Social Media Promotion as an Effective Tool for Financial Services Marketing

Social Media Promotion as an Effective Tool for Financial Services Marketing

Businesses today are seeking for savvy solutions to manage specific functions. In terms of managing their finances, merchant service companies and investment banking firms need low-cost solutions in terms of processing and organizing a large amount of data.

These activities can be properly handled by competent B2B financial services firms. But they too face a separate dilemma of selling their offers to the right decision-makers. Lead generation tools are essential in this sense, but modern marketing demands the use of social media platforms.

It might sound strange to you as a solutions-provider for the world of financial services. Social media after all is the least favorable communication channel for audience nurturing. But recent studies point out sites like LinkedIn supply a high traffic of B2B financial leads. This is supported by the 91 percent of marketers.

Along with lead generation telemarketing activities, social media marketing can be utilized to enhance audience engagement experiences and provide a good flow of revenue for your organization.

Question is: Should you Spend Heavy on Social Media Marketing?

If you are certain that social media is profitable, you might want to consider these tips for effectively promoting your brand of financial services via online platforms.

Leverage your identity

The identity of your organization as well as the products that it sells speaks a lot about your position within the industry. Dig deeper and find compelling information about your products which you can leverage for brand awareness.

Tip1: Add some sauce in your storytelling.

Diversify your content

Being complacent with blog articles in your content marketing could not get you anywhere. Although blog articles are effective informational materials, they lack the ability of visual content in terms of driving up web traffic. It is thus essential to have a diverse combination of both written and visual content for a well-balanced B2B campaign.

Tip2: Use varieties of rich content on social media.

Promote your offers

Do you have an idea in mind? Perhaps, about a promo that could improve your partners’ financial experiences? If you have such an idea in mind, then feel free to execute it via your social media accounts, particularly Twitter and Google Plus. Prior to this, however, it is important to make sure the idea sits well with the SMART framework.

Tip3: Plan out social media strategy before kicking off your campaign.

Create and Curate

Content curation is a great way to search for better ideas to enhance your marketing strategies. Taking cues from shareable content featured in Storify, you can have a better view of what the whole financial services sector is talking about. As a result, you can provide clear-cut lead generation strategies focusing on the appropriate decision-makers.

To say that social media does not do much for financial solutions providers is an understatement. It can in fact pose higher conversion rates when it is entrusted to a competent lead generation and appointment setting company that knows the financial industry at the back of its hand.


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