Top 3 Mistakes B2B Companies Need to Avoid in Social Media Marketing


Everyone today is adopting social media.  Be it a start-up business or a huge B2B company. Everyone likes to jump on the wagon to have their brands felt on social networks. Unfortunately, like other marketing channels out there, social media, is still not without its own set of growing pains.  Most businesses today commit critical and costly mistakes when setting up their social media marketing campaign.  So to help you, I’d like to discuss the top 3 mistakes in social media marketing and ways you can avoid them so you can get the biggest return for your marketing investment.

  • Treating social media asanother promotional channel.”  Have you ever been to a party and met someone who constantly talked about themselves?  It’s a complete turn off really.  Marketing in social media is very similar when done the wrong way.  There’s more important thing you can do than just getting out of the sandbox and shouting into the open air your product or service.  Engage with your audience.  Listen to them.  When you jump into conversations, and interact with people in your network, you are building relationships and creating an opportunity for your B2B company to generate business leads and sales.
  • Lacking in perseverance.  You will be successful in social media not because you are the best-looking and the most talented.  Successful social media marketers are those that have the determination and perseverance to work hard and continue in spite of the challenges.  It’s as simple as someone else who might had the opportunity to be successful, yet they gave up and you did not.  Social media can make a big impact in your business (especially in B2B lead generation and appointment setting) but like anything, you need to have the perseverance and determination to make it successful.  Just want to share this quotation from a post on Facebook, “When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long.”
  • Not knowing the right social network for your business. Just because your friends are on Facebook , Pinterest, or Twitter , does not mean you have to.  You have to figure out what social network works well and what does not for your company.  For some companies, these social networks are not right for their business, and you can waste a lot of time on them too.  If you offer products, then I suggest you use Pinterest, but if you look to reach out to B2B companies, LinkedIn and Facebook would be great.

The above are three of the most common mistakes today but there are a lot more so you need to figure them out and find ways to avoid them.