5 Reasons Why Prospects Aren’t Responding To Your Social Media Posts

5 Reasons Why Prospects Aren’t Responding To Your Social Media Posts

Are your social media marketing techniques not working on your current target market? Well, you’re probably not doing it right. Social media feeds or online articles have to be compelling enough in order to catch the attention of the readers and visual media will always play an important role in this aspect.

So if you’re ready to know the common reasons why your target buyers are not responding to your social media posts, here are the following highlights and learn from them.

#1: You’re not building trust right from the start.

The peak point of any sales funnel today begins in building an audience and generating leads. And when you are able to establish relationships with customers, rest assured that it’s a long term success to benefit from. Once your customers trust your brand and you connect to them consistently, sales can be easy to boost online.

Learn a thing or two about building trust and relationship on social media with “Return on Relationship” Expert: Ted Rubin.

#2: You’re not feeding buyers with great content they need.

In order to create long lasting engagement, make sure that your online articles have something valuable to offer to buyers. Also, they want interesting posts that are both informative and creative. For instance, you can provide them with practical advice on crafting an engaging email or an attention-grabbing subject line. Fuel their curiosity and create ultimate brand impressions they will not easily forget.

#3: You’re not giving your buyers the kind of experience they look for.

Many companies today are taking advantage of visual media when creating content because buyers love to consume those types of information. In fact, according to Nielsen, average consumers watch more than 206 videos per month. Remember that video emails result to 200-300% increase in terms of click-through rate.

So if you are not integrating videos into your content today, you better start. Stick to these three S’s for creating viral video content and you’re good to go!

#4: You’re not maintaining customer relationships after making sales.

Buyer-seller relationships don’t end after making a sale. Truth is, it’s only the beginning of a healthy engagement with buyers. If maintained, this will lead to a successful marketing strategy in the long run. So once you’ve made a sale, the next step is to give helpful guidance, educational resources, and professional support. Do it properly and you’ll get referrals from your current buyers.

#5: You’re not concentrating on setting your brand apart from competitors’ products.

The best thing marketers can do for their brand is to differentiate its value from competitors’. Define the company’s image and present it clearly to the target market. If buyers find your brand unique, they are more likely to buy from you.

Getting buyers to engage with your brand takes more than skills. Businesses should treat it as both art and science that calls creativity and accuracy. So the next time you wonder why buyers don’t respond to your online posts, review these guidelines and be sure to make room for improvement and you’ll be sure to see better results!

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