Twitter Lead Generation Cards – Its Impact In Marketing

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It seems like Twitter is adding a new weapon for social media marketers looking for new sales leads. Called the Twitter Lead Generation Cards, this new feature enables users to share their emails with the brands that they tweet. It basically works as a landing page, but using the Twitter network as the frame. This can provide companies with an additional source of information to aid their lead generation efforts. And one of the most important data that a marketer will need comes from a customer’s email address.

In the world of social media marketing, getting your customers to provide your personal (but necessary) information can be near hard. Unless you have a strong relationship with your customers, not to mention a reliable online network to anchor your interactions with, then your appointment setting team will have a hard time. With Twitter’s newest feature for marketers, the task has become much easier. All that remains is for you to integrate this feature seamlessly into your overall B2B leads efforts.

Mind you, do not assume that you have to rely solely on Twitter now. You also need to step up your marketing efforts in all mediums that you are utilizing. If you send emails, improve on it. If you have a telemarketing team, work closely with them. Social media marketing is just one part of a total marketing campaign. You have to work with everything you have if you want to succeed in lead generation. And that is a fact you need to accept.