Social Media for Healthcare: Modern SMM Procedures to Utilize

Social Media for Healthcare: Modern SMM Procedures to Utilize (Blog Image)

There’s no doubt that lead generation is the bloodline of businesses, no matter what field or industry they are in. That’s why it’s not surprising to find that companies are spending a lot of time, effort, and money on their lead gen strategy.

When it comes to lead generation, social media has become one of the useful tools businesses use for this undertaking. It makes sense since the numbers do not lie – 58% of marketers attest that they have experienced massive sales boost through their lead gen efforts in social media.

These numbers are not confined to a specific industry but also to those in the healthcare industry. Technology has presented healthcare providers with many ways and channels to reach their clients. The increase of mobile apps and the widespread use of wearable technology has caused a significant shift in how the healthcare industry interact with their patients, not only on social media but also on other digital channels.

However, all these impressive statistics and technology are nothing if you don’t have a concrete lead generation strategy. So let’s start talking about proven techniques and strategies to keep you rolling:

First Things First – Listen!

Complaints, suggestions, comments – they are everywhere no matter what your profession is. These complaints and suggestions might be valid or not, but it doesn’t matter.


Because you can use them in various ways to improve your lead generation strategy. These feedbacks and complaints can give you valuable insights into what your patients (and even detractors) are thinking.

When you encounter them, learn to read between the lines to what they’re saying. Maybe the complaint was not really about your product. Perhaps they were pissed off because your customer service team was not able to answer their question or address their concern.

Also, take note of how many people are complaining about the same thing. If there are, look into it to find out if there is cause for worry.

Using the insights you got from customer complaints and feedback, address them on your social media. You can:

  • Directly reply to your prospects or clients. That will show them that you are listening.
  • Create a series of posts. These posts will not just address the complaints but educate your patients.

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Let’s Talk about Content More

After you took the time listening to your clients, we mentioned above that creating a series of posts is a good strategy. Using content is not just a good strategy but a very effective one; not to say one of the easiest as well. And there’s no better platform to let your content reach a wide range of audience but social media.

Create content that will attract your target audience and redirect users back to your landing page. The idea of attracting new users seems easy, but seasoned marketers know better. Your aim is not just to draw anyone but attract prospects who have a higher chance to become qualified leads.

That’s where creating a buyer persona comes in. As a healthcare solutions provider, who is your ideal customer? What kind of people do you want to deal with in the long run? How old are they? What do they do? What are their hobbies and interests?

By creating a buyer persona, it is easier to create the content your target audience will engage in.

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Special Offers and Freebies Work, Even to the Grumpiest Customers

Free goodies never fail to delight people. So if you want to attract leads to your various social media accounts, consider giving away free goodies. You can run sweepstakes,  a competition, or anything interactive on your social media. Not only will people love free giveaways but most of all, they like to engage in campaigns.

An essential element of these campaigns is the entry form. Through this simple tool, you can acquire solid data. Aside from the necessary information, also include a button that will encourage them to easily share the campaign/competition to their own social media channels. If they mention/tag you on their social media posts, don’t forget to engage and acknowledge them, so you build your relationship with them and expand your network at the same time.

It’s Time to Roll Your Sleeves and Get to Work

Incorporating these tips into your social media strategy might be a bit overwhelming because of the time and effort you’ll have to put into it. However, the ROI in the long term is worth everything. Try them and see how they will benefit your social media campaign.

Also remember: Don’t forget to share your success story with us.

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