The Number One Mistake on Twitter by Gary Vaynerchuk

The Number One Mistake on Twitter by Gary Vaynerchuk

Twitter, for all its worth, is an effective marketing tool. If used effectively, marketers are able to benefit a lot just by posting in 140 characters or less. But let’s emphasize the word “effective.” How can you really gauge the effectiveness of using a popular social media platform? Well, for Gary Vaynerchuck, it only means avoiding the Number One Mistake on @Twitter. What is it? Take a gander at this slideshow to know what’s up.

So, let’s recap. The one thing that many marketers flout is the use of the @ sign. As what Vaynerchuck has noted, placement is part and parcel of effective Twitter marketing. Continuing to put @ as the first character in your tweets won’t do your campaign any justice.

So, be a wise Twitter marketer and follow what Vaynerchuck has done to effectively use what could be an essential function that many marketers have ignored. Well, except you of course.

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