Search and Social: Integrating Two Giant B2B Marketing Channels

Search and Social

Social media and search engine optimization are both offspring of information technology evolution that had helped us develop many areas of our lives.  In the business world, they both revolutionized the context of B2B marketing by introducing new and efficient strategies.

Social networking has created a comprehensive virtual environment that allows people around the globe to converse. It revolutionized our involvement to the global trend.

Search engine optimization, on the other hand, is the method of creating intervention on the organic stream of data searches of search engines. The search results are ranked depending on what the engine considers as the most relevant based on the inputted keywords.

It is apparent how these two advancements, as individual units, have changed how businesses operate around the world. Now, imagine what they can do if we integrate their functions to work as one.

Today, branding became more dependent on social recommendation and web interactions to emphasize product visibility and integrity. Because of this, marketers’ focal points should be on increasing product presence, thru search engine optimization, and increasing product integrity, thru social media.

Social integrity affects search ranking

The search system algorithms of search engines are intervened by social interactions. The trends within the social networks affect the ranking of web contents in the search result listings.

Social has integrated search

Socials have built-in search function that uses same algorithms as search engines. This will provide digital marketers the opportunity to maximize the features of social media. For instance, YouTube, with more than one billion users, has the most used search function; SEO makes it easier for the users to view the videos they wanted.

Effective customer service

Customer satisfaction is the one of the highest form of marketing success. Twitter’s optimized auto-tagging of relevant tweets is just an example of combined search and social that improves customer service.

For example, whenever customers’ tweets that his internet is not working; twitter will filter these relevant tweets so that it can be auto-generated in the twitter feed of customer’s internet provider. Search and social approach is an effective way of connecting to the needs of every customer.

Better promotion

A Nielsen study shows that 67% and 43% of consumers will buy new products that are learned from active search and social media, respectively. In launching a product, making the potential customer understand the key features of that product is a big advantage. Marketers’ digital promotion should also be done outside of their websites using quality content that are made specifically for the target market of a certain product.

Doubled results

Companies that optimize the search and social features gets doubled results in lead generation, conversion rates, and click-based revenue. Moreover, the combination of the two focuses on each channel separately, but the effect complements each other.

The search and social approach in modern marketing is a combination of proven schemes; this makes the integrity of the approach indisputable in crafting an edge on modern marketing. Marketers should grab this opportunity to dominate the harsh market competition.