, generates new leads, and skyrockets conversions.

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Bearing this in mind, it is not surprising to see that blog posts are actually getting longer than ever before. While it is acceptable to write short blog posts on some occasions, a study found that the highest ranking articles on Google consist of almost 2.5 thousand words.

This figure is completely opposite to the common notion that nobody wants to read content anymore. Or to put it differently – the figure proves that such claims are simply not true. Therefore, embrace blogging as part of your social media marketing and you’ll realize soon enough that good writing pays off.

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Everybody’s writing these days

The last – but not the least important – thing which proves that writing plays a key role in social media marketing is the fact that everybody is a writer these days. How come? Well, we all write posts or comments, and we all write reviews or analysis. Whenever a user writes something, you have to pay attention to the comment and answer it as soon as possible. Writing is the customers’ way to express opinions about the brands or products and it makes this activity the most important thing in social media marketing.  


Most marketers believe that video and photo content can bring them more than enough leads to maintain positive sales results in the long run. However, they don’t realize that successful social media marketing is impossible without some good writing.

In this article, we described the reasons that make writing the most important element of social media marketing. Feel free to read it once again and let us know in comments whether you agree with our opinion and why.

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