Why you Should Pay More Attention to your Loading Times

Why you Should Pay More Attention to your Loading Times

Facebook has just announced its latest product: Instant Articles.

Touted to revolutionize the way social media content is created, Instant Articles lets users create stories for their online audience within Facebook itself. Moreover, the service boasts of a more rewarding experience that can benefit publishers and readers by significantly reducing the time it takes to load an article – which makes all the difference in a brand’s image-building activities.

According to product manager Michael Reckhow, online stories take over eight seconds to fully load. Eight seconds!

That’s the reason why online articles, for Reckhow, are “by far the slowest single content type on Facebook.” Furthermore, that’s about the same amount of time you could spend looking at three different images on 9gag or reading a few tweets from Jimmy Kimmel. But we digress.

Sluggish loading times simply have no place in a society that generally lives off of instant ramen noodles, instant dates, and instant coffee. For this reason, Facebook’s Instant Articles puts social content consumption at a rate that meets current user behaviors.

As much as it is a big deal among online publishers, speed also plays an integral role in the content strategies of small to large B2B firms.

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Last year, the 2014 Web Usability Report conducted by KoMarketingAssociates.com found out that 66% of total B2B visitors would rather leave a page if it takes 8-10 seconds to fully load. Take it from the respondents themselves:

  •         “I have no tolerance for slow loading sites.”
  •         “I live in a world of instant gratification, if your site is slow to render, I’m out!”
  •         “Slow loading is the greatest sin. B2B buyers do not have time for hourglasses.”
  •         “I wouldn’t wait for a company site I’m not familiar with.”

Understandably, slow loading times hurt a site’s overall performance in terms of acquiring high quality leads.

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Each time a visitor is kept waiting, there is a high possibility that he or she might leave your site, in effect increasing your bounce rate.

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If you suffer from crawling loading speed, never fret. You can direct your web designer to take several options to reduce your load times at an ideal rate of three seconds without affecting the functionality of your website.

Normally, your designer might consider the following, as featured in this blog post from Search Engine Land.

  •         Increase your bandwidth through a faster web server.
  •         Implement efficient coding.
  •         Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

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